TWITTER WATCH: Hamish Price & Simeon Brown are National Party Alt-Right Soy-Boys


How can we debate cannabis like rational adults when the National Party are so hell bent on being dickheads?

Look at this…

…I am always skeptical of the intellectual power of most politicians but Simeon Brown manages to lower that threshold in ways that should ban him from operating all machinery, multi-tasking and voting.

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In case it needs to be spelt out, tobacco is a deeply addictive, deeply carcinogenic product. Cannabis. Is. Not! That’s why we are having this debate moron. Simeon is comparing apples to bananas and coming up with the number 5.

Then there’s National Party stormtrooper Hamish Price…

… Jesus Hamish – can you take a holiday from being a vicious nasty spiteful prick for just an afternoon?

What’s most disappointing is that in the cerebral sewers these two swim in, they think this is cutting edge wit.

If this is the level of discussion National MP’s and their social media enablers want to take the debate they should be mocked mercilessly.



    • Also due to low IQ, plus (altzimers and parkinsons) for most of them cause they’re too old! Just can’t accept that the weed is less harmful than either ciggies or alcohol. Entrenched, stubborn and brain dead. No experience themselves but all seem to be experts on the subject. Mainly the boomers, once again, IMO. Apologies to those hipsters same era, not about you.

  1. Tsk tsk MB

    Lynching Hamish Price and Simeon Brown now are we?

    Or is it ok when you do it??

    • Oh for heaven’s sake Mjolnir if Hamish wants to play at being a dumbo he shouldn’t expect to receive posies. He got a stuck in the wrong algorithm. He’ll cope. ACC counselling.

      Don’t worry about Simeon Brown. He’s not a real person. He was made from lego at Waimari School in guess- Waimari in ChCh – they were short of pieces, and also some kid stole all the windows – and anyway they may need all the bits back to build Wellington some buses. A big ask.

      • You’re missing the point Snow White. I have no love for cerebral cortex dead Hosking or his preening wife

        They’re both privileged entitled rich pricks

        My point is MB lambasts the Twitter pile on Rachel Stewart Then does his own pile on Hosking and Brown

        I don’t get the difference Is it ok when MB leads the charge but no one else??

  2. Fuckwits extraordinaire!

    The Nats are in for a hammering in 2020 if they cannot elevate their level of participation in Cannabis Reform beyond this idiocy. Paula/Simon’s “Gummi Bears” and general moralistic negativity show they really are stranded on this issue.

    And what type of look is it for Deputy Paula to state to RNZ yesterday that the Nats will want votes to become the Govt. in 2020, but will not respect the will of the people on Cannabis “at this stage”, she qualified it with. Not a good look. All political parties must respect MMP outcomes and democratic referendum votes to have any legitimacy.

  3. I am sure that if marijuana like alcohol or tobacco has its own industry and donated to the National party to ensure its interests were looked after then these idiots would be strangely quiet.
    They quibble over dope yet they protect the liquor industry and all the damage that inflicts on people and the health service particularly since Shipley and her government lowered the drinking age to 18 in 1999 despite warnings not to do so too allow the liquor industry access to more consumers and profits.
    Chloe is miles ahead of these drongos and is one of our brightest MPs.
    The Natz are a irrelevant disgrace.

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