Bernie Sanders can beat Trump – the question is will the Democrats let him?


The naked truth is that Bernie Sanders could have beaten Trump last time and can beat him in 2020 but instead of acknowledging they ran a terrible candidate and fielded neoliberal policies that hurt the very workers they had simply assumed would vote for them, the Democrats have avoided scrutiny of their own rigged primary process and the manner in which Bernie Sanders was unfairly treated by blaming it all on Russia.

Newsflash to the Democrats – Trump didn’t win because of Russia, he won because you failed to appreciate how your embrace of neoliberal globalisation hurt the very voters you needed the most.

One estimate puts the budget of Russian interference in the election via social media advertising at $250 000. With all due respect for American Democracy, if you can influence an election with a mere $250 000, you have way bigger problems than Putin.

We can scream racist and sexist as much as we like at Trump voters, but when Trump wooed Union families, women and the working poor in such huge numbers, something else needs to be examined as the reason this malignant tumour of a human being has been forced upon us all.

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The free market globalisation that the Democrats embraced has robbed the domestic working classes of their dignity and economic ability to survive. Bernie Sanders understood this which is why he would have been able to woo those voters Trump needed back to the Democrats and beat Trump, but the vile corruption within the Democrats (who played to the elites within the Party) robbed Sanders of his nomination in a rigged system.

You beat the negative populism that Trump creates with positive populism. Trump plays to the economic and identity insecurities of the working classes using hatred of the other and divisiveness, Bernie offers those very same voters the hope of universal health care and education, Bernie re-pledges the solemn promise of democracy that you can look into the face of your child and know they will get a better deal than you have.

Trump channels hatred and frustration, Bernie offers them hope. The question is not if Bernie can beat Trump, it’s whether the corrupt Democratic Party who are bought and sold by the same corporations that own the Republicans will allow him to win. The ‘Super Delegate’ votes were created within the Democratic Party to stop a populist from ever winning the nomination. Bernie’s worst battles won’t be in facing off against Trump, it will be beating the perverse elitism of his own Party first.

This is how you win America’s heart…


  1. The establishment in the US, Democrat just as much as Republican, will be no less opposed to Bearnie than they are to Trump. Less so because he cannot be ridiculed like Trump can, every dirty trick against him will enhance his support. He is a no-no for the establishment. I hope he survives.
    D J S

  2. Sanders – the US politician that cheered the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela.

    This is the sort of economic reform he represents.

  3. Bernie is not Pro War. Hillary was PRO WAR and had a track record to boast about.
    Those who control US politics will not countenance a candidate who is not Pro War.
    The honied word matter little. Track records speak many times louder.

    Bernie stands for hope but is still loaded with American perspective.

    The US is the largest terrorist organisation the world has known.

  4. you have cut through to the essence again Martyn

    countless NZ critics online missed the point with Bernie–it was the Democratic elite and Super Delegate rigged structure that denied him the nomination

    He is one of the few main stream US politicians to tackle Trump head on–“pathological liar” etc.

    the good thing this time is no Hilary distraction, and his platform has become the default platform for other challengers to the left of Joe Biden, the orange guys ugly, violent, populism is poised to head down the fascist road, while Bernie’s is the “hearts and minds” kind

    and what a guy–arrested in August 1963, in Chicago fighting for Civil Rights just a couple of months before JFK bought it Dallas–age matters little if you have most of your marbles–hey Californians say 70 is the new 50! and his age is a positive in the sense that he carries the collective memory of times before dog eat dog neo liberalism took over–“Feel the Bern!”

  5. Bernie isn’t a Democrat (indeed, he’s the longest serving Independent in congressional history), which is most likely why they don’t like him and won’t support him (then or now). I think Joe Biden is the most likely nominee, simply due his long standing history in the Democratic Party, his experience as VP (under Obama), and that he is a centrist that can woe voters from both parties.

  6. Do you honestly believe a white male will be the DNC pick to go up against Trump? The party have been virtue signalling heavily for at least the last 4 years, and for them not to pick a woman… A black woman… …a black man, Would enrage the young base, Bernie or Biden will not get the young perpetually outraged base supporters to back 2 ‘old, pale, stale, male’. I hope they do… 🙂

  7. The diffusion in the comments — good for discussion, but not anything better than Bernie. Thanks Martyn for being right.

  8. Bomber very succinct as usual.

    I wonder what Bernies plan is to overcome this blockade.

    Everything rests on the nomination.

  9. Why is Bernie Sanders saying it is up to the US and ‘ the international community’ to facilitate new elections in Venezuela? Venezuela had an election; they have a president.

    A coup is once again being orchestrated for Venezuela. Bernie is once again sheep-dogging for the Democratic Party’s elites. It didn’t work last time; it won’t work this time.

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