A mockery of Hate Speech


Sigh, my comrades on the woke left just can’t help themselves. Being called the Pied Piper of Hamlin is apparently now hate speech…

Hate speech claim by Rotorua councillor ‘absurd’ says ACT leader

ACT leader David Seymour has called accusations of hate speech from a Rotorua councillor to a mayoral candidate “absurd”.

Stuff reported on the row between councillor Tania Tapsell and mayoral hopeful Reynold Macpherson, which centres on an online post made by Macpherson on the Facebook page of the Rotorua District Residents & Ratepayers’ lobby group on May 14.

The post, a response to a video in which Tapsell encourages more young people to stand for council, is entitled “Beware the charismatic pitch of the Pied Piper”. 

“He has referenced me as a pied piper who lures away vermin and children and this level of hate speech is totally unacceptable,” Tapsell said.

The post has been referred to the police by a confidential council committee.

…charming, using the police to actually police micro aggressions would be hilarious if it weren’t so chilling.
The damage here is to every other voter the left are trying to attract. It is difficult to escape the narrative that the left have become identity politic snowflakes who decry everything they disagree with as a hate crime when that’s exactly what we get caught doing.
I fear that the woke’s definition of Hate Speech  is so low it will infringe on free speech in a way that causes electoral backlash. Everyone using social media has had that moment their words have been misconstrued or misinterpreted, it’s a familiar experience and the idea of allowing those who generate most of the pile ons to be judge, jury and executioner of free speech is enough to turn voters against the left.
I don’t think the current puritanical woke Left can do anything other than alienate itself.


  1. Very well said. The sooner this woke rubbish is gone the better off we all will be.

    A question though; is it really fair to call the ‘woke’ and those pushing identity politics a form of left wing politics? These ideas seem to me to be a very radical departure from the basic principles of equality the Left has traditionally stood for.

    • yes, because the traditional left, especially those with an understanding of economics, has disappeared

  2. Here is one account about the Pied Piper.
    Quote: The story is a familiar one, but what most of us probably don’t know is that it has its feet at least somewhat planted in an apparently true event that took place in the real-life town of Hamelin, Germany in 1284. The earliest accounts of the story don’t include the rats, which wouldn’t show up until around the year 1559, but they do include the piper, dressed in his “clothing of many colors.”
    The date is set by an entry in Hamelin’s town chronicle, which was dated 1384 and said, simply and chillingly, “It is 100 years since our children left.” Unquote
    Hate speech…?…probably more ignorant of the facts speech.

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