Goff vs Tamihere Round 1 – The AM Show 7.40am Thursday morning


The first ever one on one confrontation between Goff and Tamihere for the Mayoral race will happen tomorrow morning on The AM Show at 7.40am.

Goff is far more policy focused and will want to delve into detail, Tamihere will want to keep off the ropes and project some new vision knockouts.

It’s also  chance for The AM Show to become relevant in the wake of the massive popularity of Breakfast now John Campbell has taken over.


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  1. Minto for Mayor! oh, thats right, John’s not standing this time. I liked his free public transport and slash the $100,000 plus salaries platform…

    Really it is a joke contest who ever wins because a 38% voter turnout on a postal vote, as per last time, is pathetic, and unelected CCOs still have the city by the balls.

    A circuit breaker is needed but John Tamihere is unlikely to be it unless he has an epiphany and goes all left on us. But hey, with a tory running mate how likely is that?

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