The Liberal Agenda – Bryan Bruce interviews Max Rashbrooke


My thanks to the many people who supported and commented on posts relating to government and how, for example, we expect better from people like Judith Collins and Simon Bridges.

The arrogant way some MPs are behaving towards citizens at select committee ( hearings for which the outcome is politically preordained) I’m sure will be remembered by many people come next year’s election.

In this connection you may like to get hold of Max Rashbrooke’s new book GOVERNMENT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD – it’s well written and thought provoking work about the purpose of government.

(You may recall Max edited the very important collection of essays Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis)

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I recently managed to grab a quick chat with Max about his well reswearched and timely work.

It’s up on NZPTV in the Recommended section

Max is currently touring his book .