Groan – Oh come on Green Party – are you even trying now?



I know, I know. I shouldn’t be so hard on the Greens, they are stumbling about attempting to do good, but sweet Zombie Jesus have they just given up even trying to implement a coherent strategy?

After righteously attacking anonymous donations and anonymous money they are running a donations campaign using an anonymous donor.


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I know, what the fuck right?

Secret Green Party donor to match contributions up to $25k

The party sent out an email in co-leader James Shaw’s name, requesting donations big and small, as someone has offered to match donations dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000.

The email describes the donor as a ‘champion’ whose potential contribution will give the party a boost it desperately needs to hire a world-class campaign director for the 2020 election.

A spokesperson won’t reveal who the mystery donor was, but said they’re a long-term supporter of the party.

…now sure, the name will be declared eventually once the annual returns are in, and yes this is all well within the rules, but you can’t demand an end to anonymous cash, and then take one and use the loopholes you’re declared to close to hide that identity.

It can be immediately  construed as pure hypocrisy.

The glib response from some anonymous staff member that there’s nothing wrong with all of this is the diarrhoea icing on this shit cake…

“We don’t see any contradiction in calling for those rules to change for all parties so that big money can be kept out of politics, including an annual cap of $35,000 on donations from any individual.

…ummmmmm, you can’t see any contradiction in these two positions? Come on, there’s wilful blindness and taking the piss.

This is taking the piss.

Let’s hope Simon Bridges picking a fight with a slushy and losing keeps the media off this story.



    • Martyn.

      I feel sorry for the current Green party as they have a lousy strategic adviser here.

      Remember that when they let two of their most senior environmental stalwarts Kennedy Graham and David Clendon over 21 months ago in August 2017?

      They lost many supporters then as those two were solidly respected as top flight environmentalists they couldn’t afford to loose.

      Since then the political organisation has gone down the gurgler and that makes this past member of that Party very sad.

      I sit between the Labour and NZF coalition now.

      • Absolutely, Cleangreen – the loss of Graham and Clendon left a
        constantly expanding vacuum – Green’s hijacking the Auckland
        Muslim vigil, saying white people hate, finished me off; the idiots made an awful act of terrorism into a national race issue, they just couldn’t help themselves.

        It’s a shame Gareth Hughes is kept hidden away, he was always a solid environmentalist, but the bottom line is that climate change/environment is what idiots like me assumed would be a GP priority, and got it wrong.

      • Kennedy Graham a diplomat who never managed to become an MP he wants to back both sides of the Palestinian Israeli conflict. He should never ever have been an MP in the Greens, he belongs in National, a pontificating environmentalist fool.

        David Clendon sat on various committees – he was co convenor for 1 year – and that is how you get the nod, you get known he has sat on this and this and this. Then when the names come out for people who want to get on the list, people see the list and lo and behold David is on there, ‘we know him, he is a good man, he has sat on this and this and this and he lives in Auckland and we need more Green MPs in Auckland’.

        Not sure how long after he got into parliament he moved with his partner to Keri Keri! If you reside in Keri Keri there is way less you are called on to do.

        He is intelligent he knows his stuff, but he is fiery or outspoken enough to grab the attention of the media.

        The betrayal by both of them of Metiria Turei was a disgrace. She had more going for her than the two of them put together.

    • Can someone please explain to me what the eBay guy has to do with the Green Party, if anything?

  1. So it looks like James Shaw and the Greens have some tricky donation – related questions to front up to or dodge tomorrow…

  2. Maybe the anonymous donor is Shaw himself?

    I doubt there is any skullduggery in this, but not the best look if they want to be the more ‘transparent’ party.

    On one hand you want to shake the Greens for how they have gone so wrong in the last few years, on the other hand support them, as their previous interpretation of their policy and agenda, are largely the best for society.

    How the Green Party has gone so wrong is a warning, that next time a party decides to put a bunch of newbies in particular nice but privileged newbies who play with poverty and inequality with little to zero experience of it (or anything else), remember what has happened to the Green Party!

    Feel this also sums up what has gone wrong aka too many millennials and market driven with identity politics focus of the current Green Party.

