Why Shane Jones must be destroyed


Shane Jones is being publicly flogged in the media in todays Political Roundup.

Shane Jones & NZ First must be destroyed by the establishment because what the Provincial Growth Fund represents terrifies the Public Sector and the neoliberal hawks.

It stops Matthew Hooton and Fran O’Sullivan from dreaming in colour.

The reason why the Left should care about Jones, NZ First and their Provincial Growth Fund is because this is the only obvious left wing economic policy this entire Government has. The idea of circumventing  the neoliberal public service and dropping large amounts of money directly into projects rather than being leeched into mediocrity by the bureaucratic Wellington Goon squad  is revolutionary in a free market dominated neoliberal economic landscape.

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Jones is not your usual MP or Cabinet Minister, he is jaded, cynical and charming en0ugh to have his own spine, he is a proactive Minister who is more determined to get things done than sat on his hands.

What is one persons corruption is another direct management.

Standing up for the provincial interests who suffer the most and benefit the least from policy is what NZ First represents, for Jones to capture the headlines necessary to make a run in Northland to inoculate the wider Party from elimination if they dip below 5% is not the shock or surprise it’s being represented as.

Every neoliberal hawk and Feudal Public Service Lord wants to trip Jones up and see the Provincial Growth Fund fail because NZ First’s desire to force actual change with public money threatens all their vested interests.

Of course there needs to be checks and balances to this fund and Jones can be as loose as goose at the best of times, but when you consider the economic self mutilation of National when needlessly selling state assets never attracted the vehement spite Jones has, you know far more primal urges are driving the punditry’s attack against him and the fund.

We want Government’s raising and spending funding directly until the Public Service can prove they are using the money for the welfare of the people.


  1. Exactly, Shane Jones my have his share of contradictions, but he does stick it to the corporate heads of both public and private sector, which not many if any of his Labour colleagues have either the understanding or guts to.

    How to wake up the Labour Party to the “enemy within”? neo liberals hiding in plain sight, drawing huge salaries from the taxpayer while often acting in the interests of capital by undermining any transfer of wealth back to the working class of this country.

    A hard task getting Labour to put WINZ/MSD and other departments to the sword as needs to be done. Partly because a good number of the Labour caucus, by default accept vestigial Rogernomics/Ruthanasia as how “things are”, as natural as the falling rain to some without the institutional memory of times before the Reserve Bank Act, SOEs and free in and outflow of capital.

    If the coalition in some form manages a second term then a main, if not the, political priority has to be finally rooting out neo liberalism structurally and organisationally.

  2. The Establishment and MSM want Shane Jones destroyed, he is a free thinker and does not toe the Neoliberal Group Think Corporate line of thinking.

    He is one of the few MP’s with intelligence and a brain which thinks logically, MSM and our uneducated bogan journalists can not cope with his wit, especially people like Fran O’Sullivan, Mike Hoskins, Duncan Garner, Sean Plunkett etc

  3. Also James Shaw on Q+A the other week signalled that the Greens would be guided by science on GMO. So if you go to the physics side of the infrastructure argument there’s still lots on the debating table and when you go to the policy side of the argument then it’s this narrative thing when science and perhaps public submissions informs the cabinet and it’s like what ever the minister in charge says at the time. And this is one or two examples of the 20 some odd things government has to fix to cure climate change.

    And another thing is we don’t know the full effects of the previous 3 industrial revolutions or even the fourth one that’s about to hit. While that maybe true we do have slight discolouring of the archeological soil records due mainly to westernisation which is a threat to all life on earth, and if we lose then it will destroy at least half of all life on this planet, low balled (high balled it’s half of all life in the galaxy?). So the New Zealand Government should be a rival to Anthropogenic Global Warming. Now we can use the same thing for Jacinda because obviously she tapped into something with her Nuclear Moment because if she wasn’t using this area of effect then she wouldn’t have just slapped Bill English, she slammed him informs of his mates which literally made him cry. So technically that’s more impressive. We’re not done by along way but Jacinda has put herself as a rival to Climate Change and all her little monsters just need to fall in line and we all need to just be bad ass about it.

    Y’know so fuck these little retards. I’v literally had hundreds and hundreds of debates on Climate Change here on The Daily Blog and I’d say there’s probably only about 20 ways of really arguing it but you’ll get these hundreds of other stupid shit posters coming in trying to deny climate and spread verbal faeces all over TDB and I’d say that I stomped in all those debates. So like you don’t really get people coming over to me in the comments section and grandstanding over me saying shit like oh, 97 percent of publishing climate scientists.” They say “97% of scientists.” And climate deniers literally don’t know the difference between me educating them and them debating me.

    Obviously no one has won anything. It will literally take humanity hundreds of years to repair the damage but that by no means is a reason to give up. For years now the woke radical left – all the way over there have been trying to kick out all the lefties from the left so that it’s only the authoritarian lefties in place to govern over there little fandom and well they’ve really failed to gain that magic 51% and just keep kicking people out and thinking that’s the magic goods to 51% which is just retarded. Y’know so I challenge any to come at me and argue that the left or liberals or what ever you want to call the slither of the left that I occupy, it could just be me in here but I challenge any one to debunk me and claim that Jacinda isn’t repairing the climate or repairing the budget or what ever.

