Labour Party of NZ shocked and surprised that National are mean



The Labour Party are shocked that the Party of Pricks – The National Party – acted like pricks at the Finance and Expenditure select committee – how unforeseeable and totally out of character of National!

Parliament meeting collapses as National MPs walk out
A parliamentary select committee meeting collapsed this morning with Labour and National MPs blaming each other for the mess and wasting submitters’ time.

National MPs walked out of the meeting in protest, accusing Labour of failing to get out of bed on time, while Labour says National MPs were being childish by standing outside the door and refusing to take part.

During the standoff about 15 submitters, some of whom had travelled to Wellington to have their say on the Government’s Budget Policy Statement and the Pike River Recovery Agency, waited outside the meeting room – and were eventually told the meeting had been cancelled.

Under Standing Orders, the meeting cannot take place unless a quorum of at least half the members are present within 10 minutes of the starting time.


The National Party acted like arseholes and played the rules of the game rather than  the spirit?

What a shocking revelation?

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How on earth could the Government have ever imagined National behaving that way?




Oh, wait…

…oh yeah, the very first day of Parliament when National pretended to have  majority in Parliament and Labour needlessly handed over huge amounts of power in the select committees.

It’s like the National Party is a snake and Labour keep complaining about getting bitten. At some point they just have to wake up eh, and perhaps make sure everyone turns up to the meetings on time, no more bullshit excuses.


  1. yes, give no quarter to the filthy Nats, or leave unnecessary room for misunderstanding, or for technicalities to be used like today

    and while Labour is growing up–could they please, please, come to realise that the State Sector, the top echelon of senior Public Servants, and many other public servants in fact, are in thrall to neo liberalism–the State Sector Act and SOEs were bought in under Rogernomics and enhanced during Ruthanasia, so the old “Gliding On” public service is a long gone memory, almost 30 years in fact

  2. Turning up late to meetings is a disgrace. It is an insult to others participating.

    Labour – shown up for being lightweight and lazy

    • National- wasting submitters -actual peoples- time to attempt political point scoring.
      I believe Marama Davidson eclaimed a word for you lot.

  3. One party understands that it is ALL about POWER.
    If being nice renders power, then use it.
    If not being nice renders power, then use it.

    To quote George Carlin, “They don’t give a fuck about you” (unless you help them gain or retain power). We forget that at our peril.

    Bridges, Key, English, Shipley, Richardson, Bolger, Muldoon…

  4. yep, lesson is turn up on time, don’t think that the Natz will do them any favours. Look at the US, right-wingers will happily bring down an entire society and close down the country if it means they can spend more time in power or gain political points.

    • You may have a point, Zack.

      At the same time, for the Nats to be wasting taxpayers money on this kind of pathetic game -playing shows the public why politicians have a level of respect akin to prostitutes. At least with prostitutes, you make a conscious transaction to be fucked over. Which makes prostitutes more honourable and trustworthy than politicians.

  5. We have a coalition government however labour are expected to deliver what they promised asap when we never received our brighter future despite waiting for nine long painful years. On the national party being nasty and spiteful they are desperate so they have to do something expect more of the same but ramped up. But I do agree labour need to wise up, there are no friends in the opposition and they should know by now there a no friends in the NZ media.

  6. The most transparent government ever.
    This from No right turn.

    “The most transparent government ever” – again
    Remember when Labour promised to be “the most open, most transparent Government that New Zealand has ever had”? How’s that working out?

    Like this:
    at present, there are 172 written questions that have not received a final reply. Many of the replies were due in December, but one was due in May last year. It appears that written questions are not working as they were supposed to as an accountability mechanism, so I intend to award the Opposition 10 additional supplementary questions each day until the end of this sitting block or until all the questions due last year have received their final replies—whichever comes first. I will review the situation again in the next sitting period.

    And if you read down, you’ll get to see Labour trying to blame the Speaker for their inability to run their ministerial offices properly.

    Ministers playing bullshit games over written questions has been a theme of this government right from the beginning. And they have been repeatedly called up on it by the Speaker. In the process, they make work for themselves and bring parliament and the political process into contempt. But that’s what happens when you have a government of childish, petty control-freaks. As for the solution, incentives matter: Ministers play these bullshit games because there is no real personal penalty for doing so. So, instead of pissing about with being read the riot act by the Speaker and additional questions, we should simply make it clear that answering these questions properly is part of their job, and if they don’t do it, they won’t be paid. Then if they want to engage in bullshit, they can do it on their own dime, without the public giving them a fat salary and a free car. Simple.
    Posted by Idiot/Savant at 2/14/2019 11:00:00 AM

  7. Absolutely right. The government have to be better than perfect. No minute mistake or anything that can be depicted as a mistake will be left without attempts to turn it into Crime of the Century.

    The other side of it that is when arseholes like David Carter show their true colours they have to be called out.

    You’re in a room for a meeting, there are enough for the meeting to proceed and you leave, there are no longer enough in the room for the meeting to proceed and you complain, bitch and grizzle that the system is being trifled with.

    When all the pomp and ceremony happens when Carter leaves and the plaudits are thrown around, remember this incident.

    If he had half a brain, any semblance of reasonableness, any minute regard for these who turned up to make submissions, he would have stayed in the room. That he didn’t paints him as a childish clown. He should be embarrassed and ashamed of his actions at the time and since. He is such a fuckwit of course that that is beyond him.

    • Carter was Speaker once, you would think his maturity would have come through, however, given he was the most corrupt Speaker in history, it’s hardly surprising he acted like a fuckwit. He should’ve retired last election in stead of having his leader oust him as being fucking useless. Well for the first time I agree with Bridges, Carter is fucking useless.

  8. By about the same stage as we are with this Government, National had already used Parliamentary urgency as much as the Helen Clark Government did in its entire tenure. Clark used it 9 times from memory.

    And by the end of the first term in office National had used it about 25 times.

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