Israeli ambassador should apologise to New Zealand over refugee spending


Instead of complaining that an immigration service map labelled Palestine/Israel as Palestine, the Israeli ambassador should apologise to New Zealanders for his government’s refusal to allow Palestinian refugees their right to return to their homes and land In Israel.

This racist Israeli government policy is costing New Zealanders millions of dollars each year and the immigration map spells this out.

(Note: The Israeli policy is racist because it allows Jewish people from anywhere in the world to live in Israel but refuses to allow Palestinians refugees whose families have lived in the region for many centuries to return)

New Zealand gives $1 million per year in core spending to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) for Palestinian refugees. A further $3 million was pledged by the government on 7 May this year.

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New Zealand would not have to spend these millions if Israel abided by UN resolutions, respected international law and accepted the Fourth Geneva convention.

United Nations Security Council resolution 194 – which has been reaffirmed every year since 1949 – continues to demand the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their homes and land in Israel.


Between 750,000 and one million Palestinians were driven out of Israel by Israeli militias between 1947 and 1949 in an ethnic-cleansing exercise to create a majority Jewish state in Palestine.


This is the reason there is a Palestinian refugee problem which our government is helping to fund.


Unfortunately. the New Zealand government has taken a giant stride to the right on the Palestine/Israel issue with Winston Peters as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ron Mark as Minister of Defence.


Winston Peters is currently preparing to sign an “innovation agreement” with Israel while Ron Mark is overseeing the importation of military hardware from Israel.


New Zealand has extensive ties with the apartheid state of Israel but only a pretend policy of engagement with Palestinians.


New Zealand should be cutting its ties with Israel and supporting the Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign.



    • Hey brando, don’t understand your comment. Please supply believable references- NOT POLITICAL QUOTES.
      Bet we don’t hear from you- hasbara troll

    • You may well have lived there and it was home before the thieving “chosen” ones implemented genocide.

      It was never their home. Thieves and murderers

  1. We can see and feel the ideals of Palestine but the grounds of our second least corrupt nation status came from the easiness of our conquest of those born here. Hence the Maori underclass don’t feel it. When they do our ideals will stop being suss. Jacinda is our ideal of a New
    Zealander but. There it ends. The new status quo, cutting out the lowest 20-30 %, isn’t alright with me who grew to adulthood in the old welfare state.

  2. I am Israel. What that means is that I can do anything I want to do and nobody gives a damn. I can shoot unarmed Palestinians across the fence in Gaza, bomb their hospitals, schools, sewerage treatment plants and drop white phosphorus bombs on their citizens and nobody gives a damn. I can push more Palestinians off their land in the West Bank and I can strip Palestinian citizens of their rights in Israel and nobody gives a damn. I can ignore my own professed Jewish tradition and who cares?

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