GUEST BLOG: Gerard Otto – G News – the good news


Nobody gives a shit what Simon Bridges said in 2018, and now the much heralded National Party policy platforms the partisan media boasted would even the score in 2019 seem to have evaporated into Jacinda star dust.

Instead of the shitty domestic issues facing Jacinda pulling her down – she is more popular than ever.

It’s enough to make Tracy Watkins break out in wrinkles.

Even Audrey’s knitting has unravelled and she admits Jacinda is big, Simon is small, and it ain’t getting any better as time marches on.

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Whaleoil tried to con us that Jacinda was behind the proposed Crusaders name change, and the NZ Herald told some porkies which it got slammed for.

Making up fake news is what the right have been reduced to these days.

Such a shame.

As less than 1% moan and bitch about gun law changes, the sore loser club still claim all is dire while economic results are as good as good can be – and conspiracy theorists thrash about trying to get attention by undermining the PM.

It’s just the usual noise in a busy democracy…a certain irreducible quantum of haters are going to hate.

Hate is all they know – on their side of things.

Meanwhile Israel somebody has been booted directly into touch about being a bigoted fundamentalist.

In other news, Julian Assange is chilling out in a British prison, missing the cat but definitely enjoying a change of scene.

Press freedoms are less important to some and they just don’t like that white male, but we’ll see if Julian gets off that bail charge and really things boil down to how the US DOJ can make shit stick enough to drag him off British soil.

But there will be a big fight about that for sure.

Somewhere out there – an emotional junior staffer is really a senior experienced director of National Party affairs.

I have to go to a party and don’t have time to write another word.

Gerard Otto is an activist and a writer.