Mass Shooting in Christchurch – the white supremacist link


2 mosques have been attacked, 49 dead. 48 injured.

There were multiple bombs that have been disarmed. 3 have been arrested.


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How has this manifested in our community Brothers & Sisters?

A person has been named on social media as the gunman, I have no confirmation of this but I’m reading their manifesto that was loaded up 2 hours ago, it is white supremacist madness.

He’s arguing for the white race to attack Muslims.

Here were images from his Twitter account. It has been suggested names of other mass shooters were written on his weapons. If the NZ Intelligence Community are quite finished with spying on Māori, Environmentalists, Social Justice Activists and left wing political parties, it would be neat if you could move onto white supremacists.

Yesterday a man yelling about the UN punched Green Party co-leader James Shaw – there is an unchecked anger fraying NZ’s political debate  at the moment ‬and race baiting about Muslims and migrants must on some level help inflame this hatred.

We have lost our innocence this day.

For those saying we need to depoliticise things and not jump to conclusions about motives, the white supremacist who has committed this atrocity using far right rhetoric has already politicised this and inflammatory hatred towards Muslims has been boiling unfettered for too long in our nation.

Last week NZ fretted about the ‘Kiwi Jihadi’ & the supposed threat of violence radicalised Muslims posed us.

Today it was a white supremacist who attacked the very people we were told to be fearful of.

There is so much to learn & challenge us after we have mourned this terrorism.

Beloved Christchurch – do not allow a gun to take from you what an earthquake could not – your grace and courage – we must not, can not, allow the nature of our lesser angels to foul our spirit – not like this brothers and sisters.

Not like this.

Kia kaha Christchurch.

Today started with me taking my daughter to a 5000 strong climate change protest & I felt so proud & hopeful about us as a people.

And then a mass shooting by a white supremacist that rips that pride & optimism asunder.

It was the best of days & then the most horrifying of days.


  1. We’ve never had something like this happen in New Zealand before and by chance it occurs on the day of the climate strike – what am I supposed to think about that?

    Explanations will be thin on the ground but it’s really taken the wind out of the sales of the Climate Strike news

  2. Thoughts with Christchurch! Having read through the manifesto too – I concur that this is the work of white supremacist madness.

    The man is deranged. May there be no copy-cats

    • [Repeat comment declined for publication. As explained before. Iain, if you attempt to post this material again, your posting privileges will be withdrawn for a week. – Scarletmod]

    • Yes Sam, may the dead rest in peace, and may their bereft whanau achieve some sort of peace to carry them through the remainder of their lives.

      I will jump to conclusions though, and suggest that our own home grown anti-Muslim bloggers and commentators need to consider whether their own venom and bile may have contributed to this horrendous tragedy.

      I pray now that when the current catastrophe concludes, there are no copy cat occurrences, and that the good will of good people ensures that nothing like this ever happens to anyone in New Zealand again.

      • I mean I’m the wrong person you’d want regulating the blog sphere right now but yeah, regulating the blog sphere. Interesting concept…, Cameron Slater wanted to be a journalist and he got a court to admit that he was so, seems like the best place to start lobbying really.

        The cynic in me would just make em all (all the right wingers, slater, farrar and so on) clean the blood and make every Muslim the bitchingish cup of tea, one by one. But again I’m the wrong guy to be coming to for hints.

  3. Not only mad and bad but uneducated, very confused and thick as a brick by his own admission. A sad day for this country.

    • Well you’ve got to question any one who struggles to keep power and water on while recruiting newbs for the resurgent middle class. I’m kind of ambivalent about this guy coming out into the open. Every one now knows you are either one of us or a mass murdering racist.

  4. Security expert Paul Buchanan is calling this a Terrorist Attack. Claims Security and Intelligence services has taken there eyes off the ball. Muslim / Islamist is not the targets, they are the victims and we just have to get our collective shit together and play the game right.

    • Sam: “Security expert Paul Buchanan is calling this a Terrorist Attack”

      I’d really appreciate it if RNZ would stop using that fellow as a talking head. Expert schmexpert…..

    • Is Buchanan back to being a “Security Expert” ?
      Last I heard he was on the dole.
      “Sacked Auckland University lecturer Paul Buchanan says he has been forced to seek help from Winz after being unemployed for two months.”
      Forgive the snark but I think even Bomber realized Buchanan was a windbag.
      If you read his former bloviations on Islamic terrorism you would not believe that an incident such as today’s horror could possibly be authored by a Caucasian.
      I wonder how many will take away the salient lesson from this – that attributing such atrocities to a belief system is nonsense.
      Disclosure – I am an irreligious atheist.

      • Brewer: “…but I think even Bomber realized Buchanan was a windbag.
        If you read his former bloviations on Islamic terrorism you would not believe that an incident such as today’s horror could possibly be authored by a Caucasian.”

        My view exactly.

        “I wonder how many will take away the salient lesson from this – that attributing such atrocities to a belief system is nonsense.”

        Nailed it.

    • Well I claim he’s an expert because he has meticulously catalogued interested military equipment, tactics, threats and forcast in the New Zealand context on his website 39th parralell for years. I’m not so much claiming he is an expert so much as his body of work suggest he is expert on the subject.

      From his about page:

      “Dr Paul G. Buchanan is a former intelligence and defense policy analyst and consultant to US government security agencies who specializes in matters of comparative politics.”

