Oh wow, so it was Treasury incompetence after all. Green & Labour supporters can stop tying themselves in a knot to define ‘hack’ now


Oh look at that – a report pointing out that it was Treasury incompetence after all…

Outgoing Treasury boss slammed for blaming others for early release of Budget material

it found Makhlouf did not act reasonably in claiming Treasury had been “hacked”, in his use of a bolt analogy or in media interviews the following day.

Even on Thursday, the day of the Budget, three days after the material was released, Makhlouf continued to criticise those who had searched the Treasury website “rather than the Treasury failure to keep Budget material confidential”, the commission said.

…Labour & Green supporters can finally stop blaming Russia for hacking the elections.

The way so many on the left rushed to defend Treasury of all departments and attempted to =redefine the word ‘hack’ was embarrassing.

This was always about Treasury incompetence and their jaw dropping ability to claim it was a hack to hide their incompetence.

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Of course no one will be punished, it’s the public service.


  1. Wet bus ticket slap on the wrist again, that is how so much is dealt with in stupid Sleepy Hobbit Country, I cannot believe the BS that goes on. The guy should have been sacked, even the Finance Minister looks bad after all this.

    Again the elite looks after their own, State Services Commissioner BS artist lets off another offender, same as John Key let off others under his government, and same as John Key let off the ANZ CEO for his offences, in a light kind of way.

    Old Boys and Old Gurls Networks rule Aotearoa Stupid NZ Inc, the common people are too busy getting into trivial lifestyle and other matters, distracted and dumbed down to the extreme.

    • A greater or lesser piece of shit than those who opportunistically accessed the Budget stuff and used it?

      And worse than them because his actions were for his personal good, whereas they did it for the good of the public?

      I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with you, I don’t know.

      What I do know is that when he was in the role seven or eight years ago and intruded into politics, pushing a right wing educational agenda, he was the little darling of the Nats and Act. He should have been kicked to the kerb then but it suited their agenda.

      The irony of the history of he and they using and abusing each other.

      • Not like you to throw the mud around Michelle. Why not throw a large piece at Grant the money man who obviously new all and was happy to sit back and see what happened. He’s the PMs right hand man. All politicians need shit throwing at them. Not just the ones in blue. There’s plenty of red and green covered in stinky shit. So don’t keep going on about National.

  2. I am pretty sure that Chris Bishop and his minions are bright enough to find their way through the Treasury website. Has anyone investigated whether an anti government staffer at Treasury told them of this back door entry? Did it exist 3 years ago? Was it left open deliberately, waiting on the chance for an embarrassing moment?
    To extend an unfortunate metaphor, was the door locked and bolted but the previous cleaning lady knew where they always hid the key?

  3. “This was always about Treasury incompetence and their jaw dropping ability to claim it was a hack to hide their incompetence.”

    That was obvious from the beginning. Makhlouf is no loss to us.

    I hear that he still has the job in Ireland. It may have been a close-run thing, though; had the SSC’s report been more damning, it seems likely that the Irish government might have looked for an “out” from his contract.

  4. Oh no, does this mean that we can’t blame RUSSIA??
    I seem to remember it getting fairly close at the time.

  5. My recollection was that they blamed the National Party, (well Stuart Nash did on Hosking) not the Russians.

    • Hi Gary, distinctly remember discussions on voice of america (rnz nat.) as to China or the Russians being responsible for THE HACK, before it became obvious that the hack statement was a deliberate lie. As i have for many years not had the vaguest interest in any writings, pontifications or television appearances of hosking, i will take your word for it.

  6. In a country where you can kill someone through negligence and get home detention why would you expect the law to be anything different for a senior public servant who acted incompetently to be reprimanded with any severity as is the case with Makhlouf the head of the Treasury.

    He is protected because of his position and MASSIVE salary and that that is the bar you must reach to be exempt from any serious ramifications under the neo liberal system.

    Just look at Hisco and his misappropriation of money from his ANZ customers.

    The French had the answer in their revolution in the 1790’s

  7. Name one Labour or Green supporter who blamed the Russians.

    It’s interesting that you both use the report as conclusive on the definition of the word hack (did the report even do this) and then dismiss it in the same breath.

  8. It is amazing how everyone has been caught up with the question over whether it was a hack or not.
    The true issue is whether the ‘hacker’ had the moral right to do it.
    Consider…… you see your neighbour going off to work, and even though their door is shut, you decide to check if to see if it is locked or not.
    And you find it is not locked and you then go in, find their private things and tell everyone in the neighbourhood.
    Who is the bad guy ? The neighbour who forgot to lock the door or the one who tested the door with evil intent and then entered the house ?

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