Trump’s plan to steal 2024 election

Trump/Vader 2024

We all want to believe Trump couldn’t come back, that a candidate openly selling revenge instead of hope could never arouse the worst angels of our nature.

Unfortunately not only do I believe he will run, I believe he in tends to steal it right in front of us.

The danger seems to be the midterms where Biden’s mishandling of the Afghanistan pull out and Democratic infighting over their Omni bill are hurting Democrat chances. Now Biden’s sudden courage in the face of Putin might change this calculation, but what’s most concerning is Trump campaigning on behalf of little known functional roles at electoral stations. He is championing candidates who would turn any contested election to the House of Representatives where Trump believes Republicans would have a majority…

‘Arsonists with keys to the firehouse’: once-obscure state races fuel fears for US democracy

Last year, Brad Raffensperger was attracting national headlines for taking a stand against Donald Trump and his lies about the 2020 election.

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In a phone call that was quickly made public, Trump demanded that Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, “find” enough votes to deprive Joe Biden of a victory in the battleground state. Raffensperger refused to do so and won widespread praise for his courage.

Raffensperger is paying for his actions in a way that reveals how his once obscure elected position is now at the center of a battle for the future of American democracy – and attracting all the big money and political heat that entails.

This year, Raffensperger is facing a brutal primary race against a Trump-backed candidate, the US congressman Jody Hice, and trying to cling on to his job. Hice, who has said the 2020 results in Georgia would have been different if the race had been “fair”, has already raised more than twice as much money as Raffensperger.

Hice’s impressive haul is partly thanks to the unusually high number of out-of-state donations that his campaign has attracted, as more Americans across the country zero in on secretary of state races.

And Georgia is not unique. As Trump and his allies continue to spread the “big lie” of widespread fraud in the 2020 race, many voters are focusing their attention – and wallets – on the officials who oversee states’ elections.

Secretary of state candidates in both parties are now posting substantial fundraising figures, intensifying concerns over how election administration has become a heated political issue in the US.

Secretary of state races have historically attracted little notice and even less money. The winners of these elections assume rather bureaucratic roles, and their duties may include managing state records, overseeing the department of motor vehicles and keeping the state seal. But in many states, the secretary of state also serves – crucially – as the chief election official.

In the weeks after the 2020 election, as Trump and his supporters falsely claimed the results had been tainted by fraud, secretaries of state in key battleground states became the target of intimidation and threats. Now the former president is using the power of his endorsement to wield influence in the races for those posts.

While Trump did not endorse any candidates for secretary of state in 2020, he has already endorsed three in the 2022 cycle: Hice in Georgia, Mark Finchem in Arizona and Kristina Karamo in Michigan. All three candidates have embraced the lie that Democrats stole the 2020 election by allowing fraud to affect the results. Biden’s margin of victory in each of those states was less than three points, and their input could prove decisive in the next presidential election.

…it’s like Trump is building an apparatus that will refer contested results to the House in order to steal the 2024 election.

Like it’s really obvious that’s what he’s doing and I think that’s part of the chaos.

Democrats will see him openly stealing the election right in front of them and will of course protest in spastic fury and incandescent violent rage which Trump will point to as his reason to install a harsh police response that borders on martial law.

If Trump runs and wins it will be the beginning of the end for America.


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  1. Umm have you not seen the clusterfuck that is the States under the old coot? If Biden was competent we wouldn’t be talking about Trump. That we are speaks volumes

    • nowt compared to the fuckedup orange baby regime
      ….awww is trumpy wumpy all ikky becuz joe won the election??? awwww

      trump ain’t got a shit show personally too many rightard grifting contenders….but the evangelical gun toting bible bashing ignorant fucktards can win because the dems like our own blairites have done nowt, zero, nichivo, nada, nothing.

      failure to act is an act in itself

      • So taking the emotion out of the argument – some questions:

        1). Is the world a safer place under Trump or Biden?
        2). Do you think the Afghanistan and Ukraine crises been handled well?
        3). Do you realistically think the standing of the US has been enhanced by the current administration?
        4). Has Biden’s handling of covid been any better than Trump’s quantitatively?
        5). What odds that the GOP re-take the house and the senate come the mid terms and if a landslide how is this not a vote against the President.

        Unfortunately in New Zimbabwe we only get the left sanitized side of US politics (Wapo/NYT etc) therefore like with Trump there will be general disbelief when the old coot’s mates get hammered in the mid terms. In other words – Orange Man Bad.

        If Trump runs in 2024 – he wins. Not a landslide and not my choice but he wins. He wins all the toss up states he lost in 2024.

        • ere ya go panzerboi

          did the orange russian asset have to face putin attacking ukraine?

          ukraine and afganistan handled badly but baby trumpy did no better

          do you think the US standing in the world was enhanced by the trump regime or did donnies ineptitude encourage putin?

          covid nope both bad but they both folded to the right so your problem is?

          the gop may get control especially with bought and sold traitors like sinema and machin on the dino side…bidens real big fuckup was not shitcanning that pair of quislings.

  2. I’m getting old but I think I will start looking after my health more. If I can last another 5 to 10 years I might just see the end of the world.

  3. I wouldn’t worry .I don’t think Russia could afford the $100,000 in Facebook ads this time round

    • Yeah Putin could afford it. Apparently he has stashed $600 billion in foreign currency reserves from oil and gas returns. So he can keep fucking with the West for as long as he chooses.

  4. I’ve given up on the USA. To any observer their dysfunctional judicial and oversight systems are blindingly obvious to see.
    Trump ought to have been in front of the court months ago, the cases for charging him for election finance fraud and obstruction of justice well prior to his 2020 election crime spree were already clear-cut and strong. Garland’s glacial inaction since becoming AG only allows Trumpism to grow stronger and USA will pay a heavy price.
    Part of USA’s problem is the belief in their own self-serving myths that assert that their systems are fundamentally superior to any other systems of governance. This inhibits any action in addressing flaws.

  5. indeed it’ll be the dems own weakness that bites them not anything good about the reps

    …..architects of their own demise

  6. Biden and Kamala are a disaster. Dem routing coming up at mid terms.

    Trump proved to be a false populist, large part of the movement which got him in did not return to the polls in 2020.

    So both teams very unpopular and have not got an energized base.

    I’m tired of all the “stolen election” gibberish from BOTH SIDES.

    But the fact that the 2020 election result was so narrow – a few 10s of thousands? votes in swing states means that base line vote counting process can decide winner.

  7. Trump doesn’t (and imo won’t) need to “steal” the 2024 election. He can trivially win it honestly via the US’s (imo strange) “democratic” process, given the awful job Biden/Harris have done to date and how much they are now loathed by almost everyone everywhere.
    Keep a close eye on this year’s upcoming Midterms, and it will probably be a good indicator of where 2024 is heading. Anyone that seriously thinks Trump’s (potential) win in 2024 is some sort of “Grand Conspiracy” has rocks in their head as opposed to paying attention to what is organically happening on the ground.
    Especially, you all really need to stop watching MSM which imo is fast becoming the leading source of disinformation (Twitter and Facebook are still on top).

  8. Why people think that either Hillary or Biden are better than Trump is beyond me.
    In fact I think Hillary is worse because she is such a war monger.
    Trump will win by miles if he wins because he is arguably the best of an appalling bunch. A bit like here really.

    • no one is arguing for ‘cos woman’ shillary, once again you’re attacking an undefended hill jays.

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