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  1. “You can be sure that every government in the world is going to rethink putting any money in London, as they used to do, when they are watching this political manipulation with the money they entrust to the British. It is very dangerous for the world, but for Britain particularly.”

    “Economist and co-founder of Democracy at Work Prof. Richard Wolff joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the freezing of Venezuelan funds in the Bank of England amid the deepening political crisis in Caracas. He says the Bank of England’s decision is a signal to all countries out of step with US interests to withdraw their money, as the Bank has shown itself to be “under the thumb of the United States.” He also opines on the “horrific prospects” of regime change in Venezuela. ”

  2. Why NZ has expensive houses… and it doesn’t seem to be the high tradie wages…

    A self employed cleaner in Auckland is charging $30 p/h… but in this survey 50% of tradies apparently are on $25p/h or less in Auckland… not hard to see how to fix the shortages, PAY DECENT RATES! TRAIN PEOPLE WHO EARN ENOUGH TO STAY IN INDUSTRY!

    NZ has become a basket case of big business and lobbyists being able to totally skew the discourses to their advantage and profit, while delivering worse and worse outcomes like in the housing crisis.

    What the industry is paying…

    The lack of high quality tradies who will not be retained in the industry with such low wages is the issue and the scam is putting better construction firms out of business who are paying real NZ wages, while those construction/engineering/trades firms bringing in more and more people in immigration scams are laughing all the way to the bank but still not delivering any houses but increasing the costs of building by using labour so poor quality and going for the bums on seats approach… mean while the government encourages the housing crisis by enabling it with open work permits for the world’s unemployed…

    Then don’t see the irony of training people for jobs that increasingly in real terms are earning less than being on a benefit when you factor in the costs of work like transport…

    $82 million investment to boost employment in the regions

    If you need an income of $100+k to afford a Kiwibuild affordable house, how come we have so many tradies on less than half that amount… in a so called skills shortage with the industry braying for more and more people?

    • Building houses in NZ is about 30% more expensive than Ozzie.

      The supply of building materials in NZ is well wrapped up by a few players who control a chain of companies doing the bulk of building material supply,
      Fletchers and Hardies for example have a long history of taking over smaller more competitive players.
      The name on supply companies means little but what money owns them matters.
      Fletchers have been owned by off shore capital for many decades.

  3. Again, it ain’t the vocational training that is the barrier to work in NZ, it is the lower and lower wages… apparently you are financially better off as a single parent of 3 children on a benefit than 40% of workers who are earning minimum wages…

    and that is not against single parents but more an indication of how many people are locked into such low wages working in NZ… it ain’t how many people are employed or not, but the quality of the employment as NZ sinks further and further into 3rd world territory…

    more and more statistics are showing issues with the working poor and our low wages, aka fastest growing group in poverty in NZ are Pakeha parents with 2 children on wages…

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