ACT vs Greens, culture wars & threatening Golriz


Security escort for Green MP Golriz Ghahraman after death threats

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman is now accompanied by a security escort at all times following a series of death threats.

The MP has seen a significant escalation in threats of violence following comments by ACT MP David Seymour, a source told Stuff.

Ghahraman also said it was fuelled by a Newshub report on white supremacy, which detailed online threats including “hanging her like a lynch mob”.

Initially, the Green Party said Ghahraman was to get a police escort, but the MP clarified that she will be accompanied by a Parliamentary Service security officer.

In the culture war between ACT and the Greens – ACT says freedom of speech trumps all while the Greens argue micro aggressions lead directly to macro violence.

David Seymour argued Golriz was a menace to freedom…

“I just think Golriz Ghahraman is completely wrong. I don’t know if she understands what she is saying but Golriz Ghahraman is a real menace to freedom in this country.”

…this was followed by a security guard being appointed to her while she is on Parliament grounds based on a report from Newshub that threats against her from white supremacists had escalated.

For the woke it is proof positive that their policing of micro aggressions is justified and hate speech law expansion obligatory.

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(for the record, it isn’t ’round the clock’ security, it’s a guard while she is on Parliament grounds)

For the right it’s more proof of the snowflake mentality of the identity politics left when they deserve criticism.

NZ has alway been emotionally & intellectually repressed with a grim low horizon imagination.

The cacophony of social media, outrage olympics & fracturing of public spaces into echo chambers exacerbates these culturally repressed tensions.

Threats & violence are the bitter fruits of alienation. We’ve all seeded these broken fields.

We need to stop identifying firstly with our skin colour, genitals, gender, religion, orientation and we need to start identifying with shared values or else we are doomed to devour one another identity in empty hunger and malicious rancour.

Meanwhile, climate change is far worse than we calculated…

Increased sea level predictions could result in displacement of 187m people, study finds

Previous predictions for rising sea levels might be incorrect, according to a new study.

The study – published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – found sea levels may rise by 2 metres by 2100.

These findings contradict the original prediction by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report in 2013, which suggested there will be a rise of just under a metre by the year 2100.

“For 2100, the ice sheet contribution is very likely in the range of 7-178cm but once you add in the glaciers and ice caps outside the ice sheets and thermal expansion of the seas, you tip well over two metres,” lead author Professor Jonathan Bamber told the BBC.


  1. Who made the death threats? They need to be named. It’s way outside normal NZ behaviour and any thinking free speech advocate would realise immediately that it would be completely counter productive. So much so that it would be an attractive ploy for supporters of Ghahraman’s stance to make the threats. So long as they were confident of complete anonymity.
    D J S

  2. Didn’t Marama Davidson also say she was threatened with violence and death, but deleted those tweets/posts…so all we have is her word, now I’m not saying she wasn’t threatened but proof would have been ideal and also prove her point. One would hope and assume Golritz has screen shots or some proof as to threaten to kill is a crime! Lack of proof is a big question mark on their claims.

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