Another dirty little Defence Force secret is out – and you can do something about it this weekend – read on…


Is it NZ First or Israel First?

The New Zealand Defence Force has lots of dirty little secrets they don’t want New Zealanders to know about.

The latest is the proposed spending of millions of our taxpayer dollars on military equipment from the apartheid state of Israel.

The Defence Force didn’t make the announcement. Instead it was bragging by the Israeli arms supplier to the Jerusalem Post newspaper two days ago which revealed the proposed deal. The story is here:

Here are a few of the reasons this is morally and ethically wrong and must be stopped.

  • Military equipment from Israel is tested on the civilian population of occupied Palestine by a brutal Israeli regime which murders unarmed civilians – particularly young boys whom the Israeli regime see as the next generation of leaders of the Palestinian struggle – with impunity. We, the people of New Zealand, will be complicit with this ruthless occupation and associated war crimes should this purchase go ahead.
  • Palestinian groups have united in an international call for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against the Israeli regime to provide non-violent resistance and pressure on the regime to end the occupation of Palestinian land, end the siege of Gaza, allow the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and land and end its apartheid policies towards Palestinian Israelis.
  • New Zealand citizens gave support to the struggle of black South Africans against apartheid South Africa through boycotts and we should do the same to help isolate apartheid Israel.

We can stop this – take just two minutes to send two emails – one to Minister of Defence Ron Mark and the other to the Prime Minister demanding this deal be abandoned in favour of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle – or just paste this message into your email. 


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“Kia ora Mr Mark,

Please cancel the proposal to buy millions of dollars of military equipment from apartheid Israel and support Palestinian calls for a boycott instead.” and


If this is the only political action you take this weekend it will be a good weekend for freedom, justice and peace.


  1. Thanks, John, for pointing this out to us. It definitely needs action but I fear Jacinda will not listen.

  2. Netanjahu needs to be getting the sharia law treatment which may mean in the worst of case to lose his head.

  3. Done and done. Thanks @ JM.
    Before I go;
    Sometime ago, there was an excellent documentary by Al-Jazeera-Witness
    “A unique insight into the world of Israeli arms dealers selling weapons and experience around the world.
    With unique access, ‘Witness’ follows private Israeli arms dealers in their day-to-day work; making deals, attending arms fairs, shipping weapons, and inspecting armed forces overseas.
    This film reveals how the Israeli arms industry is making vast profits worldwide, and partly thanks to their activities in the occupied territories. “
    ( Israeli arms dealers . )
    A doco crew sneaked into an arms trading show-and-tell in Israel
    and filmed a ghoulish cadre of uniformed psychos buying up guns, bombs, rockets, missiles and intelligence training courses. It was a truly bizarre watch as tall, beautiful, female models pranced about selling drones and rocket launchers shown on big screen tv’s while spouting sales rhetoric. The crew were eventually outed and kicked out of the show.
    The film is no longer available on-line. Funny that.
    It’s comforting to this writer that my tax money will be better spent on diddle stretching guns and bombs and not on those beastly homeless and hungry AO/NZ kids.
    Two year old spent five months on pain killers and antibiotics. Serves her parents right for having a baby with teeth.

  4. Really juts business as usual for the NZ govt. I’m inclined to think that voting is a waste of time.

  5. Done and sent.

    Thanks John for giving Kiwis the opportunity to be part of this protest, if only by email.

  6. Well done John, another 8 added to the list, making 10? So far, possibly 12? if you add in Lois and Leslie plus Martyn and yourself (plus of course any pupils you have roped into your far left politics)…ohhhh Ron Mark will have a lot of thinking to do with that!

    • Hmmph. It’s full court press. No one is giving up. Jacinda challenged us to hold her and her government to account, that includes every minister and ministry. And well MOTHERFUCKEN challenge accepted.

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