Vernon Tava Blue Green fantasy shows how desperate National are becoming


Oh for the love of Christ, Vernon Tava is the new hope for the National Party?


Blue-Greens movement could be National’s answer to toppling Ardern

Talk of a new centrist green political party which could potentially partner with National in a future government coalition is starting to become more than just speculation.

It is understood preliminary discussions among interested parties have already been held on creating a party that combines economic and environmental credentials, filling a demand not already taken up by existing political parties.

It is also understood former Green Party leadership contender and one-time National candidate hopeful Vernon Tava is the front-runner to lead the party.

How desperate has Simon Bridges become if a wet blanket like Vernon Tava is seen as his saviour?

Tava is such a drip that he makes cardboard look fascinating.

Look, here’s the truth from someone who has spent plenty of time on the fringes of MMP politics and knows how difficult it is.

5% is bloody hard to crack.

It takes focus, cut through and a charismatic leader.

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Breaking 5% requires an ability to catch a deep electorate anger and ride it religiously.

What exactly would Blue Greens do and be?

They will be far less environmental than the current Greens so what will be the appeal?

A Party that is focused on ‘conservation’ as opposed to climate change, that will allow the big agriculture polluters off the hook and with none of the social conscience of the current Greens.

While Blue Greens won’t have the alienating middle class woke identity politics, if that’s your barrier to voting for Greens right now, you’ll stick to the hard right tonic National provide.

There’s no actual electorate here for Blue Greens so getting to 5% is a total pipe dream.

Now, if someone like Amy Adams led it, they could have more chance, but again, to guarantee representation she would need to be allowed to run unopposed in a strong National seat, and Selwyn is just too National to accept that.

National’s only real chance is still to allow Mark Mitchell to break away and become leader of the New Conservatives and give him free run in Rodney. National could get away with cheating National voters in a North Island electorate because North Islander National voters are weak and spineless where as South Island National voters are feral and staunch.

Blue Greens will fail to get any electorate traction at all and I support National wasting energy on this bullshit as it will only eat into National’s voter base without any representation.

The only purpose for running Blue Greens is as a spoiler to the actual Greens who will face a strong challenge again from TOP and with the additional syphoning off by Blue Greens would see the Greens slip beneath 5%.

The naked truth for the environmental movement and green politics is that global warming and the catastrophes it’s bringing will demand radical policy responses. The current middle class identity politics focused Greens can’t respond and this Blue Green nonsense won’t either.

The Blue Greens are a joke looking for a punchline.


  1. These left right gweenies are all people who think they’ve been doing the right thing their whole lives. They’ve all been given message to say, like money is the root of all evil or welfare is the devil. But how come there lives are so crumby and how come this weeks NZHerald is reporting the Oxfam Study saying the richest guy in New Zealand gain $4 billion worth of wealth and the poorest 50% of New Zealanders lost $4 billion of their wealth.

    There must be a unifying story that brings together the environment, the economy, society, technology. A story that doesn’t include bankers, economists, politicians, business people, who sell this snake oil trickery, and now we have a new bunch wanting to exploit these old tricks.

    First guy who puts a hat on all these woke people will win.

  2. I hope it gets off the ground! The death of the Greens! Woop! Woop! They definitely won’t get 5%!
    He is a wanka though. He as a panel/judge for the Environment Court/Commission signed off the Kennedy Bay Marina on Waiheke Island. The marina is of no benefit to the Island or Islanders. Its just for the “Rich White Man’s Islanders” who’re wanting to park their boats for AM36 and to break away from Auckland and become an independent ‘ward’ again. They can fuck off!
    As the iwi with ahi ka on the island, the legitimate Ngati Paoa Trust Board are opposed to the marina, however the rouge non mandated iwi trust signed off on it without having the authority to do so … and wankface Vernon was in on it! So thats another void deed agreement by the ngati paoa iwi trust!

  3. Our current Green party has done little for the enviroment and is in reality the watermelon party with a social agenda that would wreak the country if allowed to function

    • Cleaning up our rivers and lakes and getting rid of plastic pollution would “wreak havoc on the country”??

    • Absolutely correct Trevor.

      With the expulsion of its last few real conservators during the Metiria circus and the subsequent elevation of Davidson, the Greens have lost any credibility they might have had among environmental circles.

      A classic example is their banning of oil & gas exploration. They’re so scientifically ignorant, they didn’t realize this act will INCREASE our carbon footprint!

      I don’t know who Vernon Tava is but he correctly sniffs an opportunity.

      Good for him, but I doubt he will get far because National has already set up a blue/green subgroup to harvest votes leaving the Greens in dismay now their true colours are on public display.

      • Not “correct” at all Andrew. Any party claiming the mantle of environmentalism cannot be credible if issues like polluted waterways and plastic pollution go unaddressed. You simply can’t be an environmental party without addressing environmental problems.

        I hope you understand that truism.

    • the country is already wrecked mate! The Greens couldn’t possibly do any worse than National. watermelon party?? what a hackneyed worthless illiterate phrase!

    • The Greens only got was it 5- 6% of the vote so yo cant expect them to weld much power and get all their policies in with that amount of votes they need a bigger mandate to do that Trevor we have a collation and people need to realise that means parties have to negotiate and there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. I thought the Green Party was the blue green Party

    …afterall they gave their speaking rights in Parliament to the National Party!

    …also we have ‘Fish and Game’, who are significant advocates and effective activists on environmental issues, especially river water quality

    …they are affiliated to NZF….because they want a national referendum on the blanket poisoning of New Zealand by 1080

    • NZ is not “blanket poisoned” by 1080. That is a fantasy. That last bit of “theatre” on the steps of Parliament showed us the veracity of “campaigners” who are flexible with the truth.