      Oh, so Paul is a Doctor with a PH.D. in political science from the University of Chicago (thank god he didn’t do economics) so he literally is supposed to know more than you or I. (Oh and for any budding journo out there Linkinpedia is a good place to start deep diving into people). And Paul was a volunteer Surf Life Saver from January 2000 – March that’s over seven years service to the community so there isn’t a single bad thing to say about the bloke.

      Now I’d like to hear a decent rebuttal if you will, D’ESTERRE.

      • This Paul Buchanan?

        “…The sacking of a university lecturer who denied a student an essay extension saying her father’s death was a “lame excuse” has sparked a flood of emails to

        In his email, former Auckland University lecturer Paul Buchanan also attacked the “poor quality” of overseas students being accepted for post-graduate courses – and accused the student of preying on “some sort of Western liberal guilt”. ”

        Top bloke. Oh the irony he’s trotted out by the media today of all days.

        • All of which is unconnected to the topic at hand. You have failed to prove that Agencies like the GCSB, SIS and Police have performed there duties to date exemplary.

          Today the terror threat alert went from low, to high. That’s our lowest setting, to our highest settings while well housed and well fed officers of different agencies where doing who knows what’s. According to The Daily Blogs Keith Locke they just attack poor brown people who one day might commit a crime in the future for being poor.

          And now, you, Rosemary McDonald, would like to take the other side so please, I want to hear a good fucken excuse of yourself.

          [Please restrain intemperate language. I will soon be declining to publish comments that contain abuse. – Scarletmod]

          • Sam: “You have failed to prove that Agencies like the GCSB, SIS and Police have performed there duties to date exemplary.”

            In fact, winkling such people out of the woodwork is the job of the SIS. But it isn’t the job of commenters here to prove anything, a fortiori because these agencies are supposed to work in secrecy.

            “And now, you, Rosemary McDonald, would like to take the other side so please, I want to hear a good fucken excuse of yourself.”

            What on earth are you talking about? Rosemary is as entitled as the rest of us to voice scepticism about Paul Buchanan’s competence to pronounce on such matters.

            What: are you Buchanan’s PR spokesman?

        • Rosemary McDonald: “Top bloke. Oh the irony he’s trotted out by the media today of all days.’

          Indeed, Rosemary. My issue exactly.

      • The expertise of Paul G Buchanan (from a 7 August 2006 article:
        1. “Hezbollah has little natural origins in Lebanon”
        2. “What it (Israel) did and does not have ….is good strategic and tactical intelligence, the former to alert it to the extent of Hezbollah’s military build up over the last six years”
        3. “Hezbollah acted to divert attention away from Iran’s nuclear weapons program”
        4. “Hezbollah may or may not have acted of its own accord in precipitating the war with its raid into Israel”
        5. “Hezbollah has not seen the tide of Arab support it may have wished for (since much of the Sunni world are not keen on seeing a rise of Shiia influence in their patch)”
        6. Olmert’s troops will continue to move north in order to finish a job none of them wanted or foresaw just four weeks ago.”

        Consider what was known to many then and certainly known now.
        1. Hezbollah emerged in Southern Lebanon in response to Israel’s attack in 1982.
        2. Reporters such as Robert Fisk were wandering around Southern Lebanon freely between 1982 and 2006 – if Israel lacked intelligence I’ll bare my bum in Woolworths. Their analysis was way off, probably hubris.
        3.Iran’s non-existent nuclear program??? Can I sell you a laptop? Only used once by Mossad.
        4. Hezbollah precipitated a War…..five months after Israel called up its reserves and mobilized for attack???
        5. Hezbollah has many Sunnis and Christians in its ranks and has a major presence in the Lebanese parliament. It is hugely popular in the Arab World.
        6. Olmert’s troops were halted. It is impossible to ascertain how many tanks Israel lost (estimates range between 50 and 120) but the published cost of 5.3 billion to Israel indicates a heavy toll. As for “none of them wanted or foresaw”, does Buchanan really believe an army would or could be mobilized overnight due to the provocation of two “kidnapped” soldiers?

        Buchanan reminds me of the janitor at my old firm who could give you the winners at Ellerslie the day before a race. The day after he could fully explain why they didn’t win. Not that I think PGB is particularly bad, most of these pundits are of that stripe

        • What’s a copy and past meant to mean? If you go through any of Paul Buchanan’s essays they are among the highest quality reports on military topics than any other in New Zealand, from New Zealand because this type of thing has never happened in New Zealand. Now I’m supposed to believe that New Zealand has a list of morally superior mouth pieces just waiting for a terrorist incident. Are you or what, get over yourself.

      • Ah. The University of Chicago School of Political Science. Home of the loony Leo Strauss and Albert Wohlstetter – author of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) theory. I have heard PGB speak highly of those two loons, not to mention another couple of charming alumni – Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.

        • You even posted comments Paul Buchanan has made about “Robert Fisk” journo for the independent. The folly of the “Iran Nuclear Deal.” These are all criticisms of U.S forign policy since WW2. Paul Buchanan is well know for specifically stating how and why the US has no objective or motive for regime changes and your own statements back up my claims and now you’re coming at me like Pro US forign policy advocates should be associated with Dr Paul Buchanan. Bro, I could destroy you all day. It would be my pleasure.

