TDB EXCLUSIVE: NZ Spy Minister motorcade detained on Bridge and served Trespass Notice: East Coast Māori refuse to allow Crown to steal land the way they are stealing Babies



On Friday the 28th of June at 4.48pm, Treaty Negotiation Minister Andrew Little, had his motorcade detained on the Waiotahe Bridge SH2 outside of Opotiki as he was transiting through Whakatohea territory having just taken the surrender of a tribe up the coast for 30 million pieces of silver. The local Ngai Tamahaua Hapu refuse to agree to such a corrupt land confiscation down-trou’ befalling their Iwi as he was about to find out.

Based on the Minister’s dismissive attitude towards the utterly disingenuous manner in which this negotiation process has been rammed through, local Hapu heard the Minister was visiting the Te Whanau a Apanui AIP signing at Omaio and detained the Minister’s motorcade by blockading the Waiotahe Bridge on State Highway 2 and serving the Minister with a trespass order.

This detention of the Minister’s motorcade and serving of a trespass order by local Hapu has not been previously reported on.

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Apparently the motorcade had no idea what was happening until it was too late. The limo was boxed in and the chauffeur didn’t know what to do. Tamati Coffey’s car was part of the entourage and he must have witnessed the whole scene go down.

Local Hapu I have spoken to refuse point blank to allow the Crown to steal their land the way Oranga Tamariki are stealing Māori babies.

They tell me there will be no tick-the-box ceremonies in Opotiki because of the staunch Hapu opposition. That was why Finlayson (the previous head-kicker National Treaty Minister) had to sneak around their rohe to have secret meetings and they had to do their AIP signing at the Beehive where the protesters were contained on the parliamentary forecourt. The government obviously don’t have a shit show of containing even one Hapu in their own country as it turns out.

The facade that this Government are acting in good faith towards Treaty Negotiations is demonstrably false if the relationship has broken down so badly that Ministers are being intercepted in their limos on bridges and being served with trespass notices.


  1. I’m no fan of Andrew Little and I’m am no haemorrhaging commentator on Maori land issues, but, in my view, any legacy of that chap, Finlayson, is a poisoned chalice.

    A relevant question, where these issues arise, is: Who are the ‘advisers’ paid ‘consultancy fees’?

      • Y’know money doesn’t make people happy so do I think a deal can be made anyway? Yeah, I do think Andrew Little could Jerry rig some sort of deal.

    • It was a sure sign of Corruption when Finlayson heard the Decision on the WAI 1040 claim and yet had the Audacity to say the Crown was still Sovereign.

  2. Every time I say to myself “I renounce this criminal government”, I feel a little bit closer to redemption

  3. This is interesting for those of us who’ve lost faith in virtually every single element of our governance.
    A bit off-topic perhaps but I don’t care.
    “After decades of rightwing dominance, a transatlantic movement of leftwing economists is building a practical alternative to neoliberalism. By Andy Beckett”

    Is it irony? That a British colonial pakeha tries to drive, as a minister of the crown, through Maori land in a fancy German car and gets trespassed by aforementioned Maori? No wonder the chauffeur didn’t know what to do. I’m suprised he didn’t start crying while speaking in tongues.

  4. I’m sorry but this stuff is unacceptable.
    Having grievances does NOT place you above the law.
    Little is a useless twat, but he should be free to go about his business without this sort of nonsense.

    • @JAYS.
      You write:
      “I’m sorry but this stuff is unacceptable.”
      I write; yes it is. It’s a sign that people are unhappy with their politician’s actions and rightfully tell them so.
      You write;
      “Having grievances does NOT place you above the law.”
      I write: It can do. And if the ‘law’ is an ass in need amending, then if by a show of radicle defiance by steading the reigns on a big BMW with a skulking, secretive, lawyer dick head in it? Then so be it. ( little? What the fuck were you thinking? A twenty year old Toyota Corolla for Gods sake. Show some fucking empathy?)
      You write:
      ” Little is a useless twat, but he should be free to go about his business without this sort of nonsense.”
      I write: No, he shouldn’t. And whatever this issue is, it isn’t nonsense.
      Maori were swindled once. Shame on us post colonialists. In this day and age? If Maori are swindled again? Shame on them.
      What I’d like Maori to understand is that we’re now all being swindled. All of us, who are not living in multimillion dollar Ponsonby Huts or are those who’ve swindled their wealth by the dubiously stealthy and clever use of pompous ‘law makers’ who made laws to suit themselves and their cronies who then made off with our resources and amenities. And that’s why AO/NZ poverty, dumbasses!
      If one’s to be a politician in AO/NZ but who can then drive past the wretched homeless ( How are predominately Maori btw) in winter bound AO/NZ in Big , Fancy BMW’s with heated, arse massaging seats with a clear conscience? You must no longer be allowed to be a politician. Fuck little and his tinpot cavalcade. He’s lucky he didn’t get his arse kicked. And all us non Maori people? We should be shoulder to shoulder with our Maori Brothers and Sisters on this matter.
      Kia Kaha! You lot.

