Tamihere brings together left-right coalition to defeat Goff & the ‘annoying The Spinoff’ rule of thumb for winning


Tamihere is running for Mayor and he has been clever enough to pull together a left-right spectrum to unify Auckland to defeat Goff.

As a former Labour Cabinet Minister, John is far more left wing than Phil, who was a neoliberal architect and the only Labour party MP who was allowed to cross the floor to vote for National’s TPPA, so any claim that John is somehow more right wing than Phil is just bullshit.

Tamihere has lined up former Mayor and right wing Councillor Christine Fletcher as his running mate and has Matt McCarten and Michelle Boag as his political strategists, so it’s a unified political spectrum up against Goff, and that’s important because the fundamental changes Tamihere is seeking in forcing Central Government to pay for Auckland’s growth and the vast increase in social housing he is proposing will demand across the spectrum support.

If elected, Tamihere would be Auckland’s first ever Māori Mayor, something that won’t go unnoticed in the South and West Auckland voting block.

Tamihere’s attack against the large vested corporate interests of Auckland has been part of his previous attack on Goff and his ‘Auckland for us not them’ narrative will be heard across the city.

The attack against Tamihere will be on his past comments which in a post Me Too environment will be judged as the greatest sins against humanity ever committed, but I think a woke attack by Goff could be terribly counter productive.

Many Aucklanders stuck in traffic every day are furious at smug pronouncements from woke activists on cycling, and if the attack against Tamihere are seen as coming from that part of the political spectrum, Tamihere could throw caution to wind, assume he has nothing to lose by enraging The Spinoffs and Simon Wilsons of the world and come out with some populist attack on cycle lanes and reap the vast angry chunk of Auckland’s gridlocked voter block.

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It’s going to be a long fight till the Mayoralty election, expect it to get nasty.



  1. Jaffa’s eh, who cares? Us Mainlander’s don’t. The Auckland region is welcome to secede from globalist NZ & get in behind my visionary Aotearoan or Zealandian confederacy plans though. “Long live the Greater Zealandian Confederacy” screams the prophet from his cave in the wilderness.The Prophet of Zealandia.

    • Slightly crazy, but you have a point. Far too much $$$ from the rest of NZ goes to Auckland: 40m + for the America’s Cup, mega-millions for the rail network, &c &c

      • Kind of like, all of Waikato territory had to be confiscated just to feed Aucklanders and began New Zealand’s long history of betting on future prices in the commodities market.

        Yet Tainui found it with in themselves to forgive and sign the treaty. If they can find it in them to find peace then you can too.

    • Yeah, Jaffas eh?

      My city’s still a fucking mess from an earthquake eight years ago but the corporate buffoons want the taxpayer to support a horrible abortion of a city so the neo-liberal dream can continue.

      Anti-cycling. Just what we need in this God-forsaken outer planet of a country.

      You do realise it’s the 21st Century now, dontcha?

