What on earth does the fishing industry have over Shane Jones?


Fuck, someones checked who donated to me.

Can someone please check on the Shane Jones family because it seems the fishing industry of NZ have them all held hostage.

This is the only possible  conclusion when we consider how Shane Jones has done everything possible to bend over backwards for an industry that rapes the environment and butchers their workers.

Talleys is NZs worst employer and does everything they can to muzzle social media criticism of their crimes against workers and the fishing industry, when they aren’t damaging the environment

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It all started with a 23-page report.

Titled Operation Achilles, the details within it were nothing short of scandalous. MPI’s compliance investigators had cracking evidence of illegal behaviour and wanted to swoop. But senior management stopped that from happening.

It appears that some within MPI hoped the 2013 report would never see the light of day – officials knew Kiwis hated hearing about precious resources being wasted. Even more damaging was that fact that they’d already made a decision to let the offending skippers off the hook.

But the details did of course go public. Cue the attempts to downplay the report’s significance, and the monotonous reassurances from top officials who insisted that MPI takes illegal activity seriously.

Even after it was established by a leading QC that MPI had for years failed to enforce the law, the response from leading politicians was lacklustre and pathetic.

What’s really worrying is that the denials of a serious problem have only continued. Prime Minister John Key thinks Minister Nathan Guy has done a “good job”, and Nathan Guy, while “disappointed” with MPI’s failure to prosecute, thinks it’ll all be okay because we’re putting industry-owned cameras on boats.

Let’s be clear about what’s happened here – MPI has been busted misleading the public for years about illegal fishing practices in the commercial sector.

…are breeding grounds for slave fishing ships that sexually abuse and destroy their workers

Call for NZ to crack down on ‘slave ships’
Up to 61,000 Indonesians have been treated as slaves on foreign fishing vessels operating in New Zealand waters, according to the Indonesian government.

The Jakarta Post newspaper reported Indonesia’s Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti as saying she had contacted the New Zealand ambassador to demand action.

…so why on earth is Shane Jones doing so much to protect the fishing industry from scrutiny?

Here he is helping get Talleys off the hook for illegal fishing and here he is helping the fishing industry have no critical oversight and here he is delaying cameras in fishing boats.

Is Shane’s wife safe? Have his kids been kidnapped? Does the Talley family have gun against the head of his pet dog?

What the fuck is going on?

We need to save Shane’s family right now, because that’s the only possible explanation for this spineless cowardice to help a corrupt industry. I mean, the fact Shane is bankrolled by the fishing industry could never be the reason right?


  1. Good old NZ Inc ‘Old Boys Network’, is it any wonder?

    By the way, he worked under National, also working with the fishing industry, in the whole Pacific region, does anybody remember?

    Shane is on mates terms with the fishing industry bosses, and Russel Norman and Greenpeace raised serious issues about him as a Crown Minister.

  2. So are supermarket shoppers now boycotting Talley’s products, while other fishing companies may not be all that much better, once we have a closer look at them also?

    Consumers look at the price and the nice, appealing packaging, nothing much else, hence we continue to have the bulk of NZ eggs be from caged chickens, we still have sow crates and other appalling practices, but only a few care.

    The same will apply to fish.

    One thing that may turn people off fish one day is, when the first victims die of heart attacks and strokes and other diseases caused by tiny plastic particles that have been consumed with fish and ended up in our bodies, even the blood streams.

    • We need clearer country of origin and other, much clearer detailed labeling. Don’t blame shoppers. I’m happy to boycott Talleys if it’s clearer.

  3. just like when the “Minister of Everything” Steven Joyce had assembled all for agencies all in a neat ‘controlled unit now still called MBIE he deliberately assembled to operate from his laptop.

    Steven Joyce was obviously bankrolled by the Road Transport and its ‘road contractors industry’ he was mired in a similar scandal to fix a large contact for about a $100 million dollar contract on illegal grounds, and finally just before the 2014 election when Judith Collins was fired, Matthew Hooten’ spilled the beans on Newhub ‘Radiolive’ on Mark Sainsbury show but National showed no care to fire him.

    “Whats good for the goose is good for the gander”.

    here is all about it ; –


    Matthew Hooton’s assertions re the Prime Minister’s Office
    Posted in 31 August 2014Peter Aranyi9 Comments »
    hooton‘Explosive’ is one of those words that gets kicked around in politics and political reporting to the point where it’s almost lost its meaning.

    But it’s not an exaggeration to describe right wing spin doctor and self-declared National Party loyalist Matthew Hooton‘s performance on RadioLIVE this morning as incendiary. He effectively called Prime Minister John Key ‘dishonest’, said the PM’s office and chief of staff Wayne Eagleson is implicated in the Dirty Tricks scandal (viz. the SIS-Goff-OIA affair) and more, described Jason Ede’s black-ops brigade as ‘acting under orders’.

    And in a fiery exchange, he described former National Party President (and present-day apologist) Michelle Boag as ‘a hack’ with ‘no political views’ who is ‘all about is defending a government that has behaved in ways that [are] literally indefensible and you know it’ …

    Listen for yourself.

    UPDATE: The ‘fiery exchange’ has now been highlighted as a RadioLIVE editor’s audio pick here.

    Available on demand at RadioLIVE.co.nz dial up Sunday 10am.*
    Click to listen at Radio LIVE
    Click to listen at Radio LIVE (archived below)

    * I’ve archived it here too (audio player below) because RadioLIVE only keeps 7 days audio available and I’ve noticed sometimes Mediaworks launders its talkback station’s audio feed when things get … contentious.

