Latest Afghanistan whitewash is making me an anarchist


According to NZ, little Fatima and the 20 other Afghans who were killed and wounded were insurgents.

In 2010, the NZ SAS, responding to the death of one of their own, went on a revenge mission and called in an American  Helicopter strike that killed 6 and wounded 15.

John Key personally signed off on this military adventure.

Watching the whitewash this alleged war crime has now become with the villagers pulling out in disgust has increasingly forced me to see the State as the ultimate threat to human rights and freedom in NZ.

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Watching the way Housing NZ needlessly tortured tenants over the meth hysteria.

Watching the state rip away new babies from their mothers.

Watching the way prisons spitefully withheld literacy services so prisoners couldn’t fill out the forms to gain them home detention.

Watching the way the mentally ill, beneficiaries and the disabled are treated with nothing short of contempt.

We have a neoliberal welfare state where the stick is the only carrot. It resembles sadism more than social policy.

The vulnerable of NZ deserve better than this.

The 21 wounded and killed Afghans deserved better than this.

Fatima deserved better than this.


  1. Welcome to freedom Martyn. It is truly a good day. I will be there for you as a brother even until they slaughter us.

  2. The inquiry is still going ahead, and it does look as if it is being lead by two high calibre people. I know little about Sir Terence Arnold, except that he is a former High Court judge who Murray McCully attacked, which is a plus. Geoffrey Palmer, not the most dynamic PM (I think that he was v briefly PM ?) is a good public lawyer, one of the best.

    There has been enough input already into what the SAS did in Afghanistan, by Hager and Stephenson, and what I would call cautious evidence from Wayne Mapp – who is on record as describing the first raid as a fiasco – and there is presumably already- filed evidence from the other senior lawyers, that it would make it, I think, impossible to do a whitewash.

    Arnold and Palmer are acting as lawyers here, officers of the court, which is a whole different ball game from politicians.

    And had Key and his govt stayed in power the odds of any truth being sought or even being thought to matter were not high – and probably ditto with English.

  3. Look. Peons are asleep or preoccupied. They perceive nothing. Where are they? But I am here and I see all. I understand the significance

  4. NZ has been like this since it first started. Erebus was one of the pinnacle’s of our recent dark history but this trial defines a considerable deterioration of our justice system. If it can be called justice. It seems CLASSIFIED is the new protection for the elite

    • Muldoon and his good friend from Air NZ Morrie Davis did not cover themselves in glory with the handling of the Erebus Crash. A close relation of mine was on the forensic team on the Erebus Crash. Still a lot of unanswered questions about why the flight co-ordinates were changed and the flight crew were not made aware ?

  5. “Latest Afghanistan whitewash is making me an anarchist”.

    Hahaha, welcome to the club, that is, if you are serious about it. How is your HRRT case going?

  6. It seemed to take two world wars, started by tyrants, to wake the world up to the need to have government that protected ordinary people’s rights and freedoms. In two generations we have forgotten. Or we have lost the power to hold government to account to behave as the people would wish. Or would behave themselves.
    The problem is not that Jacinda for instance would condone this act, but that our government does not when it comes down to it, have the control of what we get involved in.
    D J S

    • David the tyrants you refer to are of interest. Are they the leaders or those behind the scenes who set up the conflict and reap the resource gains.

      I assert that they are not the same people and the planner instigators are not publicly labelled as such.

      • My view is that the tyrants that were responsible for the wws 1 and2, particularly 2, were the recognised leaders of their nations. No longer is this the case as you assert.
        D J S

    • “It seemed to take two world wars, started by tyrants, to wake the world up to the need to have government that protected ordinary people’s rights and freedoms”

      A sad indication of humans readiness to accept propaganda as the easiest way to get along for their 3 score and 10.

      The 20th century european war was only one war with a lengthy interregnum brought about by normal people’s refusal to keep fighting for tyrants until a ‘new’ generation could be correctly indoctrinated.
      There was no side fighting for freedom, just two types of tyranny fighting it out until one established primacy.

      If you believe the great euro war was about truth ,freedom and all the rest of the propagandists’ superlatives, how do you explain the fact that the nation which actually defeated the nazis became the next enemy?

      The bulk of the fighting and the bulk of the deaths occurred on what is now called “the eastern front” where more than 25 million soviet citizens, the vast majority of whom were civilians, were butchered for by the Nazis, but there was no international war crimes tribunals for those butchers- hell one Nazi butcher Kurt Waldheim, went on to head up the UN.

      The Soviet Union took Berlin destroying the Nazi regime while USuk were still pissfarting around on Germany’s border because they claimed to have been held up in the Ardennes – by four Nazi divisions of children and old men. That seemed like a bad joke to the soviets who had skittled more than 90 Nazi divisions between Kursk and Berlin. Those ‘eastern front’ Nazis were comprised of the veteran troops who had ‘blitzkrieged’ their way across europe.

      All that the war did was provide the platform for the genocides against indigenous people unlucky enough to be living on resource rich land. That slaughter has occurred right around this old rock in the 75 years since.

      For example in the last 5 years, just about every day, humans of North Africa are being descended upon by highly trained, mobile, well equipped, alleged ‘cattle rustlers’ who appear from nowhere then kill an entire village telling neighbouring survivors that will be their lot too unless they move into some awful slum in the nearest mega city.

      Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan, right across Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa, this has been occurring to absolutely no reporting apart from an occasional story when one outrage just happens to stand out. When that happens the everday occurrence is reported as an isolated incident.
      All of this has accelerated since the US established ‘Africa com’ and since the destruction of the one state which actually protected the people of North Africa, Libya.

      But don’t repeat such facts out loud if you don’t want to be written off as a lunatic conspiracy theorist.