  2. Ba ahhaaha a ….Aaaaaaaaah..? Hello, my Sunday rage.
    You know things are getting nasty when the stoats start brawling with the ferrets over the scrawny old flea infested road-kill rabbit carcass that is little Auckland. ( No disrespect to actual etc’s.)
    But I love Auckland. Yes, I do. ( I’m writing this in Deep South slang. A lilt you might feel more familiar with after the intermidable bloke-as South Islandish cheese commercials ) I was done born in th’ Deep See-youth. Yep siree, south of them there hills yonder, beyond the bayous, and down along an old crick that done meanders, to this day, from behind the mountains of Wakitipu. Good fishin’ if’in ya don’t mind the skeeters. I was born a Gore-on. A true Southlander and I’m proud of the fact, and yet? I love Auckland. We South Islanders pay for Auckland and you Aucklanders spend our money, but hey? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a bit of culture and a latte even if’in we have to pay forn it a whole bunch of times over. I’s a funny thing? You Auck-landers hustle and scurry to be self imprisoned in your automobiles to further imprison yourselves to work to earn money what ain’t yours to pay for the grotesquely inflated house prices of your own making. It’d be easier of we South Landers just paid you a good living wage to stay at home and bake sugar free, dairy free, organic, whole meal, star spangled cup cakes for Jesus than waste our money auto-brawling your way to your pointless ‘occupations’.
    ( I’ve been binge watching far too much ‘Preacher’.)
    Tamaheri, fletcher, boag and McCarten? I’m surprised at McCarten’s presence. I’d a thought he’d a had more class. But never mind. One can never be too sure about such things.
    fletcher? Fletcher? Fletcher Challenge? Fletcher? The Farmers Friend. Aw. Fletcher?
    christine feltcher was born in 1955, the daughter of Shirley and Ted Lees, the founder of heavy machinery and marine engine company Lees Industries.[2] Educated at St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland,[3] she was married to Angus Fletcher, and was thus the sister-in-law of former Fletcher Challenge CEO Hugh Fletcher and his wife Chief Justice Sian Elias.
    A couple of things:
    Shirls and Ted? Right? Did they infect our politics, with the help of a little thing called WW2 to gain a monopoly over machinery manufacturing which made them multiplies of millions but ultimately fucked off our British and American trading partners? Thus? Behold EEC? And folks? Let me tell you? We were not exporting machinery to Birmingham or exporting tourists to China to make the dollar Auckland was swindled into existence by back in the day.
    Brother in ‘law’ Hugh Fletcher? Is that fucker no better than a con man with a vampire like attraction to other peoples money? Has he and his ilk been bleeding out our [primary industry] farmers for generations? (Fletcher Challenge) To create a rorting and frankly average hardware shop which, amongst other creatures of the night, made millions out of those suffering from the Canterbury Earthquakes? And Big Jizz brownlee. Lets not forget Big Jizzo. The Jizzanator. The Jizzmiester. The Jizzster. Jabba The Jizz. Or!? Jizzo The Hut.
    Boag. What a romantic name? “ A public relations practitioner”
    A voodoo priestess more like? A person well trained in the polite arts of head fuckery.
    She’s the stink in the elevator one would smell going to Hell. See ya.
    McCarten. Nothing to write. I’m simply disappointed.
    You wait? You’ll be begging crooked little Gap Tooth Goff back as the lessor of four w-evils?
    A door has just opened a crack into the gloom of a dark room full of AO/NZ deep state swindlers.

  3. Smart move by Tamahere, even though I am not a big fan of Christine Fletcher there a worse Councillors on the Auckland City Council.

    Goff hasn’t cut the mustard, to interested in his hair brained schemes, lets get back to basics and do them right first.

  4. I cannot help but wonder, what’s in it for Tamihere inc.

    And Michelle Boag, Jesus wept, she’s one of the nasty Nats!

    Still he is showing seriously determined political thinking and a very winnable game plan which makes a change!

    • Apparently there’s this low cost housing developer opened by the Auckland Super Council that is costing a billion dollars a year. That’s 2500 houses at $400k each. And Tamihere one day was like what fucken houses? And Goeff was all like, the cheetah is faster than the dandelion.

    • Support Tamahere and help split the Left Vote, smart thinking by Boag the Right Wing Tory, she has got a lot of political smarts up her sleeve.

  5. As a National Party voter, I would be reasonably happy with Tamihere.

    Although nominally a lefty he was part of the ‘Old Labour’ faction in the party before the witches coven (the infamous “front bums”) took control and turned it into a party of minority special interests. I think John has actually met some working class people… 😉

    We certainly need urgent action! It’s got beyond petty party politics.

    Auckland Council is in a bigger mess than most people realize. It has buried itself in debt and is paying approx one and half million dollars A DAY in debt servicing.

    Its staff complement has bloated from about 6,500 people before amalgamation (that includes all the old councils and the ARC) to over 10,500 now. So the main problem is not in its capital expenditure program but in its poor control over its own internal processes.