          • Apologies. My mistake. I had assumed you were possessed of a modicum of reading comprehension.
            Try reading it again. Feel free to put your finger under the lines and mouth the words. Try to distinguish between the Buchanan quotes and my comments.

            • Brewer, buddy. Question: Why are you now claiming that Paul did not mention Robert Fisk, or The Iran Deal. If Paul did not mention it, why would you mention it. Do Paul, Robert Fisk or the Iran a Deal have any relation at all? tiny bit…

              • The references to those two entities were mentioned by me by way of rebuttal.
                Hint. These little fellas ” ” are called quotation marks. You will find quotes between them.
                Is that you Pablo?
                The spelling, grammar and syntax errors are remarkably similar.

              • Making the model fit the data is a classic mistake that most all academics make. You’ve constructed a descent representative model Paul Buchanan’s psychotechnological process as in the type of cognitive thought process and how it might change and you’ve done a B- for effort job of trying to make that fit an equally impressive set of data in response. So if I look at your model and only that then I would have missed what was really going on in the real world. From Pauls perspective he was right, Hezbollah was shepherding Iranian Nuclear ambitions and from your perspective there was no Iranian Nuclear Weapons program and you are right also. And if I just looked at your representation of the issues then I would have missed the fact that Israel has been lying about Iranian nuclear ambitions since at least 2002. Almost every year since 2003 Iran is hit with non compliance reports which is just code for you let us collect intelligence on every base and weapons system you have and well promise not to tell every one Irans got nukes. It was always a rouse to get good intel for a possible US invasion so y’know, from where I’m sitting your both right and you’re both wrong. People who play these little geopolitical games are always ask where’s the sunshine coming from.

                So I’d like to put an end to this putting of me into the naughty corner for promoting some one that I think is worth a listen. If we take a look at other people who live under a high terror threat like Fox News in the US and you can take your pick of presenters, Sean Hanity, Megan Kelly, Tucker, and so much of FOXNews commentary is shortsighted, and the way they interact with guests is disrespectful and there’s an agenda of closed minded dialogue which is a manuscript for The United States failed war on terror and I want to discourage that because that’s not what I’m looking for.

                What I’m looking for in commentary from pundits living under New Zealand’s first ever high terror alert is insightful and philosophically reflective, and the way people interact with the commentary should be respectful in the pursuit of a common culture of open mindedness, open discourse and respectful dialogue, and I want to encourage that. That’s exactly what I’m looking for and I’v been encouraged by the feed back Dr Paul Buchanan and other subject matter experts gave yesterday saying things like this is a turning point in NZ politics, that the Intelligence community are going to have to take a good hard look at themselves, that we shouldn’t watch or promote the terrorist propaganda material. Y’know, the opposite of what Fox News would produce and I hope you are okay with that.

                But of course these are rough divisions as we see police, medical personal and other approved responders going about there business under new stressess. They are constantly sending data back to their higher ups eluding back to stresses under combat conditions and that is we need these duel answers as I argued at the beginning of this comment to really try and address what it means for New Zealanders to live under the highest threat level we have lived under since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

                So we need the analysis to tell us what we’ve lost and you can start with 49 victims in the mosque terror attacks plus the war dead from Afghanistan, at least $200b-$500b on deployment costs, intelligence funding boosts and so on. On a basic opportunity cost is all this really worth hanging on so hard to America which is only worth a billion in trade to us. And we also need the analysis of the processes and functions that we need to address if we are to respond and potentially awaken from The War on Terror.

                • “Security expert Paul Buchanan is calling this a Terrorist Attack. Claims Security and Intelligence services has taken there (sic) eyes off the ball.”
                  There’s some “insightful and philosophically reflective” commentary.
                  Hope you didn’t pay much for it.
                  Next time you listen to that particular pundit, keep a pad and pen handy and jot down anything said that your grandma didn’t already know.
                  Second thoughts, don’t worry if you can’t find a pen and paper.

              • New Zealanders have a lot to be proud of. Since September 2017 the police and the Health System received immediate cash injections that I’m sure helped over the last few days. People from all over New Zealand on the streets and on media platforms are showing there support for the Muslim community and the Muslim community are adjusting very well.

                Whether you think that your city is disconnected from the world, the world will come looking for you and some troubles may find you. There is no absolute security that is possible in a human society of several million people unlike a village of 150 people where every one knows every face and straight away you know that some one is a threat and that has to be tracked.

                In an open and diverse city if a stranger shows up how would anyone know who he is? Or the person may not be a stranger and something has gone wrong with them and they wish harm on others. How should we go about finding out? Shall we go about strip searching one another, can we censor every blog and news paper in the country. If we did that then the areas outside of the strip search lines become targets.

                So we have to take precautions, some laws will have to be beefed up, security around certain areas will have to be hardened. Where brown Muslims have mass gatherings we will have to be vary carful and at the same time while we are being carful you have to know that some where or another some one can get you, and you have to steal yourself for the morning after because life goes on.

      • Sam: “Now I’d like to hear a decent rebuttal if you will, D’ESTERRE.”

        There is no need to shout. I can disagree with your assessment of Buchanan without the sky falling in. I’ve frequently – and with growing irritation – listened to him on RNZ pontificating about the issues of the day. Today I’d finally had enough. I texted the programme and asked them to find another commentator. God bless them, they did: an academic from Massey.

