Will NZ Also Initiate Legal Action Against Turkish Politicization Of Christchurch Footage?


Now here is a curious thing. According to yesterday’s Herald, Turkish President Erdogan, is using footage of Friday’s atrocity as part of his party’s ads for a currently occurring suite of elections being held in Turkey…

Turkish President President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has invoked the Anzacs’ Gallipoli campaign in World War I in responding to the mosque attacks in Christchurch, saying anyone who went to Turkey for anti-Muslim reasons would be returned “in coffins”, as their grandfathers were.

In some ways, it is not surprising that the attack would have such a resonance in Turkish politics – after all, the shooter, a self-declared ‘Turkophage’, was quite vocal about said country, and repeatedly singled out Erdogan himself for threat of death.

Yet the ads come at a time when New Zealand authorities have been rather busy seeking to clamp down upon the dissemination of the video as Objectionable Material; and we have already seen at least one New Zealander in court for it [although to be sure, it’s likely that some of his *other* postings at roughly the same time, may have ‘tipped the balance’ toward full-scale enforcement action], as well as, I am given to understand, an array of what are, effectively, ‘cease-and-desist’ notices sent out to foreign entities demanding that they halt any hosting or distribution of the materials in question immediately or face further legal consequence.

My question is a simple one: will we be *also* attempting the same thing in the direction of the AKP? [Erdogan’s party]

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  1. Firstly social media has no real impact on the propaganda model. That government institutions provide the fundamental information on which the general public relies on for its public broadcasts. And the news that appears on social media is drawn from commercial media. Social media doesn’t have there own bureau chiefs or investigative reporters looking into what’s happening in Syria or something. So the fact is the basic source for news and analysis is the major commercial media outlets and a propaganda model simply follows it structure and ask what is the nature of the institutions and what’s the audience to which they sell there products to viewers and readers and what relationships the audience has with different power systems like the government and what kinds of content and press releases and so on they’re producing.

    Then comes the investigations and analysis of institutions and what we may find in the media which is a case study of the centralisation and access of information through a few mega corporations which now monopolise the information transmission, those are Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram which is pretty dangerous. To think that any one has 500 friends on Facebook who’s relation to you is if they think that they brought a hot-wheels and every thinks that that is red. Well that’s kind of an interaction but it’s very different than having a real friend. It’s a mixed story, it’s nothing bad and it’s definitely nothing to orientate a nations foreign affairs around.

    A lot of what Erdogan the stronk says are just one word sentences implying well why did you say this or that and if he had of read the hard book or printed copy he would have seen what New Zealanders are saying about Muslims which as the prime minister has stated is that Muslims are one of us. Normal people who engage in this type of propaganda is one thing but when a head of state misconstrues New Zealand’s respond to the War on Terror as a propaganda film for reelection then they need a what’s up, please explain to the UN what’s going on here. And then you can mention to The Stronk some one who can read and that usually ends it right there.

    The idea that some one might want to read something is to much for the social media savvy. So ill routinely get questions about what to do next and I’ll give them like a book to read and they’ll say well how can I find it on the Internet and routinely these are like post grades or higher up academics, Y’know? People with access to good libraries and educators. It’s like no ones got time to walk to the library any more and look it up, they want instant access across the Internet. I’m not offering this as a firewall for Internet censorship but there’s a lot of factors involved that have a lot of possibilities and it can cheapen the effect and we could have said the same things about the printing press.

  2. Turkish President Erdogan is a dictator and harbour’s all Islamic extremists like the ones flown in with a free pass to kill a US based Islamic leader who was speaking out against his regime.

    We need to condemn this tyrant.

  3. Winston will sort the Turks out on our position.
    Nothing more than a public statement from Erdogan committing to kiwis safety at Gallipoli will do.

    • Strangely, Mosa, I have a feeling he might just succeed. I base that on nothing more than a ‘gut feeling’. Maybe because they’re both nationalists and speak from a similar outlook?

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