Jamie Lee Ross Battleship: He’s hit National hard

By   /   March 12, 2019  /   24 Comments

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If the cloud of SFO investigation hangs over a leader who is tanking in the polls, it is only a matter of time before a nervous National Party turn to  the Winter Queen of Doom, Judith Collins.


Police elevate this to the Serious Fraud Office…

Jami-Lee Ross’ complaint about National donations referred to Serious Fraud Office
Police have referred Jami-Lee Ross’ complaint about National’s election donations to the Serious Fraud Office.

Ross, who was kicked out of the National Party last year, lodged a complaint with police in October.

A police statement today did not refer to Ross by name but said:

“Police have referred to the Serious Fraud Office a complaint received in October last year in relation to the disclosure of political donations under the Electoral Act.

…the damage here is perception. It looks like there is something more series than the Police expertise can prosecute.

It has the word ‘Serious’, ‘Fraud’ and ‘Office’ involved. To the average Kiwi, those words re-arranged any which way are enough to trigger nightmares.

Simon said there was no basis to JLRs allegations.

Those allegations are now in the lap of the Serious Fraud Office.

Either the information presented is fraudulent and JLR is going down or there is something else happening.

Ratcheting this up the chain of command for investigation suggests there is something that is at least worthy of investigation here.

That leaves voters with the clear impression that right now the National Party is being led by a leader who is under current investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

JLR just hit National’s Battleship.

If the cloud of SFO investigation hangs over a leader who is tanking in the polls, it is only a matter of time before a nervous National Party turn to  the Winter Queen of Doom, Judith Collins.

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  1. Michelle says:

    what is happening with dowie she needs to be charged we can’t have one law for national party members and another law for the rest of us it not fair. Its her parties law they made it.

  2. mosa says:

    I don’t have any confidence in the police or the SFO taking this matter seriously.
    The National party and it’s defense ” it’s pretty legal ” shows their contempt for the law and how it is applied.
    They have proved time and again to be above the law otherwise John Key should have faced prosecution for his misdemeanours with the Parnell waitress.
    They apply the law when it suits their interests to do so and manipulate it when it doesn’t.

  3. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Judith Collins is a joke candidate with a crazy platform and zero charisma that is as likely to be elected as Donald Trump would be in the US. Oh wait.

  4. Rodel says:

    Pleeeaase stop downgrading Simon. We need him.
    The nats just might possibly find someone else with a personality and an IQ. Long-shot though.

  5. Mjolnir says:

    Bridges’ strangest response was that this wasn’t about him, it was about the National Party. WTF?? So is he or isn’t he the leader of the National Party?

    If Bridges can avoid responsibility for leadership of HIS OWN PARTY, what signal does that send to voters about his willingness to take responsibility FOR ANYTHING??

    Once Guyon Espiner or Corin Dann notices that comment, Bridges will be hung, drawn, quartered, and roasted on a spit.

    • Snow White says:

      Well, bear in mind that Mrs Bridges says she’s seen hubby performing in court and that he’s “a dirty little street fighter.” That’s his good side…

    • stefan says:

      And they will sacrifice Bridges happily, knowing that it distracts from what is a true statement, albeit an inadvertent one.. Namely that it is ” about the National Party”… The whole organisation is rotten to the core, and that is what E(spinner)and that other toady will work strenuously to keep out of print, and broadcast news…

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Yes , in his ‘capacity of being the PM yet not the leader and at that particular time not the PM’…


      Who needs them.

      Especially when the Serious Fraud Office is now involved….

  6. Henry Bendix says:

    It’s Nikki Kaye ffs. I would take a bet on it.

  7. Oh no, this just cant be happening to that lovely National Party.

    The same one who is always above the law and knows best.

  8. JustMe says:

    If at the end of a SFO investigation we NZers get the usual “We(the SFO)could not find any evidence of fraud committed by the NZ National Party” then we can be well assured it, the investigation, was just a formality.

    It usually ends that way i.e no evidence; when it comes to mostly politicians. The ordinary person in the streets of NZ who may have done the same thing would be dragged over the coals and perhaps into prison. The politician(and former politicians)keep their knighthoods and positions(if still an MP). It shows the injustice of the justice system that favours the wealthy more so than the poor.

    And at the end of the day, as one would say, it will be naturally the NZ taxpayers who will be left the bill(s) of the SFO investigation(s).

    Still I guess in an attempt to divert attention away from the fact National have partaken of some rather devious tactics over a long period of time we will be assailed instead with how bad for NZers the CGT. And before we know it $100,000 in misleading advertising by National will have been spent and Bridges will say to the SFO “What $100,000???!!! I never saw $100,000. JLR is just imagining things yet again!!!!!”

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Just me

      Why don’t you ‘slither’ back to the national Party rathole.

      We know how National can never win without playing dirty politics as they have made an art of it so you can now see their reputation now is catching up with them and no gleaning of that turd can ever camouflage your attempt to pater that filthy National Party wall of jericho.

  9. Rodel says:

    Must say though., Jamie Lee has heaps more charisma, political persona and political nous and apparently intellect than Simon. Ethics seem to be on a par though with the Nats and ACT . Given those attributes he should be the leader. of the National party.. He’d be more acceptable than Judith…..seriously

  10. Mark says:

    I hope the Serious Fraud Office looks beyond just this one case, it could be a systematic thing inside National, in fact all political parties to allow its donors anonymity. The Don Brash saga was just the first crack, this is the second, kind of indicates its common practice.

  11. BrucetheMoose says:

    Paula claims the allegations are not all that serious. But the SFO only undertakes an investigation if there is strong evidence of a serious level of misconduct.
    Maybe there is a sub-branch dealing with it – NSSFO Not So Serious Fraud Office

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