        “Dr Paul G. Buchanan is a former intelligence and defense policy analyst and consultant to US government security agencies…”

        And here we have it: the nub of the problem. His perspective appears to be irredeemably American. Just what we don’t need right now, in my view.

        “….so Paul is a Doctor with a PH.D. in political science from the University of Chicago…”

        So what? You think that someone with a PhD can do no wrong and ought not to be questioned? You haven’t been in a university lately, then. Of course he should be challenged.

        “And Paul was a volunteer Surf Life Saver…”

        Very good. But nothing really to do with the issue at hand, is it?

    • I was just thinking the same. Might be my lack of trust for media and government rising to the surface.
      Straight out of the five eyes book of dastardly deeds. He said he had been planning this for two years, but nobody had a clue. The “intelligence”, the next door neighbour or work colleagues. Anything else going on in NZ at the moment? Anything due to be debated or undisclosed at this time?

  5. This is absolutely terrible and so shocking to see it happen in NZ. Even worse to have family so close to the shootings

  6. This guy was cool calm and collected when he carried out this attack.
    No one had a chance.
    Obviously well planned and a determined mission to kill.
    This is a now changed country and a major crisis for Jacinda and the government in the coming weeks and months.

    • Well, some of the policy goals of these chapies are laughable, they’ve only gone and slapped a really stupid racist ideology on top of their thirst. They’d do better allying with people of whatever race, who have the decent middle-class values. In other words, they’re low IQ individuals with just enough brains to put a man trap together who don’t really know how to get what they really want.

  7. I have family in ChCh. All safe, fortunately. A nasty business altogether.

    Read the manifesto above; it has echoes of the Islamist extremist stuff that I’ve read in the past. Weird…. seems that all fanatics share a common thread.

  8. Heartfelt condolences to all affected. Can anybody say that they are truly surprised? After eighteen years of wall to wall repeating (as apposed to reporting) from msm. MUSLIM BAD!!!

  9. A terrible day for Christchurch NZ and the Muslim community. Unlike similar events overseas the police seem to have captured the perpetrators alive. Despite many perhaps wishing them dead, understandingly too, at least some investigative analysis of the motivations and linkages to other people may be possible. Here’s a couple of questions that already present themselves.
    How did an Australian visitor get a semi auto rifle?
    What were the GCSB doing?

    • Ike: “How did an Australian visitor get a semi auto rifle?”

      Fully automatic, I believe. On the black market: firearms are stolen all the time here. Now we know where at least some of them end up.

      “What were the GCSB doing?”

      Too busy chasing Huawei chimeras.

      • What were thee GCSB doing? Probably doing their best while fending off people like Golriz.

        Perhaps a good time to increase their capabilities, and arm front line Police

        • So Gary, how woukd arming the cops have stopped the shooter getting in his car, driving to two mosques, offloading his gear, walking in, and shooting dozens dead?? Unless you want to put an armed cop in front of every mosque, church, synagogue, shopping mall, school, etc, its not much help having guns if youre nowhere in tge vicinity when an attack is ABOUT to happen

          Real life doesnt work that way

        • “Probably doing their best while fending off people like Golriz.”

          You see Green party pacifist as a threat to you? Wow, you must jump at every shadow!! Unless i’m missing sarcasm, in which case, please disregard

      • None of the terrorist was on any terror watchlist and going by the Prime Ministers statement the terrorists had been planning and gathering prohibited weapons for two years and we need to know that that can not happen again with so much ease.

        • Barry Soper wrote that we need to have this question answered, “why weren’t they on the watchlist”, ” cabinet need to have the answers Monday”.

          Here I was thinking Soper was an intelligent man?

          It’s like saying on Sunday ” why didn’t you give me the winning lotto numbers yesterday”?

          Trying to make a political hit with this piece of terrorism is the most disgusting journalism I have witnessed.

          • Commercial media has been complicit in whipping hysteria for the war on terror. The Daily Blog is famous for pointing out that the first front page article of the herald was to whip up hysteria against Māori rebels. Fake news is nothing new to brown people.

  10. I don’t accept that this is any part of “inflammatory hatred towards Muslims has been boiling unfettered for too long in our nation.” This is an individual or a small group that does not represent any part of New Zealand society.
    It is a horrible way for the children’s climate protests to be pushed aside.
    D J S

  11. Does any one else find it a wee bit creepy that Wikipedia has a page up “NZ mosque shooting” and we are still only half way through this incident.

  12. Funny how these White Supremacists knew that Friday was a major day for Muslim prayers and the Bangladeshi team were in town and going to prayers.
    They are very well informed these Christchurch skinheads.

    [Ian, stop with the conspiracy BS. First & last warning -Scarletmod]

  13. We lost our innocence when lying john Key took over the country.

    This was just a symptom of the result of a badly fractured society left after National ‘slash and burn’ policies that left so many very worse off since 2008.

    • You would have to be a real hater to turn this tragedy into a hit on National and it’s past leader. This hate crime was aimed at migrants not a class as I am sure there where rich and poor in that Mosque .
      We need to fight against hatred where ever it shows itself

  14. A shocking testimony to something very wrong.

    Apart from off shore wars we have taken part in, nothing like this has happened since British indiscriminately murdered Maori here a longtime ago.

    Deep racism is still with us.