    Mark Sainsbury hosts ‘Sunday morning’ at RadioLIVE with guests Michelle Boag, Mike Williams, Matthew Hooton & Duncan Garner 31 Aug 2014
    MP3 file

    – P

    enclosure: http://www.thepaepae.com/wp-uploads/2014/08/Boag-Hooton-Williams-RadioLIVE-Sunday-morning-31Aug14.mp3 24057464 audio/mpeg
    PoliticsJohn Key, Matthew Hooton

  4. Have we all forgotten about scampigate and the brown paper bag that was reportedly passed under table at the Kermadec restaurant a few years back?

    The two dodgiest industries in NZ: fishing and racing. NZF is beholden to both.

  5. Andrew, if racing is an industry, what does it produce or what service does it provide? Racing has an absolute negative effect on our economy. We would be better off without it.

  6. Breaching Cabinet rules to influence a New Zealand court hearing, and using his influence in government to get his long time corporate backers removed from an international blacklist.

    This is Ministerial wrongdoing and corrupt influence peddling on a scale that can’t be ignored.

    To do so would be to compromise any government attempt to regulate corporate polluters or other profit driven environmental despoilers.

    The Amaltal Apollo, a vessel owned by a subsidiary of Talley’s, is facing 14 charges for fishing in protected waters in the Tasman Sea.

    And Cabinet rules clearly state: “Ministers do not comment on or involve themselves in the investigation of offences or the decision as to whether a person should be prosecuted.”

    “I think there’s no question that Jones has breached the Cabinet Manual, which is the rules that govern the behaviour of Ministers,” Mr Norman said.


    Press Release: Greenpeace New Zealand
    Greenpeace is calling on the New Zealand Government to stop supporting dubious fishing activities after it tried to get a Talley’s fishing boat taken off a global blacklist of illegal fishing vessels during an international fisheries meeting in the Hague.

    Talley’s fishing vessel, Amaltal Apollo, was caught doing 14 bottom trawls for orange roughy in a protected area of the Tasman Sea, and will now be placed on a draft global blacklist of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing vessels by the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO). Talley’s faces 14 charges that will be heard in court in Nelson next month.

    Greenpeace New Zealand Executive Director, Dr Russel Norman, says evidence shows the Talley’s vessel conducted a series of bottom trawls in a well established protected area of the high seas.

    “The New Zealand Government was pushing hard to get the Talley’s vessel off the international IUU blacklist of disreputable fishing vessels, in spite of SPRFMO Compliance and Technical Committee finding that the Talley’s vessel was involved in IUU activities,” he says.

    “Other countries at the meeting objected, and the result is that the Talley’s boat will remain on the draft IUU list.

    “Incidentally, Talley’s is the same company that donated heavily to the campaign of Shane Jones, who has emerged as the defacto Minister of Fisheries in the current Government.”

    “Rather than trying to protect Talley’s from an international IUU listing, the Government should welcome the listing as a warning to other fishing companies that they must follow rules to protect the environment.


    The Prime Minister must ask the Deputy Prime MInister, and leader of NZ First to remove his disgraced member from Cabinet, and replace him with a less compromised NZF MP.

    If Peters, refuses then the Prime Minister must act unilaterally and expel Shane Jones from Cabinet.

    The Prime Minister needs to fight for her leadership, to not do so would be to become a lame duck leader, subject to influencers like Jones and his corporate backers.

    Make no mistake, this is a make or break moment for the Coalition Government

    Will the Prime Minister act, as she clearly must, according to the Cabinet Manual?

    Or will she bow to corporate pressure, to let their hireling continue to peddle his poisonous influence inside the government and cabinet?

    Will Winston Peters back the Prime Minister’s decision to expel Shane Jones from the Cabinet?

    This is a fight for the soul of this government.

    Who will blink first?

    If Winston Peters decides to make a stand on behalf of Jones, will the Prime Minister call his bluff?

    Will Jacinda Adern fight for her leadership?

    And if necessary, in the face of Peters possible refusal to back down, threaten to put it to the country?

    An election that in my opinion the Prime Minister would handily win, returning to the treasury benches with a weakened NZ First and a strengthened Green Party

    All the cards are in the Prime Minister’s hands.

    Will she play them, or quietly fold and try to paper over the cracks in her Cabinet only to have them blow apart at some later date when she is in a weaker position?

    Will the Prime Minister concede, or make a stand?

    Allowing Jones to remain in Cabinet would be beyond pragmatism, It would be total surrender to the corporate lobby.

    Jones has to go, and Peters needs to accept it.
    Even if Peters threatens to pull the house down, the Prime Minister must stand her ground, or be forever lost. Instead of the great leader she is otherwise destined to be.

  7. Shane Jones employs bigotry, attacks Russel Norman for his Australian origins.

    Brands Greenpeace traitors.

    Attack the man not the argument is the disgraceful sort of low tactics employed by Jones. Showing his unfitness to be a Minister,


    It is a nauseating display, Shane Jones repeatedly uses bigotry, related to Russel Norman’s origins, to attack the Greenpeace Aotearoa Director.

    “Greenpeace are a source of extraordinary misinformation”, Shane Jones

    “Russel Norman is an Australian and he should stop trashing the good name of New Zealand fishing” Shane Jones

    “The attitude that Greenpeace is taking to industry in New Zealand, in particular the fishing industry, is economically traitorous”. Shane Jones

    “I’m not standing back at all, and allowing that Aussie to misrepresent New Zealand’s good name” Shane Jones

    Shane Jones needs to take heed of the words of Malcolm X before he attacks someone for their origin or ethnicity

    “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against” – Malcolm X

    Russel Norman’s origins or ethnicity should have no place in political discourse..

    To resort to such tactics exposes Shane Jones as the worst sort of demagogue, one who resorts to attacks on a person’s identity to divert from, rather than address, the issues they raise.

    “Shane Jones is a disgrace” Russel Norman

    I agree.

    Why won’t the Prime Minister act against this corruption at the heart of her government?


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