The Liberal Agenda – The People’s Budget 2019 – Friday 31st May


Had enough of trickle -down economics? Work all week and still struggle to make ends meet? Can Grant Robertson’s neoliberal austerity budgets really improve all our well-being… or not?

Join us for the New Zealand Public Television Town Hall Event of the year 6.30 pm Friday, May 31st Otahuhu Town Hall.

Host: Bryan Bruce with co-host The Daily Blog’s Martyn (Bomber) Bradbury with panelists :

Law Professor and Free Trade critic, Professor Jane Kelsey
Economist and commentator Rod Oram
Head of Greenpeace, Russel Norman
Former Green MP,  Sue Bradford
Julia Amua Whaipooti – JustSpeak Board member. Senior advisor at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner and member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Group
Auckland City Councillor Efeso Collins

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Arrive by 6.30pm (latest )to be sure of a seat and bring your experience and opinions about life our country with you, because we’ll want to hear them.

Register here to attend:

WHAT: The People’s Budget
WHERE: Otahuhu Town Hall
WHEN: 6.30pm Friday 31st May


  1. The P*ss will trickle down guys. Underclass look up and hold your mouths open for the life giving stream!

  2. If Labour hadn’t doled out billions of dollars to students,.they would have enough money to do something about all this.
    I spent time teaching at University and can contest that more than half the students there should not be allowed on campus without bucket and mop in hand.
    If they want to make a positive change for universities, greatly increase the entry requirements and use the savings to fund the students that actually are worthy of being there.

    • Well said, JAYS!

      NZ needs to think about how to enable people who have the brains to go to university, rather than have graduates that are not fit for purpose and actually will be incapable of doing the job they are studying to a decent standard, not get the paperwork and then inflict themselves on our workforce as imbeciles incapable of solving problems or critical thinking .

      Since rogernomics has decided that NZ education is all about bums on seats and paying high salaries to ‘business’ minded university chancellors who then oversea a ‘change in culture’ to make educational systems full of rogernoms with more and more university staff on lower wages and contracts. At the same time burning/destroying library books (Auckland university) and shutting down services for students and spending that money on marketers or relentless publicity opportunists (AUT) to pretend they are still offering a high standard of education. ahem.

      There used to be plenty of options of well paid work for non university graduates but now blue collar wages are so low that it seems that one of the best options for young people is to have kids and go on the benefit as you’ll be on a higher income with more support than if you got that massive student loan for a crap degree or blue collar job with an unpaid internship job at the end of it and a wage that means you are unlikely to be able to obtain social mobility on your own merits. Likewise the 7 pages of plumbing jobs circa $20 – $30p/h (when consumers pay more like $95 p/h for a plumber as well as all the other fees, like travel and call outs) show the trickle down is actually all about trickle down of lower wages for the many.

      Having tax cuts (Natz) or very complicated tax cash backs (Labour) does nothing if your actual wage is so far below what it should be, then the tax is not your main issue or even much of an incentive. The only way for social mobility in NZ seems to be to claw yourself onto the property ladder if you are able, as it’s probably your best chance of not ending up living in your car come retirement with modern employment practises and wages and government ideology.

  3. Is there some way this can be broadcast or put up on ‘the interweb’ for those of us in the provinces?

    A visitor from the Hawkes Bay.

  4. What we have to ask ourselves is why we allow so many overseas convicted fraudsters and criminals to come into and back into NZ.

    NZ seems to be a Mecca for international crims, (and we have enough of our own already).

    Take the case of Joanne Harrison, convicted of multiple frauds including stealing $700,000 from Transport ministry, fake documentation for her ‘skilled migrant visa’ and benefit fraud…

    So now as well as NZ paying for her 3+ years in prison, her counselling while in prison and her deportation, she is still allowed to return to NZ in 2020 and NZ organisations and businesses are knowingly or unknowingly using criminals in their workforce, which ain’t gonna help productivity!

    For example as well as working as a manager at the Department of Corrections (while claiming the DPB by falsified a wage slip to show she was earning $482 a week, when she was in fact earning $1842 a week).

    “She joined the ministry’s (Transport ministry) leadership team after April 2013 and was credited with establishing “organisational leadership”.

    Matthews said she had been “instrumental in the ministry’s change achievements”.

    “Coming from a private sector background, Jo has brought a different level of creativity, innovation and drive to how we think about change. She helped to create a set of conditions and an environment to be more professional and innovative,” he said.

    As a senior manager, she was one of five people reporting directly to the chief executive, and was authorised to spend money without sign-off.

    She was then able to continue her frauds by being in charge and making other whistle blowers redundant.

    “Two former transport ministry workers have described how they were forced out of their jobs after raising the alarm about the fraudster Joanne Harrison’s behaviour.

    The two whistleblowers say they alerted senior managers to fake invoices and dubious travel Harrison was taking but were then targeted in a restructuring she helped lead.”

    “In addition to the theft it was revealed she tricked another government agency into hiring her husband and also got a job for a friend who was on the Ministry of Transport’s payroll for 10 months but never turned up or did any work.”

    Crazy! Criminals should be blocked permanently from NZ and not allowed to come in and defraud in the first place, let alone infect companies and screw honest people who blow the whistle!

    No wonder we have such a social welfare crisis and organisational crisis in NZ with housing, justice, prisons, benefits, health etc, when the world’s criminals, (often) with fraudulent documentation and take up residence and do what every they like to other workers in NZ that the NZ tax payers pay the social and financial costs on and if if convicted, they are able to return to NZ after being deported in a few years!

    What can you say, (especially in the Sroubek case) when even knowing he was a criminal they wanted him to get citizenship and he also managed to get his wife citizenship as well (who now dates a Natz MP by the sound of it).

    Good job NZ! Let’s turn a blind eye to this issue, and hope it goes away as too hard to think about modern self inflicted issues that are a no brainer to the majority but somehow encouraged by government policy to make NZ more dysfunctional from the inside out.

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