Why Shane Jones & NZ First must be destroyed


Shane Jones is being publicly flogged in the media at the moment and howls for a lynching are circulating around the major establishment pundits so you know he’s really pissed someone off.

Shane Jones & NZ First must be destroyed by the establishment because what the Provincial Growth Fund represents terrifies the Public Sector and the neoliberal hawks.

It stops Matthew Hooton and Fran O’Sullivan from dreaming in colour.

The reason why the Left should care about Jones, NZ First and their Provincial Growth Fund is because this is the only obvious left wing economic policy this entire Government has. The idea of circumventing  the neoliberal public service and dropping large amounts of money directly into projects rather than being leeched into mediocrity by the bureaucratic Wellington Goon squad  is revolutionary in a free market dominated neoliberal economic landscape.

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Every neoliberal hawk and Feudal Public Service Lord want to trip Jones up and see the Provincial Growth Fund fail because NZ First’s desire to force actual change with public money threatens all their vested interests.

Of course there needs to be checks and balances to this fund and Jones can be as loose as goose at the best of times, but when you consider the economic self mutilation of National when needlessly selling state assets never attracted the vehement spite Jones has, you know far more primal urges are driving the punditry’s attack against him and the fund.

We want Government’s raising and spending funding directly until the Public Service can prove they are using the money for the welfare of the people.


  1. its all about double standards and our mainstream media are milking it for what it is worth national are calling them out the opposition but their own backyard its fill of rubbish

    • Totally agree. Labour and Greens follow tired and failed neo-liberal policies. NZ First is the only party with some very social policies to change the course of historu.

      • @ DB? They’re round, and they roll…
        Honestly boys, ( [AO] NZF ) you don’t need to go to this much trouble. We Kiwis are dumb as the brain-mush they spoon us via the MSM. Like little beak nosed jonky, jones and peters could eat a wriggling little kitten on day time television and you lot would blame the kitten for being too tasty. ( One of @ MB’s I think.)
        What the Hell is it with those of you who think the sun shines out winston peters’ withered yet wealthy and well sat on arsehole? I bet you’re shit at chess right? Jesus! I bet there are many real e-snake money cultists out there who’d kill for such powers of hypnotism.

        “NZ First is the only party with some very social policies to change the course of historu.”


        This is how it is.
        Neo Liberalism isn’t, in fact, the main issue here. It wasn’t NL of and by itself that created the sub class who were the working class that now smokes P and hides away in the poor health, poverty stricken rural communities which have become The Outlands.
        No. It was those few scum who ‘used’ neo liberalism ( Which is in itself certainly bad enough.)to get their hands on our all-bought – and-paid-for stuff and things to sell so as they could pocket the cash. And now? Now that all our stuff and things have been stolen right out from under our noses? Roll in The jonesie and winston peters to cover over their flat footed tracks. Think of while us towns people are out to watch the NZ First side show the crooks are burgling our homes.
        The provincial Growth Fund is a cynical way for allowing those crooks of yor to have another crack at the same game.
        Has peters instigated a royal commission of inquiry into Post 1984? No. Has peters lobbied the Gov’Gen’ on such matters? If he has, he’s a bit shit at it. For a lawyer with many years of experience as a minister of the CROWN? Has peters mentioned farmers and farming? Being as they’re our suppliers of foods etc and are our primary industry an’ all. Is it going to take our country being over run by foreign nationals who’ll turn our lands into feed lots to feed the millions for billions running hungry ahead of global warming to drive that into your dull minds via your thick skulls?
        roger douglas and those other scum are still on the loose and we’re still trying to decide which to do first? Eat? Or pay the power bill.
        We don’t need peters or his scam politics. We need a miracle.

  2. Well put Martyn–that is what Jones and the NZ First fund is doing alright–giving the Neo Liberal bludgers at the top of the Public Service the runaround, and they don’t like that “up ’em” one little bit

    Hundreds need to be axed from jobs they do not have a genuine commitment for, the bloated SSC recommended salaries slashed, and ordinary people put in charge to deliver to the people

    I met some HNZ staff (not based there) in Whangarei recently and they are invigorated–actually housing people! now that the requirement to pay a dividend to the Govt. has been removed, rather than “defund, run down, sell off” they are building, buying and housing

    The public sector should be to benefit the mass of the people, not provide a cosy spot for people that detest their “clients”

    • +100…well said….and I suspect many a good public servant left or was pushed out in the John Key era

    • Well said Tiger. I’ve been into several government departments and asked individuals what they do for the public. It usually elicits a blank stare, or a reply that expresses superiority over those public “clients”.

