The People’s Budget to screen 8pm Sunday 2nd June


Comrades – are you sick of neoliberal economics ruining our changes of a truly transformative progressive economy?

Me too!

Here’s what Bryan Bruce and a I have been working on, The People’s Budget 2019

Had enough of trickle -down economics? Work all week and still struggle to make ends meet? Can Grant Robertson’s neoliberal austerity budgets really improve all our well-being… or not?

Join us for the New Zealand Public Television Town Hall Event of the year 

Host: Bryan Bruce with co-host The Daily Blog’s Martyn (Bomber) Bradbury with panelists :

Law Professor and Free Trade critic, Professor Jane Kelsey
Economist and commentator Rod Oram
Head of Greenpeace, Russel Norman
Former Green MP,  Sue Bradford
Julia Amua Whaipooti – JustSpeak Board member. Senior advisor at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner and member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Group
Auckland City Councillor Efeso Collins

Register here to attend:

…can neoliberal politics build a wellbeing budget?

Filming on Friday night at the Otahuhu Town Hall, the debate will screened exclusively on New Zealand Public Television and The Daily Blog 8pm Sunday 2nd of June.



  1. Martyn and Bryan,

    Putting this is my calendar to be set for viewing.

    Have you got a public question and answer portal setup so we can give you questions to field for us?

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