      • @ MJOLNIR….so dead birds and dead cows from 1080…”fantasy” and “theatre”?…and who is being “flexible with the truth”?!..who is ignoring the evidence ?!

        …”Eight cattle were found dead in their Waikato paddock after breaking into the bush area where 1080 had been dropped as part of a pest control operation DOC was undertaking on conservation and private land earlier this month.

        A toxicology assessment was done on two of the dead cattle and confirmed they died from eating the poison.

        DOC acting deputy director-general Merv English said the only logical conclusion was that the cows broke into the piece of bush next to their paddock.

        …Since the cows died, the Stones enlisted the help of prominent anti-1080 lawyer Sue Grey who represented a number of different protesters.

        Ms Grey said the toxicology report confirmed what the Stones suspected. They now disputed the suggestion the cows escaped…

        ‘Cows killed by 1080 in drop area, DOC confirms’

        ‘Farmers Talk 1080 Poison Coverups’

        ‘Kea Killed in 1080 Poison Drops’

          • @ FM…are you deliberately skewing my arguments?

            …not suggesting 8 cows is ‘blanket poisoning’…there is plenty of other evidence of this! ( watch the links where farmers speak out about their cows and Kea are killed by 1080)

            …the eight cows in question were just one instance at the very time demonstrations were being held at parliament against 1080

            ..and people like you and MJOLNIR were saying the evidence the anti 1080 protesters produced were were ”fantasy” and ‘theatre” !

            …clearly 1080 kills insects, birds like the Kea as well as large animals like cows…this is not “fantasy” or “theatre”…it is REAL!

            ( do you deny this?!)

            Mike Meads Doc scientist on 1080 blanket poisoning


            ( do you deny this?!)

  5. NZ does very much need a party whose main focus is genuinely on the environment. I’d vote for it if we had one.

    Done smartly it could gain far more power than it deserves and then make some huge moves. If it learns from the last election to do the opposite to Shaw they then may just pull off a Winston.

  6. All National has to do is wait for Labour to continue importing foreign National voters and get a clear majority

  7. Vernon Tava has never been green since he was rejected when the NZ Green Party leadership was last up for grabs, after Russel Norman departed. That’s if he was even remotely green then and I suspect he wasn’t. As a result IMO, Tava is coming across as being very petulant for failing to get the leadership role.

    No true Greenie would ever contemplate an alliance with Natz as it stands in its current questionable dubious form, not under any circumstances!

    So much for Tava’s claim of being an environmentalist! He’s a self serving hypocrite, out for himself and also I suspect to destroy the Green Party vote, to bring down the present coalition to help the murky blue Opposition! He’s equally as toxic as Natz is!

    • yes Mary you are right he is all shit and hopefully Nzers can see through him cause I believe he is trying to take out one of the coalition to give national a chance he is not really green.

  8. How can this honesty pass for a actual idea worth following.
    I agree Bomber, hope the Nat’s run this, it will bleed them out a bit.

  9. We, the people, need to insist that EVERY party is active on behalf of our environment. No -‘isms’ need apply.

    Every single party.

    No exceptions.

    They each and all will set, abide by, and improve term by term, laws and measures and monitoring that limit harm and increase resilience and diversity. This is a matter for consensus. It must always be so. It is greater than any party or interest group.

    We can play politics with the people stuff such as education, laws and retributions. We can squabble forever about whether it’s self-reliance or redistribution of wealth.

    But every single party pledges and honours resources for that totally essential care. Not ring-fenced. Not starved. Not carved up and optional. Not abused so some short-sighted bunch can flip a dollar and walk leaving the people to either endure or clean up the mess and harms they’ve left.

    And they measure that. They upgrade and improve their measures of protection and standards. They report back to us in plain, simple language year on year. And it’s one of those things we require them to be excellent at.

    How well did you, the government, resource the activation and continuance of the laws you passed to realise the mission set? Is our legacy greater now? Or are you robbing us and those to come? Where did you help our scientists and practitioners become world-class excellent so we can help others?

    Who spoke against us all, in favour of the few? Let them never offer to serve this country again. We don’t need that kind of scoundrel.

    And are you still resource-starving those who know what’s really important now and forward? Or can we count on you to do your part in the work to heal, restore, sustain?

  10. The so- called new party will need to get the votes first and past the threshold which isn’t easy and whose votes do you think they will take?

  11. Voters are not stupid. Vernon Tava’s political past, as a political chameleon desperate to get into Parliament,does him no favours. So far his political colouration has gone from Green to blue, and now Blue-Green.

    He’s running out of spectrum to use.

    The most he may achieve is take votes from National’s urban liberals and a few conservative-minded Green supporters. Being a “spoiler” doesn’t seem to be a good reason to get into politics. (Though it worked very well for Bob Jones’ New Zealand Party, in 1984)

    Personally, I think he’s wasting his time. He should get a job with the National Party, advising how to adopt meaningful environment policies. He could start by advising Bridges to support the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration licences.

    If National really, truly want to be more “green”, there’s nothing stopping them doing it themselves.

  12. The ‘Blue-Greens’ — laughable til you sick blue-green. But there are conservative parties who are determined to skew perspectives of reality completely away from reality to gain power. And National isn’t one of them. On this point, my own family being infected, I thank fuck for the lack of born again Christians in NZ. Trained, regularly re-inculcated, believers in what they want to believe. Impervious to reality.

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