Yawn – Simon Bridges promises less than a weekly Big Mac Combo in tax cuts


When in doubt, promise a meaningless tax cut…

National’s tax plan to give the average worker an extra $430 a year
National leader Simon Bridges is pledging to move tax thresholds every three years in line with inflation, which would see someone on the average wage with an extra $430 a year in 2021.

…so what does that work out as weekly? $8.27 per week, that’s not even a Big Mac Combo each week!

But while that is a meaningless nothing to you and me, that represents millions in tax that doesn’t go into mental health, poverty reduction, education, health, housing and environmental protection.

This is a cheap stunt from an Opposition that gleefully underfunds public services with tax cut bribes that are as equally meaningless to the rest of us.

You could have at least made it a whole Big Mac Combo Simon.


  1. The great big giant nothing burger of tax reform, Simon bridges and his $8.27 a week, would rather you put that money into Simon Bridges election campaign instead of food for children in school, anti obesity programmes or any other programs that would help his own people out. You know Simons people right? Brown people.

    • yes Sam I’m a brown person and half white I don’t know him but he makes me want to say the c word cause that is exactly what he is to offer us less than a burger shows how much of a c… he really truly is

  2. This isn’t a big mac but a son of mac.
    $ 8.00 a week is the best he can come up with when what he should have encouraged was a decent living wage that would make the tax cut argument null and void.
    They will never address the real issues because they are beholden to their base.
    Vote for Bridges and Bennett and continue to get shafted if you are in the -$80.00 a year club.

  3. “Which would see someone on the average wage with an extra $430 a year in 2021.”

    It’s worse than that as that is the average wage. The median wage is much lower, and for those on the minimum wage it will be even less

  4. And how long before they increase GST to pay for these “cuts”. These nat rats won’t be happy until they increase the poor tax again.

    • That thought crossed my mind as well, Glenn. If this is National’s grand strategy, let’s hope NZers aren’t dumb enough to take the bait!

    • The independent earners rebate that single people, ie those not eligilbe for WFF but on low incomes was announced it would be scrapped by National in 2017 that is worth about $520 per year whereas the rejig of the tax system would then “give” them about one dollar per week.
      Along with the ½ing of the Kiwisaver contribution in 2011 another $520 per year not to mention the increase in GST and three years of petrol levy increases the National Party have been subtlely stealing from NZer for the whole of the nine years they were in govt.
      I have never seen any one on a wage complain as they moved up through the tax brackets all they cared about is getting towards where they earned enough to live on and hopefully save for the future.
      Bridges’ weasel words and piddling calculations are an insult to low waged people and the intelligence of all NZers.

    • Good point about GST Glenn
      That how Key – English after lying and saying they would not increase it but did so anyway to help fund a cut for those who are better than the rest of us.
      The poorer have no voice so they are expendable anyway.
      The tragedy is that this is the type of question that Bridges should have been responding too !!!

  5. if our tax was being spent properly on all these I would not mind but too much is being wasted on fee free education for those that could have afforded it and reentering Pike River and endless commissions of enquiry which go nowhere

    • Is that your best argument Trev?

      Well then what exactly did the Nats spend tax on that benefitted ALL New Zealanders Trev, I’m still waiting?

  6. The trouble is they give with the little hand and take with the big one. It might be $8.27 in the pocket per week, but there will be something that takes even more out of your pocket to account for it.
    There’s no such thing as a free lunch – and there’s no such thing as a ‘tax break’ – especially where the Natzi party is concerned.

    • You’ve got it.

      The moment they say how much ‘extra’ the peasants are getting all the essentials will rise to leave you at least five dollars a week worse off.

      Same old same old.

      Neither business nor government seems to know how to make this work for most to all people.

      Perhaps we need to put a few cracks in our present ways of thinking…

  7. Hi Simon, come through. Sorry Carol couldn’t make it, I’ll be your case manager today. Take a seat there Simon. Right, let me just click out of my TradeMe and Facebook accounts. Now what have you been up to for the past few weeks sweetie? Uh huh, yes. Right well you know you are receiving government assistance don’t you Simon? The conditions of your benefit require you to do more than dream up silly little policies like tax cuts. I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut your benefit off Simon. You may very well be a smart man Simon, but I’m in charge here, I have the power, I voted for National and I don’t like you. Until you can prove to me that you are worth every cent of your bloated income, your benefit is suspended. You can ask for this decision to be reviewed but I doubt it will help, you’re in the final desperate death throes of a failed party leader and here at WINZ MSD we despise weakness.

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