Listening to multimillionaire Mike Hosking’s thoughts on beneficiaries is like listening to Trump’s views on feminist folk music


A TALE OF TWO WALLS: It’s funny, the woke left on Twitter are screaming to boycott the NZ Herald because they have Rachel Stewart behind a paywall where as the class left like me are demanding they put Hosking, Soper & Hawkesby behind the Paywall!

Listening to multimillionaire Mike Hosking’s thoughts on beneficiaries is like listening to Trump’s views on feminist folk music…

Mike Hosking: 13,000 beneficiaries can’t be bothered working – and they’re getting away with it

Here’s what you get when you make welfare too generous. They are recommending a pay rise of up to 47 per cent, and what you get are a group of people who see no reason to do anything, but exist on welfare. We already see it, there are 13,000 more on jobseeker benefits since this Government arrived in power.

And the increase is because they’ve decided not to test jobseekers, not pressure them, not expect them to answer questions, to make an effort, or to actually get a job. Thirteen thousand more in a climate of full employment, 4 per cent unemployment, of a decade of economic prosperity.

How is it even remotely possible that you can have 13,000 more people ready, willing and able to work, and yet miraculously in a job market screaming out for workers, they just can’t seem to find anything.

I’ll tell you why, because they can’t be bothered. And the Government lets them get away with it, and we pick up the tab. And you don’t think that’s exactly what will happen, except more often if they get a 47 per cent handout rise?

…what kind of bitter arsehole begrudges fellow citizens in poverty the measly pittance we pay out for welfare?

Working class folk who have had their own wages crippled by non unionised work environments look at the welfare cheque with envy, so I understand their bitterness towards beneficiaries but a multi-millionaire who races around in multi-million dollar cars for fun?

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Where does this jerk get off?

53% of those on welfare are disabled, why make their existence any more spiteful?

The benefit was set by Ruth Richardson to be just under the weekly calorie minimum for adults in the belief that hungry poor people will be incentivised to work – that’s how odious and cruel we are as a people when it comes to social policy.

We have Welfare because one of the lessons Western Liberal Democracies picked up from the last century was that when you throw your own citizens onto the dump pile of Capitalism, they give up on democracy and turn to fascism or communism . If Mike wants to limit his own exposure to bloody revolution, he should be calling for a benefit rise from the safety of his gated community rather than beat up on welfare recipients.

Shitting on the weakest amongst us when you are on a solid gold toilet should be repulsive, not celebrated.

Mike brings to mind the famous quote by Herman Melville…

…please NZ Herald, put Mike Hosking behind a Paywall because if you want this much sadism you should be forced to pay for it.



  1. Interesting to see the National-aligned trashloid illustrate the shallow intent of their much hyped “commitment to quality journalism”.

    Week two, day three since #PremiumContent was launched, and just like day one and two, the political “news” is led by National’s staunchest propagandist, Mike Hosking, ensuring that readers are subject first and foremost to a view that aligns seamlessly with that of the National Party.

    The continuing prioritisation of trashy partisan opinion over objective, factual, well researched journalism tells Kiwis all we need to know about NZME and the Herald’s real modus operendi.

    According to National’s good friend and relation, NZ Herald political editor Audrey Young, the Speaker’s bias is a problem, which is a bit rich when her editorial decisions verge on alt-right.

    #nzheraldwherebalancedjournalismgoestodie #NonPremiumContent

  2. Shit I thought we had banned watching that idiot Hoskings.

    I just get creepy crawlers if i see his stupid face.

    Bad for my health.

    • The spiritual son of Paul Henry. How did he actually ‘earn’ his millions? Do an article on that, Mike.

    • Mosa, if that waitress had cut her hair off, or better still her head, John Key could not have kept pulling it OK ?

      That she didn’t cut either off shows that she was asking for it.Victims usually are.

      Underneath of course, she may have been doing the NZ Prime Minister a big favour by enabling some pathetic little penal twitchings.

      Or, if she found Key’s predatory behaviour was reducing her to a nervous wreck, and not mitigated by the offer of a bottle of free plonk, she could have quit her job and gone on a benefit, and added to Hoskings fat file
      on how intolerable his life is made by the intransigence – in varying degrees – of people who should be out picking gooseberries, or digging spuds or cleaning up others’ shit – real and metaphorical – but instead sit in their cars with decent haircuts, which is something Mike’s money has never ever managed to get him. Poor sad wall-less man – that must hurt too.

  3. I remember this fella on talkback radio in the early 90s fending off the pain of beneficiaries cut off by the mother of all budgets and enduring that long depression. Sometimes there were replacement hosts like Ralston and Richard Griffin who did the same.

    The hosts benefitted. They believed (in their benefit it turns out).

    Being slightly rational-guided back then they replaced these fellas with Pam Corkery. These days they’d go right-psycho.

  4. Mike Hoskings, you have two choices for your epitaph. Mike Savage’s is one.

    My age peer, there’s nothing more than money for you. Talking for the rich disgusts NZers. Especially old NZers like us. No one loves you except who also has hands in your wallet.

    Americans don’t have consciences , being smeared clear by religion , but you came from us. By which I think you a sociopath. No one who knows respects you.