    Hatred of others is alive in US politics and we must publicly reject and condemn such filth.

    The US was founded on murdering the indigenous people and stealing their land and resources, Australia and NZ similarly.

    Britain roamed the world using weapon to suppress and steal, justifying the enslavement of others by by debasing their worth as humans.

    Them and us is a very dangerous sentiment.

    The grieving community is much wider than the victims families as we all become victims to this hate and disregards of human dignity.

  15. The Australian Prime Minister mentioned “Right Wing Extremists twice in his little news clip. How does he know the politics of these criminals? I am sure there are many right and left wing people who hate Muslims. Israelis seem to hate Muslims going by what is happening in Gaza. Maybe the Australian Prime Minister should pull his head in.

    • The accused’s manifesto and video with his right wing insanity are all over the internet plus Scomo is the Australian Prime Minister and has a security service.
      Are you mental?

  16. Numb and chilled to my core over this horrific event. Can’t believe this is what NZ has really come down to!

    RIP to those who have died. Heartfelt condolences to their families, friends and colleagues. Kia Kaha Christchurch.

    • +100 MARY…well said !

      …the Muslim community were/are fine citizens of Christchurch. They fitted in well and did not exploit natural resources.

      They were/ are a refined and spiritual peoples…our eyes were filled with tears and our hearts are heavy for them in their loss and tragedy

      ( which is also our tragedy)

  17. Interesting comments from someone who has — apparently — minimal education….

    ‘Balkanized’ is a rather big word for a supposed moron.

    • Reed: “Interesting comments from someone who has — apparently — minimal education….”

      Yup. Though minimal education isn’t always a marker of low intelligence. If he wrote that stuff (including Balkanisation), he’s certainly not stupid and is at least quite well-read, even if not well-educated.

      “kebab removalist.”

      This puzzles me: what is it? Am I just showing my age here….

  18. Aaron:
    > Explanations will be thin on the ground but it’s really taken the wind out of the sales of the Climate Strike news

    One can’t help but wonder if this was one of their goals. if it was, it’s incredibly important they don’t succeed. Tempting as it is, don’t spend the rest of the day and the week giving these violent cowards attention they don’t deserve. Focus on the kids, and the bravery in the face of a killer that makes a handful of armed white supremacists pale in comparison; climate change. Focus on the kids.

    For me, the most important quotes from the manifesto Bomber quotes are these goals:
    > To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result.

    > To incite violence, retaliation and further divide between the European people and the invaders currently occupying European soil.

    It’s very important that however we respond to today’s horrific events, we don’t help the perpetrators achieve these goals. Our responses must be an expression of our nonviolent soul force (“ahimsa”, as Ghandi called it). It must aim for restorative justice, not revenge. It must aim to restore in these lost souls their connection with our humanity, not demonize them, and drive them further into mutually-reinforcing madness.

    Our response must accept no less than radical change, to the soil of poverty, powerlessness, and despair, that these seeds of hatred and violence can’t germinate and grow without. Those people are responsible for their actions, and they must be held accountable. But we are collectively responsible, as a country, for letting things get so bad that what they did came to seem acceptable, even noble, and nobody around them disagreed enough to sound the alarm.

  19. Andrew Little opened WOMAD after Jacinda canceled and led a minutes silence and spoke well about the unfolding situation to the large audience. Certainly not the lamb duck politician that many folk thought before the last election..

  20. So very sad, for the families, for Christchurch and for NZ.
    We are not who we thought we were.
    Paul Buchanan spoke the wisest words I’ve heard him say, we own this cancer.

      • BTW. Have you (or PGB for that matter) ever been to Queensland where this maniac came from? Where they still reckon the “boongs” owe whites for the great benefits they “brung to this country” Where they say “That Bjelke-Peterson was a bit of a lad – but he wus good for Queensland”.
        Who do you think owns him?

  21. [Comment declined for publication. Ian, keep your wacko conspiracy theories to yourself. You do a dis-service to the dead and you are perilously close to being seen as an apologist for white supremacist terrorists. One more like that and I will ban you instantly. This is not a day for your BS. -Scarletmod]

  22. What were the SIS and GCSB doing?

    Asleep at the wheel or too busy harassing Maori and investigative journalists?

    I’d like to think they would be on the mat on Monday morning with a “please explain” from Jacinda, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • What makes you think The Prime Minister of New Zealand has the power to involve herself in operational maters?

      The Prime Minster doesn’t micromanage the Sercurity and Intelligence agencies unless your saying that Rebecca Kitteridge or one of the other Chiefs should lose there job and then what, pat yourself on the back?

      This is more complex and to date there hasn’t been any terror related charges so for now it’s going to be all played out in public.

      • My bad – they are accountable to their Minister, Andrew Little.
        In theory anyway – they don’t seem to be accountable to anyone and break the law whenever it suits them.

        Everyone knows about the right wing nutters in Christchurch but the security services and their (all white) five eyes mates are busy looking elsewhere. This guy claimed to know Anders Breivik and had a stash of firearms but the security services are more interested in banning Chinese cell phone companies, alleged breaches of American copyright and journalists trying to hold them to account.

        I expect than rather than accept this as the big FAILURE it is, they will use it as an excuse to ask for more surveillance powers.

        • They don’t need more powers or gear. More surveillance powers or digital storage facilities won’t help prevent a terror attack, it can help investigators after the fact.