      Of course the big question remains unanswered -What is going to happen once Africa has been stripped bare? There is nowhere else for corporate capitalism to expand into, no new markets, no more resource ‘discoveries’ to be made. Capitalism is based upon usury which requires growth to pay the vig every year. Without growth capitalism will collapse.

      The day that there is no space to grow into is not far away but we never discuss that because to do so labels one as a nutjob, troll or hater.

      • The tip of the iceberg.

        Russia paid dearly for Western treachery. The West in return set sights on Russia.

        Hiroshima was entirely cruel and unnecessary but the opportunity used as a warning to Russia.

        “Winners” rewrite war history.

        A deeply corrupt saga of crime against civilians, families and innocent workers.

        False flags littered around historical accounts make official war histories absolute bull shit.

        Each ANZAC we are”treated” to another serving.

  7. Not to mention no Capital Gains Tax, tax on water bottling etc.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever we vote in, we end up with a conservative government. We have a history of very few radically progressive governments in New Zealand. Even the first Labour government, when it got in power it jetisoned its more radical leaders. Which means you have to keep pushing even if the party you voted for is in power.

  8. Yes not to mention on going purchases of military equipment from nations who have a terrible track record in the middle east and mostly silence over the fate of at least one notable investigative journalist who exposed some of them.

    • I’m just scratching my head trying to remember if it was a non-combat mission and all that lovely PR speak. Anti, like really hard up against NZDF people will moralise this one way, pro NZDF people will moralise it the other way. But if NZDF wants the money then they’ll quit with the bullshit.

      We where told this and that won’t happen and blow me down civilians got killed. Y’know we didn’t have a declesrstion of war, there is no rules of engagement that I know of that okays this stuff, a UN mandate certainly doesn’t. But Mateparae and Jones and Keating didn’t have to bullshit. Now there will be a public inquiry and I’m okay with who is running the inquiry. They’ve got access and I think they’ll be able to filter all the bullshit and we can all quit hating on the SAS.

    • +100…thank goodness for Stephenson and Hager…they are warriors for truth and justice and accountability

  9. I say; Give Drugs a Chance.
    The orange tyrant and his ball cupper of choice, walrus bolton, are ominously rattling their tiny little sabres as they talk up nuclear war.
    As per today’s The Guardian.
    See here, how LSD is good for the morale of soldiers.
    They lost their guns and started laughing. One climbed a tree for a closer look at the birdies.
    My plan, subject to intense research repeatedly, is a simple plan.
    Since we’ve fucked up our only planet and those whom have lied to us to convince us of living unsustainably for their excesses are about to light what’s left of it up, how about this?
    We steal those huge jets used to contain wild fires and instead of fire retardants, we dump thousands of litres of LSD and MDMA on all the melting glaciers from which people rely upon for fresh water supplies?
    Isn’t that a better plan than anything else anyone else has come up with thus far? Serious. Nothing to lose, right?
    trump on acid? bolton trancing out at a venue all loved up on MDMA? What might bolton think of his moustache if he was tripping!? He’d think someone had glued a Yorkshire Terrier to his lip.
    Our ‘society’? Our poor old society. Poor bloody old us. We do our best, don’t we? We get up, get dressed, then let witless, colourless, bland, bleak, greedy arseholes shove us around. Our ‘politicians’ are a bleak lot, are they not? Just look at them. Jacinda adern has all the wit and colour of a jar of marmite. Her labour crew are just God awful. Looking at them, much less listening to them, is like watching snails mate. Slow, grey, cold and sticky. When was the last time a politician made the collective us laugh out loud for their humour and wit without the trademark national-esque personal-attack cruelties, of course.
    The dire situation we’ve found ourselves in is because we, as a population of 4.7 mil, are miles and miles of ocean away from outside stimulus. We’ve managed to bore ourselves into deep sociological doldrums and like any good, old fashioned doldrums, we just keep going around in circles while they pick us off by being bland, boring, controlling and exploitive wankers who have grown $-riche at our expense. We’ve been rendered incapable of fighting back. Even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t know how. Where would we start? Do what I do? Waste my time writing interminably boring fucking ‘comments’ here? I feel like I’m wading knee deep through political snail juice.

    Bombs or drugs. Our choice. Oh, no. Wait? No, it isn’t. Some boring fuck like pete dunne was the decider, wasn’t he. Who is it now? Some young, dynamic, well travelled, highly intelligent and avant garde person with a good heart, a sound mind and a proper collection of bow ties? At least our imminent extinction gives me something to get dubiously excited about.

  10. A basic question please. WTF are NZ’s military (my representatives) doing in someone else’s country, murdering the residents of that country, in the first place?

    • Well put GAPS

      Its not just the war crime by the SAS

      Or the outrageous lies told by the NZDF

      But what the f@ck are we doing in that country in the first place?? Its Ameruca’s military adventure not ours

      Now Trump is provocking a new war with Iran??

      Time to cut all ties with the US and steer well clear of their imperial ambitions

    • Ada – Kudos to Jon Stephenson for admitting to error, and saying that there were likely insurgents at one of the targeted villages.

      This doesn’t change the main premises of ‘Hit and Run’, or that they broke rules of engagement etc.

  11. Oh but have you seen the latest news? The insurgents have come forward (as they so often do of course) revealing that yes, they were there earlier in the evening. Before they left.

    Verifying clearly that the little girl was coming straight for the helicopter gunship, additionally requiring an old man to be sniped and some other randoms were fragged.

    Our tac squads are recruited from the best kiwi hunters who are absolute experts, when it comes to misidentifying targets and accidentally popping off buddies in a red fever

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