    And a link for the Greens about plastic water bottles that they helped contribute to with agreeing to expand overseas water bottling in NZ against in my view 3 of their Green Party previous policies to stop foreign companies raping NZ assets, undermining Maori sovereignty and reducing plastic waste… also seen no law changes to stop this happening even more in the future. Charging for water is not stopping any of the above!!!!

  3. The other sad thing is it is an increasing trend that environmental groups are campaigning for money not to save the environment but to pay legal bills at environment court for lawyers and the money is being collected for lawyers who profit from the disputes.

    In the green parties case, they are raising money for a campaign manager presumably to try to stem the damage done to the Green Party, with the current lack of interest or understanding of what the Green Party previously stood for.

    Weird it is actually emulating business aka people with real causes and passion build up something to a high point over years, whereas at the pinnacle they are ousted and self promoters who are more interested in networking, take it over and run it into the ground.

  4. I’m done with all of this crap. This is what you get with humanism + neo liberalism.

    A never ending nebulous into the abyss of navel gazing and stupidity.

    Sick of the right wing, sick of the left.

    They fail hard and harder still.

    Full of crap.

  5. One very good thing that the Greens have done though is help exit the National party from power. Without the Greens, Labour would not have got it through.

    So amongst the criticism, we should also remember the Green Party did do one VERY important thing for the country and that was, boot out the Natz!

    Some of the current Green MP’s belong more in the Labour Party as they had little to nothing to do with the Green Party before being jettisoned into power without too much effort based on identity politics discourses and media hype, and that is the problem!

    So hopefully moving forward, the Green Party list is less about Metro spreads and photogenic people, inflated CV’s and MSM putting the wrong spin on things, and more about actual old school Green campaigning over long periods of time and personal sacrifice over time that can be measured as part of the green movement.

    It was a shame that Barry Coates did not get through as he was very successful against the TPPA which seems to have died as an issue with the current Greens when it is a clean difference between Greens and Labour.

    Also Greens need to start thinking a bit more about some of the people they are using as volunteers, their staff and dirty politics and how that might be influencing some bad decisions or fake data pushing them down the wrong tracks.

    I very much doubt it is all about the MP’s themselves who are making the wrong calls, although they are a big part of the problem by not doing their own thinking about what is right, or getting the right advice and just going after trivial issues and twitter fights.

    • The “woke left” section of the Greens are very keen to destroy people they disagree with and will bend any fact or turn it upside down if it suits them.

      People like Morgan Godfrey and Max Tweedle are extremely dangerous elements lusting for power at whatever cost, even to the point they will bring in the censors early. Scary stuff.

  6. What’s that sucking sound you say? … Well that’s the integrity of the Green Party, or what’s left of it being consumed by disease that is identity politics.

    Upon reflection, I now think the Green Party of New Zealand died at the same time as Rod Donald. RD was a true champion of social democratic politics in NZ – his contribution and legacy is MMP. Without Rod, I doubt MMP would have come to fruition.

    The Greens today are largely interested in supporting the latest fad conjured up by the faux ‘left’ in the US or feral ‘foot in mouth’ radicalism.

    Very few Green MPs with a modicum of authenticity exist today.

  7. Blasty critiques. I’ll keep voting for them til Labour denies their 84 ‘father’.PR shit, shoot up your arse.

  8. Not only hypocritical but tacky.

    The email I got had this subject line:

    RE: How to match your gift dollar for dollar!

    You know? That really lame promo tactic from the e-commerce, social media guru who’s all about clicks.

    FFS. There used to be one thing you could rely on the Greens for – integrity.

  9. The Green Party sold out to neoliberal capitalism long ago, probably from the moment ex-corporate PR man James Shaw took the co-leadership. Eugenie Sage is a total copout with her pro-1080, pro-helicopter gunship tahr cull stance. Murderer in chief. So much for their animal rights friendly policies. And nothing at all done so far to curtail factory farming. And Shaw’s carbon-free economy plan by 2050 is leaving things far too late. I do feel for him in this, though. He is walking a razor’s edge with trying to appease the moronic climate deniers in the audience. I would respect him more if he was prepared to give these fossils a wide berth, but electorally difficult I guess. Says more about the nature of liberal democracies to face the challenge of climate change than it does about Shaw I think. Well, time will tell, as heatwaves and extreme weather events hit our shores and food insecurity becomes a reality. The young kids marching in the streets will be asking, did we actually have a Green Party? What did they really do?

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