          What prevents terror attacks is real time action report so having a team of maybe hundreds going through the data cataloging potential threats. AI would help in that regard with a human to just double check. I’m sure they could come up with a decent bot to do that. And remember this guy was a foreigner so a our spy’s should just double time it.

    • Maybe proves again that all this surveillance and spying they do does not seem to catch the real risk factors, but rather gathers lots of info on common people, e.g. bloggers and commenters here.

      Imo the GCSB and SIS run out of excuses for their existence and activities.

    • Don’t forget our security and police services wasting resources spying on Earthquake victims and animal activists.. in the meantime we have 5 million tourists and many others coming to NZ and living here and amongst them not everyone is here is visiting NZ do good in this country.

      While our security services and police are spying on domestic people who mostly seem to be harmless they seem to be blind to criminals and now terrorists coming here who seem to have caught them unawares, while amassing automatic weapons under their noses.

      The main terrorist is being reported a migrant from Australia and its being reported he came to NZ deliberately to train here, then decided (or was given instructions to) do the terrorism here.

      Maybe a clue, new to the country, buying automatic weapons within a short time of coming here, social media outcrying of hate, limited education???

      Sounds like the 9/11 in terms of method, aka integrating into a country and then carrying out a well planned attack when people were least expecting it.

      He also seems to have had many different beliefs before this, being reported When he was young, he was “a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist”.

      It was also initially reported he had been in trouble with Australian police but maybe that was incorrect as not seen that reported since the initial attacks.

      Whoever he is and his accomplices, it’s a despicable, unprovoked, cowardly attack on defenceless people in our country on people who did nothing to deserve it and should be safe here no matter what their religion.

      Hard to voice how much sympathy I have for the poor people whose lives have been lost or changed by that event. Very harrowing things coming out who these poor people managed to flee war torn countries only to lose their life to this and be involved in a terror attack in NZ.

      Killing children in cold blood is reprehensible.

  23. Innocent lives have been extinguished today who had no chance to escape their fate.
    It makes no difference that they were Muslims from different countries they were human beings and our fellow citizens who felt safe being here and had every right to worship with out losing their lives.
    That children have also been targeted today is just incomprehensible and the pain from that will leave a very deep scar to our collective consciousness.
    My country as i knew it has died today.

  24. Deeply saddened by this tragic event, as Martain said where were our vaunted Spy agency’s when this Fuktard was posting about his intentions, I have no doubt that theres more to this than meets the eye, False Flag? only time will tell, my condolences to the folks who lost there lives and family members, speaking for myself i dont think we hate Muslims in this country, mostly we all despise racism and hate speech and welcome refugees from overseas wars, now is the time we should come together and support the victims of this crime, lets put aside our political ideologies for the moment and seek the truth. My worry is this can only lead to more authoritarianism and restrictions on our freedom.

  25. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

    There are some real nutters out there, we are also fast becoming a Mini USA, with all its problems and nastiness within some.

    So instead jihadists committing an attack, we have a white racist murder close to fifty innocent people, simply for being Muslims.

    I hope there will be no revenge actions by some, as that would have been the goal of the assassin.

    Indeed, NZ Inc has lost its innocence, but sooner or later it was bound to happen, in one way or another.

    I dread the future.

    • Marc our news is full of US propaganda and hate of a balanced perspective.
      That propaganda becomes a belief to many simple souls and those with poorly resolved understanding of what humanity is.

      Division by religion is just another crazy mindset widespread in NZ community. It is sick and dangerous but used to manipulate power and wealth using division , faux patriotism and nonsensical loyalty to myths that capture people into subjugation.

      All dangerous stuff wars are launched on.

      Us and them, the them to be feared.

  26. Over 20 years ago, from 1997-1998, when I had studied the duty to prevent and punish acts of terrorism and militancy under the subject of Public International Law, various questions were raised by the international community as to the root causes of terrorism. The international community continuously neglects to tackle the root causes. Hence, terrorism fall under the studies under Public International Law and not under Comparative Religion.

    Over 4 years ago, a US-based team, the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) at the University of Maryland which compiles terrorism statistics came out with a conclusion that most terrorist attacks are rooted in geopolitics and religion is certainly a part of them, but it is not the only part according to Erin Miller. Take note that the victims of terrorism did not include Islamic State’s victims who were Yazidis & Christian minorities. The latest acts of terrorism in New Zealand prove that Erin Miller’s assertion was correct. One of the terrorist’s dossier regurgitated familiar objections to immigration and multiculturalism, and laments the “decaying” culture of the white, European West.

  27. A fucking national disgrace. Following this event—first catching wind of it in the afternoon from the hourly news bulletin on the radio and mistakenly thinking it was an event in the US—all the traditional hallmarks of such an event ensued: not until the evening when news of 49 dead was announced was it proclaimed a terrorist attack, even though some twisted arsehole/arseholes committed an attack at two locations and sporadically along the way, multiple rounds of ammunition and IEDs involved. What next? The traditional verdict this/these arseholes are deemed mentally disturbed? Forms of that traditional narrative appeared in all its hideous glory: if darkie attacked whitey—TERRORIST! Cue default full on berserk news cycle lavishly garnished with moniker TERRORIST! Cut-scene emotive music and eye witness testimonials. Whitey attacks darkie—is it a terrorist attack? Yes? No? A little itsy-teensy wee bit? Let’s tippy-toe around this for hours, have a lengthy debate of what the definition of terrorism is, call it a day and sum it up with hate crime or mentally disturbed.

