Is the National Party’s anger over China self interested?


Big Chris Bishop isn’t happy…

…Ummm, two things here.

  1. Didn’t Key’s Office & the SIS collude to falsely smear Goff months before the 2011 election?
  2. and don’t you have a Chinese spy in your Caucus so can’t you ask him?

It’s funny hearing National trying to make the geopolitical tensions with China into an issue, because are they doing it for NZs interests or their own?

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Ex National MPs Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain are Director’s of the China Construction Bank, current Leadership challenger, Judith Collins had interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida,  gain more Chinese money  and former MP Maurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu saw him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and pressing the Police to drop domestic violence charges. 

Let’s not forget the allegations of a Chinese spy inside the National Party caucus, or that a Chinese Businessman recently inquired about getting two Chinese candidates onto the National Party list after making a $100 000 donation.

Many National Party identities have private business relationships with China so watching National scream about the relationship with China starts sounding very self interested doesn’t it?

Key’s pump and dump economic policy that put all our cows in one Beijing paddock was always going to end up being a threat to our economic sovereignty.

Who does the National Party serve? The people of NZ or the People’s Republic of China and can they tell anymore which one is which?


  1. “Is the National Party’s anger over China self interested?

    Yes of course it is Martyn.

    Isn’t it funny how the ‘anti communism’ party of the right so keen ton deal and side with a communist government now?

  2. Socialism only works as far as the National party are concerned when said Socialists donate money and influence to them and their members.

    The rest of the time it is an easy target to malign and destroy.

    Hypocrisy at its worst.

  3. Hmm!
    Why does the MSM get all upset when unions donate a few hundred thousand dollars to Labour but doesn’t turn a hair when Chinese business interests donate millions to National?
    I wonder!

  4. The Nats are bad but the United Front is ensconced in Labour and the Union Movement and their agents are very influential on a certain Greens leader and making their way onto the Green party list quite aggressively.

  5. Who does the National Party serve? The people of NZ or the People’s Republic of China?

    Probably National serves anyone who can give them the most money and power which is generally the Republic of China or dual Nationals because ‘donations’ to pave the way is how business is done there!

    However think Phil Goff can’t cast too many stones in that direction or NZ First and the Labour Party as they have been caught up in unusual dealings with the Chinese or Chinese Nationals themselves. Obviously not in bed with them (apart from Auckland Mayors sometimes literally Len Brown, or figuratively through trips and sales). Luckily the current government are not completely beholden and reliant on them like the National party.

    The Greens are happy to give away NZ resources like water to foreign nationals against their own policy who knows what, maybe so they don’t look racist as woke politics to the current Greens is more important than practical or fair or sensible considerations to protect local people and resources in this country and stop many more local people falling into poverty or dire circumstances and our social services eroding as more resources are plundered here while our politicians have a great time at local and international festivals and conferences and talkfests.

  6. Absolutely bang on.
    This is an Achilles heel for National, many National voting kiwis are uncomfortable especially about the spy and the Chinese money for MP saga.
    Uncovering the depths of Chinese money and links in the Nats will see poll numbers continue to fall- especially if Collins ascends the iron throne if people are reminded of her Oravida conflict of interest.

    There is real political capital for Nz first and labour to make here, aside from the fact they should be changing laws to stop foreign influence anyway. (The greens are open border crazies who won’t help.)

    This needs to be shoved in Nationals face at every opportunity.
    The MSM won’t do it for them, as we know there is a Chinese push to distort the media and the Herald sanitizes itself to be pro China.

    • re…”Uncovering the depths of Chinese money and links in the Nats “….would be interesting

      eg do any of them have their fingers in bottled water?…What are John Key’s business links with the Chinese?…does he have any?

      …in fact what are any past and present politicians links with the Chinese?….this includes Christchurch City Council politicians and their spouses

      ….this also includes Greens and NZF and Labour

      ….we need a lot more transparency

    • So the Greens are “open border crazies” you say? They had to retract their policy of restricting migration to 1% of population growth last election, because it was vilified as too harsh and pandering to anti-immigrant sentiment. No need to ape Trumptards here

      • They want NZ to take the worlds needy climate refugees.
        Typical ideological craziness. We will need a bigger country.

  7. What is interesting is seeing how the party that used to cuddle up to the US has moved in such a wholesale manner to cuddling up to China.

    Whatever you might say about National Party MPs there is no doubt they’re talented at acquiring personal power and this shift in focus is as good an indicator as any about where the world is going.

  8. Kiwirail were advised NOT to invest in rolling stock or locomotives from china. (BERL report, ref #4884, April 2010).

    The man who knows best even tried to advise them not to but they wouldn’t listen: []

    What do we have on the lines now? Rolling stock from china:

    Look who attended the 1000-wagon ceremony at Auckland Railway Station: Simon Bridges.
    I’m surprised that Sammy Wong wasn’t there as well!

    Look at the fallout (just one example) as a result of the government buying this junk:

    Transport Minister Steven Joyce was seeking to brush the looming prospect of job losses at Hillside aside with this assurance on TVNZ’s Close-Up programme, May 2, 2010 :

    “There will be lots of work for these guys, there’s no doubt about that, because they do a lot of things well and there’s a big rolling stock replenishment and replacement exercise that’s coming down the pipeline.”

    Unfortunately… six months later this job too went overseas. In December 2010, Kiwirail awarded Joyce’s “big rolling stock replenish and replacement exercise” ( ie, the 3,000 wagon contract) to the Chinese company, CNR.

