GUEST BLOG: Hone Harawira – Don’t let NZRU get away with killing Pacific Rugby


NZRU sneaks off to do a deal that will kill Pacific Rugby and they expect to get away with it. Don’t let it happen.

Sign the petition.

Write to the paper.

Get on talkback.

Ask your MP to block money to NZRU if they don’t back the Pacific nations.

Hold your sign up at Super Rugby matches.

Do whatever it takes to force NZRU to do the right thing.

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Hone Harawira is the leader of the MANA Movement. 


  1. What the hell? Was under the impression that every from Grahen Henry and Kieren Read and down was against the proposed world rugby format. League already tried modifying the round robin system with the Super league experiment back in the 90’s and it was a complete failure because it depends on pouching players from other club systems and cut them out of all funding agreements. It failed then for that reason and will fail again. It’s just a no starter.

    • Ummm… I don’t think you understoof what Super League was about if you thought it was about “…pouching players from other club systems and cut them out of all funding agreements.”. Super League worked with clubs as well as players hence why the Warriors were part of Super League.

      It was also not a complete failure as the NRL emerged out of a merger of Super League with the ARL aligned competition. There is also still elements of Super League going in the Northern hemisphere.

  2. Any further commercialisation of Rugby Union will impact the Pacific Island nations as they do not bring enough to the table from a commercial footing point of view. The most they bring is players (many of who live in other countries) and fanatical supporters (who are numerous enough nor rich enough to entice support).

        • I’m sick of your red hearings, so thanks for conceding once again that Super Leauge had no age grade competition or even a schools system to maintain the pool of top players.

  3. I did submit a post commenting on the new proposal as Eurocentric with Japan thrown in. As Fiji and Samoa have played well at the World Cup the plans cannot be based on ability. Thank goodness for the Sevens, which is an international competition where Pacific and African players shine. Are they showing up the elites?

  4. My third attempt to support Hone who writes about rugby union, not League. The move to exclude Fiji and Samoa is largely Eurocentric and doesn’t make sense given their success over other teams in previous World Cups.

    Their success in the Sevens games plus the emergence of new African teams is exciting. They are dynamic, skilled and a potential challenge to the dominance of Europeans in world rugby.

    • Heard a rumour that MBIE estimated the cost of a Pacific Super Rugby team at $2 billion dollars. Even if it’s half that it’s still a lot of mullah.

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