Open minded party seeks meaningful relationship – The Opportunities Party


New Zealand’s dry and dowdy political scene is like Tinder paper crying out to get lit by real change. The Opportunities Party is firing up for 2020 – we’re looking for spokespeople and candidates from all across Aotearoa who can get some sparks flying. We are seeking smart, creative people who can wrap their beautiful minds around our delicious policy.

If you are passionate about a clean and clever economy where everyone has a place to call home, we’d like to hear from you. Ideally you’ll be a sweet talker, but prefer getting into the action.

In particular we are looking for digital natives that are ready to represent their generation and set social media alight. It is your future, so help us fight for it. Of course we welcome people of all ages, as long as you are committed to offer real hope to future generations. More than half of our supporters and volunteers have opened the conversation with “I’ve never done anything like this before”.

Spokespeople need to be able to communicate particular policy priorities in some detail across a variety of media. Candidates will need a more general understanding of our policy.

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Geoff Simmons, leader of the Opportunities Party says “Millennials are often criticised for being snowflakes. With enough of them we’ll start an avalanche.

As part of the selection process we encourage people to set up a page on Facebook or other social media and start creating content. Videos, blogs, images, whatever inspires you. Do what you do best, and show us how you can communicate bold new ideas.”

Keen? Set up your social media page during July and get in touch with us at so we know where to look for your content. Our policies can be found at