  3. The middle class isn’t supposed to mean some compromising middling solution it’s supposed to mean a radical reformation. The middle classes is supposed to transcend materialism by rejecting both self indulgence and self denial. Why would we try and optimise the economy and get the right connectedness.

    In our culture it is extremely demeaning for a man who was once a prince to be saved by WINZ. It goes to the radicalness of the change that has occurred in New Zealand. The Jacinda government is pursuing result that her critics said was not obtainable and they are pursuing them anyway. The budget must consolidate and build on those efforts and it should aim to do much, much more. The Regional Growth Fund is an opportunity for middle New Zealand to embark upon a new growth path of non-inflationary sustainable economic growth that will provide the lasting growth that is desperately needed by the unemployed and unhoused by growth that will provide real benefits.

    Again. In reality the bureaucracy has the problem not the public. If the bureaucracy wants to build a wall then we’ll see what type of reception they will get when they try.

  4. Hehehee… they don’t call it ‘ NZ First’ for nothing…

    They’ll be getting my vote next elections.

    Matter of fact historically , NZ First have been the only party outside of Jim Anderton’s Alliance that have ever challenged the neo liberal Roger Douglas treason in any serious sort of way. Consistently.

    And they are still standing and so is their leader.

    My vote goes their way.

    • how much did that vote cost. It seems Jones and Marks are on a spending spree to win more seats next time around

      • Governments are supposed to spend money. If they don’t the economy collapses.

        Strangely no one in mainstream NZ society seems to know this

      • “Spending spree” Trevor?

        Do you include the billions National wasted on highways (which are still clogged), Skytower’s convention centre, the Bluff aluminium smelter bribe, and the Saudi farm in the desert fiasco? Or do you call those “sound investments”??

      • NZ First is the new workingmans / middle class small businesspersons party. The party of the Kiwi battler, – while also with an eye to good management of high finance.

        They are the party that now best represents NZ pre 1984 in its social democratic economic philosophy before the madness and rort of Roger Douglas and his neo liberalism…

        They have taken that mantle from Labour years ago.

        They have taken the old conservative NZ values derived from the above demographics of the working and middle class and made it their own. That sense of a fair go for all. It was only neo liberal greed that released the darker side of the NZ temperament – and only because for many ordinary New Zealanders , – their hands were tied.

        Thanks Jenny Shipley and Ruth Richardson, but no thanks. It is time those infamous and now old anti social policy’s were erased from any influences on modern NZ.

        And the only party that can and will do that is NZ First.

    • NZ First have been the only party outside of Jim Anderton’s Alliance that have ever challenged the neo liberal Roger Douglas treason in any serious sort of way.

      Except for every time they’ve been part of the government.

  5. Government Departments in NZ are full of elitist professional bludgers who have never done a days work in their lives.

  6. NZF will probably destroy itself b4 the next Election with their anti Maori rantings and desire to abolish the Maori Seats, which is in their party policy.

    NZF Ministers are prone to opening their mouths with out the brain being engaged.

    • Comes to mind how many questions during question time by Deputy PM Winston Peters have been considered out of order by the Speaker.

      • Also comes to mind how many times the Deputy PM answered well , mocked the opposition , was OK with the speaker and put them (the opposition ) firmly in their place.

        Too many times to mention, tbh…

  7. So here some defend NZ First, in the polls it is rated around three percent at present, I wonder who is out of touch?

    • Hehehee… the far right wing neo liberals who consistently and wishfully hope that the ‘NZ First phenomena ‘ of polling below 5% before every election will somehow result in that party not being returned to parliament.

      But as we all know… they’re fresh outa’ luck.

      Every time.

  8. Jonesy got another telling off today for calling out the SFO, for wanting scrutiny on this crowd. Isn’t he supposed to be holding these people to account on our behalf? And with the previous history of government departments being a front for National party interests, I have to say I’m with Jonesy on this one.

    • The SFO in NZ do not have a very good reputation of looking under the bed covers The Winebox Enquiry would be a classic example ?

    • Having Jacinda in front of cameras giving Jones a telling off, well bless me I bet he’s just terrified! It’s probably all staged anyway, bad publicity is the best kind, he won’t lose any sleep over it. We need politicians like this.

    • I’ve agreed with all his outspoken comments which have apparently been out of order. I just hope he ignores the shit-storm coming his way and keeps on keeping on.

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