    I also challenge anyone who wants to disprove me that it’s no difficulty farming enough calories for the whole NZ population sustainably and ethically while having consumer levels of access to beef and protein products and every other modern luxury.

  4. I fear you are overlooking that the Regional Growth Fund can potentially also be abused to provide funding for projects and businesses of political post holder’s mates.

    That is where Jones will have to maneuver carefully.

    That is what the opposition is keen to find stuff on, and ‘expose’.

    It is not at all ‘left wing policy’ that is behind the fund and its idea.

    The concept appears to mean that a fund is there to provide funds to where they are needed most and immediately, also for longer term, to develop and boost economic activity in the regions.

    That though can be as capitalist as any other state guided and encouraged investment policy.

    The funds do not go into building state housing, do they?

    • Shane jones is god for our East Coast HB regions as Labour has disappointed us all so Shane has been the saviour of our regions.

      National will be booted out of these regions next year as they robbed our provinces for nine years taking all the funds and spending the money on big city projects.

      Shane/Winston NZF is our friend.

  5. Marc don’t worry Paul Goldsmith from National is watching Shane Jones every move with an eagle eye ?

  6. The Natzis are desperate to take down NZ First, because that is the ONLY reason that Jacinda is PM. Personally, I look forward to the dissolution of NZ First and the rise of a true outsider populist for the No Zealand Brexit/Trump moment… it’s just a matter of time 😉

    Economic nationalism is left-wing… flogging the “country” to (not even) the highest bidder is outright treason.

  7. Shane is delivering what Labour and Greens(and Nats) can’t. Common sense support for our regions.

    Labour is ham-strung by Twyfords kiwibuild and costly, unpopular light rail nonsense. Greens, just fading away. Nats, dwindling in support everywhere.

    Jones wants to re-open the Gisborne to Wairau Railway but can’t because Labour demand more Wellington bureaucratic business cases to justify nothing really.

    Yes, NZ First is the most anti-neoliberal party in Govt. bloody good!

  8. Shane is a mixed bag.
    Formidably bright but need to make sure he walks in a straight line.
    He has the potential to really make a difference with economic development but if he is not careful could do serious damage to the cohesion of this coalition.
    He still approaches everything he does as one of the bro’s from the north which does not always inspire confidence.
    This policy will be crucial not just for the government but NZF as it transitions from it’s recent past to the party of the regions and directly compete with Nationals rural support base.

  9. I’m a fan of a regional development program but this is not the way to go about it. Reasons:

    1. It is open to corruption. Before the Christchurch thing, questions were already being asked about Jones giving money to relatives. Eventually media will come back to this.

    2. It is government ‘picking winners’ or propping up failures. Poor decisions are already evident in several awards from the fund, not least of which is Westland Milk. Bureaucrats have no skin in the game and no ability to judge the viability of a business case (or they’d be doing it with their own money)

    There’s a far better way!

  10. You know what? I’d love, and I mean truly love, to believe that shane jones and winston peters are shining stars replete with sacks full of Unicorns and Rainbows for everyone. Nothing politically would make me more happy.
    I’m fucking hopeless at denial. Can’t live in it. Narp. Nope siree.
    winston peters photographed with that arch fuck don ‘The Don’ brash? All coffee and fucking cake?
    AFTER the wine box debacle/cover up/Machiavellian Peters head fuck plus murder plus SIS intrusion into lives? Yep?Nope.
    Shane Jonesie? Mr Wank on the tax payer? Look? I’d not care if shane jones wrangled his diddle on a government credit card PROVIDED there were no homeless people or 250k kids going fucking hungry. Jones? Ever heard of class, you fuck! Sometimes, the littlest things are the biggest give aways.
    NZ first firing off sky rockets while associate crooks run for over in the shadows? You don’t fool me you bastards!
    While we’re going all “Oooh and Aaaah” over Nicky Hager ( and rightfully so. ) we must pause for a moment and think of Ian Wishart.
    We’re being head-fucked by psych-stealth. Call me paranoid if you must ; – )

  11. So who has the icky task of seeing the outcomes and consequences of Mr Jones’s largesse – over time longer than the current parliamentary term? (Five years+ would be truthful and realistic. It can take so long before a project or business starts to regularly be in the black.) Monitoring needs to be done over time – and come up with honest figures so some key questions can be answered.

    Did we, the people and nation, get value for OUR dollars?

    Did any of these expressions of ‘help the region’ get passed on to other regions so they could see the how to’s and the things to avoid on the way to success? Was vital learning and experience shared?

    How many chronically unemployed – injured/disabled, older citizena, women, kids under twenty – were hired, retained, developed valued skills that can travel?

    Did the enterprises that sought money actually come through their squeeze phase and begin to thrive?

    How many export businesses broke through overseas?

    How much of the bloom and benefit MEASURABLY trickled into the region – and how was this money used for the betterment of the region and people?

    Or are these questions somehow a nagging reminder that ‘it’s not YOUR money, Mr Jones, and the rest of us would like to enjoy gratuitous pleasure at the success of the Kiwi Heartland battlers we helped.’

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