Sean Plunket’s Working Group with Bomber Bradbury & Damien Grant: This week – Assange, ANZAC Day, Folau & Guns



  1. Yes Gentlemen this is a breath of fresh air in a history of sad repute by our leading ‘peace makers’.

    It was shown that ‘the dirty tricks campaign’ had gone out to deliberately repeatedly “discredit” the whistle blowers again now beginning with Julian Assange.

    Next issue was on Israel Folau who is a confused idiot that should be kicked out of the Rugby team for sure as he is using his position as press elevating his hate speech.

    Gun law changes were needed as we ignored the growth of weapons of “mass destruction” and we also need to see the removal of gunpowder and other ‘explosive’ products also from bulk sale also.

    As to discussion of the radical “Greens” Marama Davidson and Golriz Ghahraman they are destroying the green Party because they are to radical.

  2. You again mention how the “gun lobby” ( in nz compromising a couple of people on their home computer) needing monitoring because they sounded angry.
    You will be pleased to know it looks like the cops have all firearms license holders flagged, and yes sure enough the data base of various flags has been repeatedly misused. Forty percent of kiwis are flagged including probably the shooter..

    Since it became operational in 2001, there have been several instances of police misusing the system.

    In August 2009, figures showed 33 staff had been caught making unauthorised checks of the NIA since August 2007, The NZ Herald reported.

    Nine later resigned.

    Two years later, a police internal investigation found Senior Constable Terry Beatson leaked information from the system to win a custody battle with his wife’s ex-husband, opening the man’s file 17 times in four years.

    There have also been repeated instances of police improperly accessing a database in the South in recent years.

    Among the at least 82 allegations of general misconduct upheld against officers in Otago and Southland since 2015 was the case of an Otago officer who was investigated regarding the attempted suicide of a person in custody in 2015, before being subject to another probe in 2016 for “unauthorised use of a database”.“

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