Statement by outgoing Secretary to the Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf – The Treasury


“Mr Ombler’s investigation was conducted thoroughly and fairly. I have read the report carefully and encourage others to do so. I apologise that Budget information was not kept secure. The inquiry that I asked the SSC Commissioner to undertake will help us understand exactly how that happened and how to stop it happening again.

The report confirms I acted at all times in good faith and with political neutrality. It also confirms that I acted reasonably, other than in my descriptions of the incident. I am pleased that my honesty and integrity are not in question.

It has been my privilege to have had the opportunity to serve New Zealanders and I’m very proud of what my Treasury team has achieved over the last 8 years.”


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The statement above has been issued by outgoing Secretary to the Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf in response to this morning’s release of findings (attached) from the SSC’s investigation into his statements and actions in relation to the accessing of Budget information.

Mr Makhlouf will be making no further statements on the matter.


    • You got it there alright, Doc: Gabriel is known as the angel of revelation because God often chooses Gabriel to communicate important messages – and he done it.

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