Attacking Israel Folau’s wife


I think you have every right to take a swing at Israel Folau but dragging his wife into it seems like the least progressive or liberal thing to do. I remember the rainbow community used to win its respect by its open & inclusive definition of love – this seems a bit lynch mobish…

ANZ Bank distances itself from Maria Folau’s ‘views’

The ANZ bank has released a statement distancing itself from Maria Folau and her husband’s views, although the financial institution has denied contacting New Zealand’s Silver Ferns netball team to condemn the star.

The Silver Ferns and Adelaide Thunderbirds player hasn’t made a statement regarding her husband’s social media posts which resulted in his sacking from the Wallabies, yet the bank has taken a proactive approach in trying to protect their brand.

ANZ is the largest sponsor of New Zealand’s domestic netball competition.

I’m not sure ‘we are greedy pricks with an obscene lust for cash but we’d never offend the gays’ is much of an ethical high horse for ANZ to ride in on – I mean your average Edge Radio Listener will buy it, but shouldn’t a bank aim higher than a breakfast Radio Show standards?

It’s funny how the ANZs woke call out of Folau’s wife mirrors the hypocrisy of many woke anti free speech activists on twitter so let’s give their marketing team a round of applause for at least being authentic.

I won’t be sated until there is an Action Station petition.

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The overwhelming vibe I get from our woke comrades venting rage on social media at Folau’s embarrassingly large cyber donations is jealousy they can’t generate that momentum & naked hatred that others would disagree with them & donate in the first place .-

I don’t think we on the progressive Left are winning hearts & minds on this one.


  1. I grew up in a working class home where belonging to the “left” was considered to be synonymous with common decency.
    We lived through an era when people were persecuted for their socialist beliefs. Having experienced that, and having spent time in prison as a conscientious objector, I had vowed never to punish, ostracize or persecute another human being on account of their political or religious ideas. To do so is wrong, foolish and counter-productive.

  2. I’m an ANZ employee, one that earns slightly under $100K, in other words a general dogsbody. A lot of my workmates are pissed off with the perks scandal of the past week or so.

    So with that out of the way, a number of my work mates are gay, lesbo, bi, trans, & general clueless kiwi blokes. A lot of us don’t understand why the bank sponsors wealthy sports people, to pursue their hobby, while we have to work. So one of the expectations of the leisure seeking paid sports bods is, “Don’t be a dickhead”

    A lot of ANZ employees, in the past, have expressed dis-satisfaction with the bank for giving money to sports people, so they can pursue their leisure activities and not work.

    We would like the money spent on community stuff, ie the city mission, helping, housing & feeding the homeless that we pass every day, as we walk into the building.

  3. We were called catholic dogs by kids from the public schools but we lived by tikanga and what fool lau has said is not how we were brought up, his miss is had her hand around one of the gay netball players last night when they did there team cheer, did she whisper to him he might go to hell if he does not repent. I doubt it.

  4. i see hana tar- micky has come out swinging calling us all bullies when she is one herself her and her husband i look forward to her being put in her place when elections roll out she will see she might have money but many people can see right through them and what many see, they don’t like they are far too judgemental. She can stick up for the fool laus what i see is greed and arrogance as for maria who is she to judge she ain’t god and neither is her husband.

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