TVNZ current affairs upgrade


Radio NZ’s Morning Report will become infinitely more approachable and listenable with the replacement of Guyon Espiner for the affable and straight shooting Corin Dann.

I’ve always been a fan of Dann’s interview style, he’s incredibly informative, always respectful but refuses to accept glib or weak answers without demanding a justification.

With Guyon, you could hear the dripping contempt he felt for anyone without a Mensa membership. You always woke up feeling like you’d already started the day by deeply offending him.

Dann’s move means Jack Tame picks up Q+A while St John Campbell moves into Breakfast.

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It makes for a formidable and powerful current affairs line up.

If Jack can turn Q+A into a place where real late night political argument can occur, then he could make it a ratings bonanza.

JC returning to Breakfast is the cherished hope of everyone who hated seeing him go at TV3, and his immense broadcasting talent means The AM Show have to do something very different to hold audience share.

As news from social media gets regularly denigrated with the same derision as smoking in cars with babies, the large broadcasters are starting to steer back towards journalism rather than light weight pap.

This is a good thing.



  1. Hehehee… how the worm turns…

    The tapeworm , that is…the John Key tapeworm with his little wriggling mate , Stephen Joyce.

    Buckle yourselves in for a fast ride to sunshine in dark corners… this is a good thing.

  2. My biggest joy will be seeing The AM show go down the gurgler with Garner and Richardson screaming the whole way down.

    • Jack Tame useless.
      What a waste of John Campbell’s ability. Him and Kim Hill are the best interviewers we have.
      Frankly I liked Guyon and I think the woman is not up to the mark, she doesn’t pursue the polys like they should be.

    • Yes but that is not on the guards.
      Like me don’t watch it, Richardson is particularly revolting and soooo arrogant.

  3. Yes Martyn,

    I am very disappointed with Labour not getting the promed “free tv public affairs investigative journalism channel” like the ‘channel seven they set up when last in government onto the air after 18 months being government so anything is better than the same old right wing agenda selling on TV one/Newhub ect’, as Labour needs a platform to get their message out there as we enter the re-election season.

    Claire Curran needs sacking as she screwed it up and she should only be in charge of ‘parking meters’ and certainly nothing else.

  4. If that’s an upgrade, God help us!

    I travel quite a lot as part of my work and I come back to NZ and groan at the pathetic quality of journalism right across the board here.

    The best are mediocre and Campbell isn’t even in that league

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