    I smell a rat. A dirty big FAT rat, and it seems to be lurking in the vicinity of the National Party.

      • That’s just the tip of the iceberg with the DL locos – they are plagued with problems.
        Inability to operate at rated speed on main lines due to stability problems caused by poor suspension (they were likely to bounce off the track), defective alternator cooling fans (which required complete removal of the engine to facilitate repair), wheel bearings which were supposed to be quality SKF brand were collapsing after just a few kilometres (they were found to be inferior copies – hundreds of tonnes of them were seized in Australia and destroyed), general unreliability – many failing between 20,000 – 30,000 km when they should be doing at least 80,000 km before needing a service and more asbestos has been found in them despite all of them having been laid up while the original asbestos problems were dealt with.
        Then there are the issues with Chinese-made rail wagons, including the brakes on all 500 needing to be replaced before entering service.
        Repairs carried out recently on two wagons supplied by CNR (chinese locomotive and rolling stock manufacturer) during the Toll era indicated a need for remedial action that went beyond the damage they had sustained during a derailment.
        Every weld on those wagons had to be ground out and re-welded. Crack testing showed the welds to be crap.

  9. It all pongs! Anybody who has been in farming for a lifetime in NZ knows the value of diversification. Key and Co ensnared and trapped a lot of NZ farmers into dairying …. for China, to the detriment of land use in NZ , to the detriment of waterways, and left us vulnerable, with all our eggs in one basket. Lets hope with Brexit looming we will re-diversify our markets again.

  10. I’m thinking if China is “cross” with our government at present, then perhaps the People’s Republic of China corrupt dictatorship could well instruct their resident wealthy “agents” in NZ, to stop funding Natz!

    Natz could lose some valuable donors if that was the case. So yes, that is a scary scenario for them, very scary. But then everything is all about what they get out of it, isn’t it?

    • Yep, China operates here for 20 years as discrete soft power, then suddenly bam! the truth comes out how easy it is to buy and influence your way onto a National MP party list for a mere $100k donation. What a bargain!

    • Yep, China operates here for 20 years as discrete soft power, then suddenly bam! the truth comes out how easy it is to buy and influence your way onto a National MP party list for a mere $100k donation. What a bargain!

      Love how the spin is now how Labour is the one that has destroyed the relationship with China, ahh, nope, it’s the National tapes that start it.

      If the Chinese start playing hard ball, the country should be thinking what a lucky escape because as China takes more and more control over NZ assets and economy, it puts NZ under their thumbs and when they squeeze, it would be even worse as time goes by and their economic power here strengthens so we become under their control and also losing other allies.

      It should be illegal to accept foreign donations for a start.

      NZ should have stuck with the gentle cordial relationship we used to have with China before our governments got into bed with each other. First with the trade deal under Helen Clark that did not result on Chinese buying butter and milk but the land and the farms themselves and cutting out NZ in the supply chain, and then the massive immigration and assets sales under the Natz, and now the bitter divorce starts.

      Better to have stayed BFF and not gone too far into that intimate relationship that seems to have crossed the line if NZ is going to be that effected.

      Not looking good for Brexit either! Divorces are not cheap and as least the EU don’t seem to be as punitive as the Chinese and rally up 1.5 billion people if you don’t tow the line.

      Totalitarianism is not exactly a nice regime for the public to live under so I for one are pleased the relationship is waning and hopefully the NZ government can actually get some of the Chinese dual nationals on benefits and welfare supplements paying some taxes in NZ sometime soon when they ask how you can afford to live in a 5 bedroom million dollar new house. While they are abut it, review the scammers in prison to take their assets under the proceeds of crimes acts. (Clearly these are not just Chinese nationals taking the piss, so instead of targeting Kiwi born benefit fraud, share the love.

      At least there might be some money at the end of the tunnel with the foreign nationals fraudsters, who tend to just write out a cheque to the courts when they are caught, unlike hundreds of thousands spent prosecuting NZ born who actually are poor and can’t pay the money back and go to jail instead.

    • hey Mary do you think pays for their tacky ads with the latest one showing money is a plenty when it comes to the national party cause it ain’t election year.

  11. Funny how the National MPs just seem to have short memories when it came to their actions from 2008 through to 2017.

    I could say they suffer from selective amnesia and memory lapses eg Bridges cannot remember if something was discussed during the previous National government when in fact it was and made the media at the time.

    Whilst we unfortunately had a National government I seriously get the impression National were only too eager to court China and especially the multitude of multi-millionaire Chinese.

    National would give these multi-millionaires Instant Kiwi citizenship in return for donations galore into the various NZ National Party bank accounts and most likely ‘Trusts’.

    National give me the impression they are only too eager to bend over and spread their buttocks for easy access(shall we say) just to keep the Chinese millionaires and billionaires happy.

    And so whilst I may sound racist it isn’t my intention to come across as being so. Just whomever the National Party has slept with in order to gain money for themselves personally is up for question. And if so it is all too apparent that National approve of corruption especially as money means so much for them and their egos.

    • “Whilst we unfortunately had a National government I seriously get the impression National were only too eager to court China and especially the multitude of multi-millionaire Chinese.”

      Nailed it!

      How much to buy an M.P., how much to buy residency and how much to buy influence from multi-millionaire Chinese. We know Key was all about the money.

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