GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Be careful for what you wish


At the recently conclude St Petersburg International Economic Forum, 18,000 persons participated.  Predictably, China had the biggest delegation.

Surprisingly, America had the next biggest representation.  Probably more spies than trade emissaries?

Near 5,000 journalists attended.  None from New Zealand. Accordingly, the expert opinion we receive via our MSM (Main Stream Media), in this South Pacific paradise, is filtered by the American propaganda machine, delivering what ‘it’ wants the world to think, rather than have the world reach independent conclusions.

A statistical fact which emerged at this forum was: For the past decade, trade between Russia and China has been in Russia’s favour.  But the past 12 months saw a reverse in the trade balance, to China’s favour. This same time period however, saw the trade volume between the two super powers, exceed the trillion-dollar threshold.

What emerges from Russian TV (which I follow live stream – because I speak Russian) is the following:

  • President Putin and Chairman Xi are best mates.  This message was so powerful that even the BBC had to acknowledge this disturbing relationship. 
  • America’s trade war against the world and in particular, against China and Russia, has united these two nations, more than the xenophobic arrogance emanating from Washington DC.

The Morale: Be careful for what you wish.

Recently I posted, “It’s all to do with oil, m8”. 

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In essence, I postulate that US abandoning the gold standard under Nixon and installing the petro dollar, created a demand for US currency and justification to cause chaos around the globe, to ensure American omnipotence is preserved.

President Trump has embraced this monopoly in the world market place like a schoolyard bully who has reached puberty before others, who will soon surpass him.

BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have for some time been exploring an alternative to this unique but increasingly fragile, US world oil for dollars hegemony.  

Under its newest president, Brazil may have been picked off by the US but certainly, major oil producers Iran and Venezuela have joined this quest.

Recent data suggests that by 2040 USA will produce 9 million barrels of oil per day.  Projected world consumption this date will be 10 million barrels per day!

This projection has upset the Saudis who are increasingly marginalised by the US Congress- if not the president who represents this once admirable example of freedoms and democracy.  

Now facing competition from the Devil it went to bed with, the Saudi government recently breached a long-standing oil and weapons foreign policy understanding, by ordered new missiles from China. 


And quite surprisingly, out of nowhere, Malaysia emerge.  Last week they announced:


Russian President Vladimir Putin recently praised Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky for his skill in his area of expertise – acting. He then pointed out the obvious difference between playing a president on TV and actually being one.

Perhaps a variation of the advice President Putin recently gave the Leader of Ukraine, might apply to the president if America.



  1. How big of a cluster fuck would it be when Elon Musk starts churning out more gigawatt hours than U.S residential, commercial and transportation energy.

    As for ideology and soft power, they actually found a pretty good one. They can be found in the fundamental principals of democracy: be less shit than your neighbours.

  2. New Zealand is playing a very dangerous game in all this.
    Just on the news recently fingers were being pointed at Samoa and the influence of China and what it means but ignored the same carry on is happening here in NZ.
    The reason? We are in bed with the US and follow their capitalism dream but that dream means we constantly have these recessions where during the bust periods the corporations get hand outs while the rest of us get our assets stripped from us, our labour standards reduced and then the good times roll back in and the corporations have the upper hand and the average working person struggles to recover before the next recession.
    A change to a different financial model seems like a damn good idea from the perspective of the common man, maybe BRICS would work for us too but our govt is too heavily influenced by corporations so its not likely to happen.

  3. OK
    I’m hanging out for the US to crumble so the world can take a breather from the American jackboots, but its all rather a moot point isn’t it?
    As long as power is played out in barrels of oil we’re all on the road to the precipice. And there’s no ambulance at the bottom

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