  5. Hosking is reflecting one version of reality, the one from his perspective. Freedom of speech is still essential.

    Putting personality aside, I think the sentiments do need to be looked at. Traditional Left politics was about the working class, egalitarianism, and a rejection of the capitalist system of exploitation. Modern Left politics seem often largely focused on divisive identity politics, and elevating the non-productive to a living wage. Marx had a lot to say about the lumpenproletariat and their basic anti-societal worldview, in contrast to the exploited working class. Some modern Lefties seem to put the workers in the ‘bad’ class, anyone who works should be paying more taxes to support the beneficiaries… inverting the traditional Marxist view.

    Yes yes I am making extreme simplification of complex issues! However the fundamental point is that if beneficiaries are anywhere near as well of as workers, no one will bother to work… “why should I work to support that lazy scoundrel down the road?”. Left wing politics was traditionally about the workers getting a fair go while putting in a hard days work in the interests of all society, these days with identity politics it seems to be about something else. The fact that Left Wing politics was traditionally the ‘workers and farmers’ party says it all, how things have changed.

    • It’s the left increasing the MW to $20 and hour and paying working for families tax credits to workers.

      Claiming the left favours beneficiaries over workers is a right wing smear.

      The injustice is those making CG not paying income tax as workers do.

      And there is no history of the left being the farmers party in this country.

      • The injustice was Jacdina Ardern preventing the TWG including the family home in a CGT.
        A CGT on all assets at a low rate would have been fair.
        To exclude the family home, artwork, boats etc made the whole exercise unworkable and unfair.
        Socialism should be about total equality. The current government does not represent this.

  6. Piling in on Mike Hosking are we?

    Yet you defend that woman Rachel Stewart and her odious views?

    Hosking and Stewart are of the same ilk. Entitled. Bitter. Fearful of losing privilege. The point that both have a platform to espouse views that lost Folau his rugby career is symptomatic of how inconsistent the left can be.

    And what, may one ask is “woke left” Martyn? You use that word in a disparaging way. Perhaps you should define it for us?

    • Hosking and Stewart have a platform because the Herald provides them with one. One might presume that Hosking is not behind a wall either because he offers his opinion for free as a public service, or the Herald subsidises this content so as to influence people to vote National.

      Folau, through his sporting ability has a public social media profile platform, which he is free to continue with. His employer placing pressure on him because its corporates sponsors are placing pressure on them, has little to do with the left but with the influence of those who pay on those who get paid. He will find another employer who won’t mind his social media activity anytime he wants to choose this option.

  7. What a waste of a platform. He has a chance for global reach to inform and empower society but is instead a blight on our history. His tired vitriol shows though that he either hasn’t understood the situation today or just doesn’t care for it.
    Abby Martin of the Empire Files recently interviewed the sociologist Peter Phillips about his book (Phillips & Robinson, 2018) and he provided these facts:

    Poverty: The world lower class is 80% by population who live on less than $10 per day, while the bottom third of us live on < $1.25 per day. Around 800 million people are nutritionally malnourished and 30000 die per day from malnutrition or starvation. There is more than enough food to feed everyone on Earth comfortably, but due to it not being profitable to sell or distribute, one third of all food is wasted.

    Wealth: Of the 20% global middle class, the top 1% are the transnational capitalists, those that control 90% of all wealth. There are an estimated 36 million millionaires and 3 thousand billionaires, with 8 people controlling half global wealth.

    Business: Walmart is the world's largest employer while the second largest is the security firm G45 (625 thousand employees), whose work includes banks and prisons but also mercenaries, private armies (protecting Israeli 'settlements') and special events (driving the indigenous people away with force from the Dakota pipeline). An estimated $50 trillion dollars from individuals and the biggest corporations are managed by investment companies with just 199 people on their boards of directors essentially controlling the world.

    Environment: 70% of the world's CO2 output comes from the 100 largest companies.

    Journalism: 80% of mainstream news stories are created and packaged by PR firms working for governments and corporations (I suggest the corporations have more say).

    Phillips, P. & Robinson, W.I. (2018). Giants: The global power elites. New York Seven Stories Press.

  8. Happy for them to have a view .Mine Is that Mike is ignorant to the fact. Israel”s comment in my view shows you just how much religion brainwashed the mind. No matter what Mike states his view comes from a sense of entitlement.

  9. I suggested putting Hosking behind a paywall to my Mrs. as a joke assuming that he already was. It seems odd that the Herald would let such valuable content go un-metered.

    Clearly a petition needs to be organised. But then the one to get him removed altogether didn’t make any difference even with the support it managed.

  10. Mike is talking evidence that you don’t need to graduate from a university to become an expert in everything.

    Mike is walking evidence that you don’t need to have work experience as a substitute for formal education – to equip one well for the foray.

    Mike is evidence that arrogance is an outcome of stupidity.

    NAH! Only kidding.

    Mike interviewed me once – and he was charitable – like he didn’t slag me after I was off air – as do some interviewers – Paul Homes being a master of this art – and thereby deny the slagged to defend itself.

    Actually. We need blokes (and females) on both sides of the political equation.

    That’s called: Democracy.

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