Review: Game of Thrones- 8 year review – 5 stars (spoiler alerts)


“I once bought a jackass and a honey comb into a brothel’ – best quote ever.

Wow, has it been 8 years?

Ned Stark being executed? The Red Wedding? The Battle of the Bastards?  The one where it was so dark you couldn’t see?

Joffrey poisoned, Theon tortured, Hordor holding the door, Yara being lesbian, Tyrian’s trial, the weird 3 eyed raven thing, the white walkers, the dragons.

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The problematic sex, the problematic incest, the problematic rapes, the problematic feminism, the problematic violence, the problematic diversity, the problematic problematics!

The twists, the turns.

Love, jealousy, revenge, loyalty, hate, revenge, love, revenge, revenge, revenge.

So after 8 years the moral of GoT was Women can commit war crimes and be terrible leaders just as well as men can be, and in this age of equality, that’s a message we can all get behind.

That it was a disabled character who ‘won’ in the end is just beautiful.

No other show has managed to imprint the way GoT has culturally. It permeates social media and popular culture in a unique way that manages to slot effortlessly into the multi narrative world social media now provides.

It’s instantaneous broadcast meant everyone was in on the references, we had a global shared cultural experience once an hour for a week. It felt exhilarating to participate in.

With Netflix the future for broadcasting, the expense to make something as huge as GoT will probably never happen in the West again. The next TV created with this scope and budget will be Chinese.

What an incredible 8 years. This was masterpiece television.

In Roman times, the cruelty of the Colosseum kept the masses amused, Game of Thrones was baroque barbaric violence at it’s finest.

It was tragically human in a brilliant tapestry of cacophony.

5 Stars


  1. Online fans–intense as Dothraki on counter attack–just about caused the whole GOT thing to collapse into a ‘super massive black hole’ after the 2 year wait for S08.

    Just watch those episodes again, appreciate the cinematography, and it will be ok…Ser Tiger, he Foulmouthed says so…

    Great wrap up.

  2. emotional conditioning for anachronistic factional elites, caste system, monarch behaviour, sociopathic normalization kool aid

    it’s the whole jug of kool aid

    • Ahem. They’ve already begun filming a spin off series of game of thrones. So, new content incoming. I still secretly hold hopes for a cartoon series.

      • Thank you, I forgot about the prequel series. I guess animation could work, but I would miss the flesh. Carice van Houten for starters.

  3. Grotesque-ridiculous, being consumed by this entertainment while the tsunami of Climate Change nears the shore of we beer-and-bread agriculturalists. Hesitate to use the word civilization — language, as per your column, marks us better. Fun with words. And then slumber evermore.

    Anyway , my feelings .

  4. yeah nice quote. you put the honey on the whores and the jackasses eat it up, that is game of thrones no shit

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