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      • Yep, QI eh? SaveNZ. (I’m using the term ‘patch over’ in the gang sense)
        But……What was it that bloody old geriatric ideologue Ronnie used to say? It was something like “Trust BUT Verify”.
        It worries me that a government that promises to be ‘kind and transformational’ hasn’t been doing too much verification, and now various things are going a bit tits up.
        Hopefully there’s still time to recover before 2023 – let alone 2020.
        What’s worse is that EVEN GIVEN various fuckups over the past decade, and even since coming to office, there’s been a blind faith and trust in what passes as good policy advice, admin and enforcement, and no verification USING independent verification.
        So many examples spring to mind where failings go unchallenged and with no accountability.
        It’s the neo-liberal, ‘corporate’ way.
        I know there are some things I’ve noticed you banging on about, as have I – such as Exploitation and Immigration failings. Then there’s the latest OT thing where nobody should really be feigning any sort of surprise. Or Certificates of Fitness and shoddy towbars. Or WINZ and all that it’s come to….. etc., etc., etc.
        But take Immigration and Worker Exploitation. IF politicians hadn’t just had a blind faith in their ‘officials’ (by which I mean generally Snr Mgmnt), there’d not have been the fuckups we CONTINUE to see if they’d verified and challenged that policy advice a bit more using say advocates dealing with those on the ground. They’d have given them a raft of examples that don’t quite gel with policy as implemented.
        Oh dear!!!! Our PTE sector is taking a hit.
        Oh dear!!!! There’s a rise in successful Section 61 appeals.
        Oh dear!!!! Worker exploitation has become the norm in various sectors (How did that happen? AS IF!!!!!)
        Oh dear!!! We’ve got a load of new buildings whose integrity might be a bit suss

        and so on

      • In a Ministry of Transport official documented study released shows that tyre wear from a truck is at least 100 times more than an average car.

        • In a corner stone report released, by the ‘Government’s Principal transport advisory agency’ the Ministry of Transport entitled ‘Emission Factors for Contaminant s Released by Motor Vehicles in New Zealand’ it clearly shows graphs and tables confirming our worst fears that surfaces of rough surface roads will increase the tyre to road ‘friction’ that will greatly increase the tyre wear and tyre dust ‘emissions’ from all tyres if the roads are made from a chip seal or worse from metal or gravel road surface.

        The tables and literature shows that as the weight of the freight carried on trucks increases the tyre dust emissions increases dramatically.

        We have located documents that show that scientists have now found traces of tyre dust being carried on sea tidal currents to the polar ice and are now speeding up the melting of the ice caps, due to the black tyre dust attracting the suns heat.

        Ministry of Transport. – ‘Emission Factors for Contaminant s Released by Motor Vehicles in New Zealand’ is a serious wake up call to our regional Governments who are now beginning to write changes and intent to their future planning to reduce the climate emissions after signing the ‘Climate change emergency declaration.’

        Our HB Regional Council are also signing onto this climate change emergency declaration;

        Rail is the answer as “steel wheels on a steel track” has no friction or tyre dust emissions and therefore is the ‘environmental gold standard’ for our future economic growth of our regions increased business development to avoid any increase harm to our environment or climate.

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