    Then this country’s traditional hallowed psyche of denial and bullshit is on display; four arrested but let’s shirk it all off by just mentioning the creep born in Australia. Yeah! Fucking Australians! No mention of how long the creep lived here for though. And the others we could be on the verge of forgetting about?

    First hearing of this attack, some twisted racist freak came immediately to mind as the perpetrator. Oh! How could this be! Some may exclaim. It happened how many fucking times now? Too many to remember or is there some collective goldfish mentality conveniently present when this particular situation arises?

    With all the traditional hallmarks of some racist asshole committing this atrocity—another round of media tippy-toe starts like some sickening spectacle. Occasionally mentioned, but hush, let’s not tread on the hooves of sacred cows is the silent scream reverberating about. What is that? More of that good ol’ Kiwi psyche on display?

    Let’s not forget that supposed freedom of speech debate recently, often spearheaded by hate-filled arseholes acting all sanctimonious and enlightened by attempting to excrete as much hate-filled drivel into public discourse. Yeah, looks that’s really helpful.

    It’s time so many flagrantly up-themselves types go back to kindergarten to learn to call a duck, a duck. Cue card, what’s this children? That’s right: D-UUUUU-CK.

    It’s depressing how I’ve already listened to two approve of this heinous act, and expect to hear at any moment this weekend a foaming at the mouth xenophobic, anti-Islam lunatic pant and gush forth insane approval. That’s a sign of how seriously fucked-up this country is. People will always have differences with one another, but to approve of killing of one another is another level of absolute disgust. What I find most perplexing, is how these people can have such disdain for those they never or seldom encounter and even then with no hostility expressed by those they hate. It’s as if they are brainwashed.

    While we have heard much of some threat of bogey man Islamists in this country over the years. It is interesting to note all my life the only hostility I have ever observed and experienced in this country is that of White racists. Look at that wanker in camouflage uniform who committed the shooting. I was aware of wankers of that type of mentality at high school. Perhaps others had the displeasure of knowing the type; the angry hate filled racist drop-kick dick-head who would turn up at school time-to-time on a mufti day in such attire like a proper freak. Looks like in this case one of these wankers finally went berserk, how many more are out there? Will this sick twisted event embolden others in future as some inspiration?

    There’s a blatantly obvious ugly racist streak in this country, and by dodging it only demonstrates how precious and hallowed a quality it is to a significant disturbed segment of this country, this event demonstrates what a real threat it is. On television Buchanan and Campbell stressed its existence. Considering the ire towards Buchanan, touched a nerve did he?

    • There’s a blatantly obvious ugly racist streak in this country, and by dodging it only demonstrates how precious and hallowed a quality it is to a significant disturbed segment of this country, this event demonstrates what a real threat it is. On television Buchanan and Campbell stressed its existence. Considering the ire towards Buchanan, touched a nerve did he?
      100% ANDY K

    • It is not so much racism, as groups with an agenda using these people as ‘vessels’. Aka recruiting people (just like the drug lords using mules) and then brainwashing them and then having them as dispensable agents.

      Sounds like the guy had other beliefs before this, aka communism, which in the original form is against any type of racism…. then being an anarchist… libertarian. The guy is only 28, he was looking for something. Then someone looks like they recruited him to become a cold blooded killer.

      If you ask a lot of younger people these days what they want to do, they don’t say be a teacher, doctor or fire fighter, they say ‘I want to be famous’.

      Too early to speculate on how he came to become a terrorist, but in my view there are so many societal factors effecting people, and generations have been effected with Thatcherism type thinking, of ‘no such thing as society’ and everything is about commerce.

      In addition there is a growing sense of being ignored by governments with policy which used to be more democratic. It’s the setting for a storm.

      Terrorism is what you get when there is not such thing as society. People are social and will look for meaning and fulfilment. In a world of decreased opportunities for ordinary people, there seems plenty of recruiters out there looking for these empty vessels who may want to go down in history and can be recruited by terrorists and criminals.

      The question also is, how many other terrorist groups who might believe in the same or completely different things, are operating and recruiting in NZ?

      Our government, in particular for the last decade, seems keen on anyone making a profit here, drugs, guns, arms, special tax status, 0% tax havens, no questions asked for anyone in the world operating here and upskilling our local gangs into further criminal activity that could help terrorism?

      The guy had automatic weapons and IED’s. That is new for NZ, just like terrorism here. But it does not surprise me because NZ has said it is open for business, no questions asked, for years and our location is perfect to go under the radar if you are up to no good.

      • +100 SAVENZ….again very well said!

        …and the Christchurch people I know are in total shock and quite numb and depressed …when they are not totally outraged and very angry it was an Australian that perpetrated this atrocity in their city

        …so I am, certainly not buying into the self-flagellation some pious so-called ‘moralists’ are advocating for ‘racist’ New Zealanders…we are the victims here!…we were a soft target!

        ….this was NOT the act of your ordinary home- grown skin head or white supremacist variety !

        …for a start Tarrant was widely travelled and had visited Turkey and Pakistan and North Korea multiple times ( where did he get his money?)