    • “The Hapu legal view is that the river corridors are customary land and that non-members can be trespassed from them under NZ law whether or not they are in transit, on foot or in vehicles, on roads or on bridges.”
      So I guess they see the law as being on their side and if Little wants to dispute this he is always welcome to try his luck in the courts? Which I guess he would have if he thought the law was on his side? So maybe the one trying to be above the law is Little? After all he was warned that this action would take place if he tried to transit theIr rohe.

  5. It does if you own that land Jays or own the land the road is on its our land we can do what we want with it and we will do it if we are pushed to. We use to have our own laws in the king country to protect our people from the scourge of alcohol. As the law stands at the moment it is not in our best interest. I support our whanau from Opotiki. And i would prefer settlements weren’t rushed for the sake of it and ticking the box.
    I am a big supporter of Mr Little for the first time for many years labour got two ticks from me, why? because I expect them to deliver I expect our Maori elected politicians to do there job and if they don’t they know what will happen. The approach might not be good but people are now getting desperate to get there message across especially our Maori whanau many of us are at the end of our tether.

    • So if I decide I’m pissed off enough I can come steal your car?
      The law sucks, but it sucks a lot less than the alternative. If you decide to break the law, everyone does then I can guarantee everyone including you will be worse off.

  6. I see Little described the good old chap issuing him with the trespass as a lunatic. Really? Even if the trespass serve was a symbolic gesture (dear god let it have some legal legitimacy), this is how you describe your claimants? I tell you what is symbolic, this paltry, ridiculous sham of a settlement process, buying off 250 years of Maori grievance and land loss for a couple of TVs. I tell you who is the lunatic, a failed political leader who continually tries to appease a part of society and fails but continues to do it repetitively anyway. The only way to adequately address Maori grievance Andrew is to give every person with Maori ancestry $1 million each, a trillion dollars should cover it. It’s not enough to buy a house in Auckland but it’s a start.

  7. Those diesel BMWs are looking outdated. Time the government spent money on a newer hybrid model.

      • I’d be surprised if they replace them this year. The car manufacturers are only coming out with EV SUVs or small sedans. The crown cars need to be mostly limo type cars or big sedans for security and for visiting VIPs.
        Maybe in another year or so when Audi and Jag bring out their EV sedans. I see BMW do a hybrid 7 series but they’ve only got limited range on battery.

    • The BMW in the photo looks like their old fleet of 2011 models, not the current 2016 models they’re using.

  8. This is great news!! The more of the dregs of the colonials, and corporate whores are exposed, and cleansed from the peoples government, the better!! What better way of doing that than direct action, and cooperation among the rank and file of the unions, iwi, and true democratic people to remove these parasites from our leadership….

  9. More TOW breaches lake Taupo and the Waikato river who will pay for this the councils many are broke the government? The English version article 2 of the TOW states the Queen guarantees to us full exclusive undisturbed possession of our lakes etc ………….
    That effluent is not undisturbed in fact I am disturbed by this because shit like this keeps happening someone has to be held accountable. In the man time the immigration flood gates are still open i say to both local and central government get your shit together please.

  10. Whakatohea rejected a settlement 25 years ago, and at least one hapu wants to do so in respect of this settlement. A bit like Ngati Kahu in the Far North.

    Martyn Bradbury may rail against the government’s offer, but he does so in way that seems to show he is against all the previous settlements the Crown has made. Is that actually the case?

    I am sure not going to take his word as the revealed truth that the proposed settlement is unjust, and therefore it must be so.

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