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  1. What the fuck are the transport morons up to, no wonder we have such pathetic public transport in NZ.

    It is pitifully obvious that Kiwirail needs to electrify the main truck lines and have electric trains, which are cheaper to run, no pollution and higher performance which is why continents like Europe that have excellent transport links use electric trains!

    But nope, the dimwits from Kiwirail, have gone deluded again and trailing biodiesel to waste more taxpayers time and money. The trials with biodiesel are wasting valuable time and resource to delay the inevitable aka full electric trains. Biodiesel can never be cost competitive, due to the economics of the process, the pollution compared to electric, as well as the shortage of plant matter in the world needed to make it at great cost in a chemical process.

    Between the massive amount of trucks ripping up our roads and the Kiwirail management that bought us Asbestos trains from overseas that were a disaster, (while ensuring local train workshops were closed down taking out NZ IP and industry knowledge and jobs).

    From that decision and the woeful rail operating in NZ we can deduce Kiwirail like many agencies in NZ, are not the brightest forward thinking types in charge there! Nor is safety for passengers or jobs a priority! More neoliberals in NZ making crap decisions that make NZ a third world, unproductive country going lower and lower in world rankings!

    • The operators of the first all-electric ferry in Norway are starting to get some good data on the vehicle and it’s nothing short of impressive.

      They claim that the all-electric ferry cuts emission by 95% and costs by 80% compared to fuel-powered counterparts and the results are attracting customers.

      The ferry in question is called “Ampere” and it was put into operation back in May 2015 with the aim to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions, as well as noise pollution on the water.

      It was the result of an extensive partnership between Norled AS, a shipping company and ferry operator, Fjellstrand Shipyard, Siemens AS, and Corvus Energy.

  2. Killing our flora and fauna and with zero thought for the long terms risks which are not even bothered to be researched for our #100% pure greed, ideology & stupidity NZ

    – Jenny Shipley is one of the board directors so clearly nothing can go wrong (sarcasm)

    Although Trans Tasman Resources Ltd is listed as a NZ company seems like a lot of private equity interest board members on their board! A lot like our agriculture and land property holdings these days in NZ, must be profits is one of our biggest exports from NZ now!

    Seabed mining consent challenged in court

    “Consent to mine ironsand off the south Taranaki coast was approved without proper data to show how many endangered species live there, the High Court has been told.The second day of submissions on an appeal against the consent is under way in Wellington.

    The consent allows up to 50 million tonnes of ironsand to be dug up from the ocean floor each year.”

    • Hi not sure where you’re getting your info from – Jenny Shipley hasn’t been on the TTR board for quite some time. Their board only has three members now, and they’re all kiwis.
      they changed everything round a few weeks before they made their last application, moving a huge chunk of shares from the Netherlands to NZ so they could claim they were a majority NZ-owned company.
      Cindy, KASM.

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