        …one has to question what the results of Australian Tarrant’s terrorist murderous actions will be for New Zealand and New Zealanders

        …. eg. will there be a clamp down on democracy, freedom of expression and will there be increased surveillance of ordinary New Zealanders; will there be a stifling of freedom to dissent and blog sites like this one?

        ….while the New Zealand police did a terrific job after the event , questions need to be asked about the effectiveness of the Security Intelligence Service and why Tarrant’s intentions were NOT picked up BEFORE the event and Prevented

        …apparently according to one Muslim woman interviewed on television, Tarrant had made his intentions known on FaceBook BEFORE the event …if this is so, why were the mosques not warned and protected?!

        ….what also is the connection with the SriLankan cricketers?….apparently they would have been in the first mosque when it was attacked , if they had not been delayed by media interviews for 10 minutes…were they a target?

        This was not a random and unpredictable atrocity that came home grown out of a racist society.

        There are things here that don’t add up…and I am not the only one to think so.

  28. Well yesterday here in Chch was interesting now wasn’t it.

    I have made my feelings on the victims known on F/B.

    What i want to know is..??

    Where can I get a copy of his manifesto..??

    It’s all well and good to talk about how tragic these events are etc etc etc..

    No matter what this manifesto says (badly or not) it should be open to public viewing.
    If your going to be inspired by people such as Mr Breivik, who’s manifesto I have read, and can easily find on line.
    Then his should be there too.

    Although the piece Bomber put up makes me think it will be a waste of time, It’s my time I wasted no-one else’s.

    • [Comment declined for publication. Firstly Iain, we have expressed a clear policy *NOT* to publish anything to do with Alex Jones. Secondly, as explained to another commentator, we will *NOT* publish conspiracy theory rubbish relating to the Christchurch terror attack. Take it somewhere else. – Scarletmod]

      • The Moderator;

        In explanation; I replied to two readers that were looking for the Manifesto.

        Spoon, Farid and others obviously want to read the document in entirety for themselves,instead of relying on the MSM to cherrypick their excerpts, to get a fuller picture of what’s going on.

        No-one is suggesting a false flag per se’ – real people died from a real crazy man.

        The 1st article was a Zero Hedge ( that seems to be down) link that showed the Manifesto had been posted but since been deleted.
        Included Rush Limbaugh comments.

        The 2nd after full reading suggested;

        “In a manifesto being scrubbed from all corners of the web, Tarrant writes his political views most closely align with those of the People’s Republic
        of China, and that he does not support conservatism or US President Donald Trump.”

        Which is at odds with MSM and use of the term ‘White Supremacist’ that should clearly read ‘White Nationalist’. Entirely two different things.

        I bought Alex Jones into the mix (whom I have been avoiding) only because it was the only independent analysis of the full document available. He went through page by page.

        Your point is taken and noted but this example goes to the very crux of the matter doesn’t it?
        The exposure of the Official Narrative is why Infowars (and others) have been purged from all platforms.

        After Manifesto analysis, Tarrant could be classified as a ‘Freedom Fighter’ fighting for European lands and culture which he believes is being overun by his perceived ‘enemy.’.

        Hence the term ‘White Nationalist’ since a lot of time is spent on history and the creation of a civil war in America.

        This might explain it better:

        “At three points in his manifesto, the shooter also states his intention to spark a civil war in the United States by triggering crackdowns on the Second Amendment. In his laundry list of motivations, the shooter spends the most amount of time discussing this goal, which he believes will ultimately lead to a “fracturing” of the U.S. along “cultural and racial lines.”

        Looks like some of his goals are being met already as a lot of this is
        being discussed in the mainstream now overseas.

        A few more days it will become a lot clearer and the extent of censorship on the Internet is going to be dealt with in the coming months.
        Before the 2020 elections.


  29. The shooting thug was a devotee of Turning Point USA Youtube videos. Turning Point USA – while fronted by rich boy-capon Charlie Kirk – is almost wholly funded by the infamous energy billionaire Koch Brothers. The Koch Brother’s father was a founding member of the politically paranoid John Birch Society. Turning Point’s video-content features anti-immigration demonization, clmate change as a secret globalist plot, and other nationalist, identitarian, alt-right, hard-right, anti-globalist fever dreams. Turning Point USA’s videos were instrumental in radicalizing and indoctrinating the shooter. Everything the shooter did sit well with the Koch’s agenda. Yet more blood on their already gory hands.

  30. Convict quickly and sentence him to forever behind bars. Then get this scum out of my country. The pious Peter Dutton and his racist sidekicks Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning can pay for his deportation back to their precious country

  31. To incite violence, retaliation and further divide between the European people and the invaders currently occupying European soil.

    Well, judging by the way New Zealanders of all race, religion, ethnicity have come together in unity, I’d venture a guess that his plan to “further divide between the European people and the invaders” has been a spectacular failure.

    In fact, he’s probably done more to bring all New Zealander together than he ever thought possible.

  32. In case anyone is in doubt, we will not accept comments for publication that contains material suggesting that the Christchurch terror attack was a “conspiracy” of some kind.

    Portraying the atrocity as some sort of “Sandy Hook” conspiracy is an insult to the grieving families of their murdered loved ones. We will not be party to that kind of inappropriate behaviour.

    Anyone attempting to post such material will have their posting privileges rescinded for a week.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

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