    This problem is reflected in Kiwibuild. The hapless Twyford previously spent his day virtue signalling from the opposition benches but since getting the portfolio has gotten basically nowhere; mainly because of turgid council processes. It’s got to the point where he’s creating a national authority to ride roughshod over the unitary plan and RMA in order to get action. Similarly we can point fingers at the previous National government because they actually knew what the problem was (unlike Phil) but were too gutless to do anything about it.

    So if John is planning to take a knife to the Council, I’m with him!

  6. He deserves a chance imo…and so do many people in Auckland who he says he will represent!

    Goff has had his chances and days in the sun

    • Oh, no, no no. Don’t forget the metoo movement. I can almost feel them moving now. I bet you they’re pissed Tami-hairy gets a platform for rape appology, misogony and crimes against trans. Lelz. They’re there, let’s not discount them.

  7. Selecting a running mate points to a very American presidential style of mayoral contest.
    It might be a smart move by John Tamihere because Christine Fletcher is quite well regarded, or at least tolerated, by left-leaning voters in the way that Paula Bennett could never be.
    We can expect a lot of dirt.

  8. the Supercity is a runaway train “on last chance power drive”, that no individual Mayor has a shit show of diverting let alone halting, unless they go full raving left…

    Free Public Transport, homeless villages, modular construction small houses with small rental charges for whoever needs one-plonk them in NIMBYs back yards, binding referendum on revoking ACT’s undemocratic CCOs, slashing all the $100 grand plus Council salaries, sacking most existing HODs, and putting up the “No Vacancy” sign for a couple of years at least to cap population, would get things started!

    • Tamihere has put a roof over the head of more low-income kiwis than pretty much anyone in politics right now…

  9. Wait, why should the rest of New Zealand subsidise Auckland’s growth, exactly? I can’t wait to see the mental gymnastics you need to explain why a city can’t fund itself if said city is fundamentally viable. If you acknowledge it isn’t viable, why is Tamihere/you(?) advocating throwing good money after bad? Just let Auckland die (if indeed that is what happens), and people will eventually be forced to move to areas where growth is organic and financially sustainable. Surely that sounds a lot more logical than having the city continuing to haemorrhage money and expecting people outside of the city to pay for it! If I’m wrong, please explain to me how/why.

      • “Because Auckland is about 30% of the population but creates just under 50% of the GDP. That’s why.”

        I dont follow the logic of this statement, Martyn. You appear to be saying that Auckland subsidises the rest of New Zealand but I think the reverse is true.
        If I remember my Economics 101, Gross Domestic Product is approximately the sum total of all incomes paid in all of NZ. Putting aside the fact that GDP is hopelessly inadequate as a measure of national wealth your statement that Auckland ‘creates’ 50% of NZ GDP is simply saying that Aucklanders pay themselves a lot more than Dunedinites do, not something to be proud of I would think, and most of that goes in housing and petrol. Creation is’nt a part of it .
        The main issue is that subsidies can only come from taxes. If we NZ tax payers are paying our taxes to provide facilities to Aucklanders, which we ourselves dont get, then we are subsidising Auckand. There is no escaping that.
        Your statement sounds impressive but it seems to completely ignore the role of taxes and is therefore meaningless.

        • Now imagine what it would be like if we wern’t led by idiots and had a wellbeing budget rules.

          In theory we’d have a broader set of indicators tha can actually pass a budget which solves different problems that different people keep bring up, over, and over again.

        • Let me be Frank, these numbers are meaningless. Unless you factor in who is paying the taxes and where the taxes are spent, they mean nothing at all. Auckland is a parasite.

          • Though, purchasing power parity (PPP) is probably better because PPP minimizes the nonsense like haircuts and prostitution that GDP counts which have not even the slightest to do with the productive capability of a nation.

            A nation that makes a lot of luxury items isn’t going to be able to make beneficiaries as happy as a nation that makes the same value of mass produced items.

          • GDP as a measure is shall we say ‘challenged’
            …however the point is a fact check for Mr Bradbury…Auckland does not contribute 50 % of GDP…the greater Auckland region contributes around 38%…in line with its population proportion

      • That makes absolutely no sense. It makes 50% of the so-called GDP, but that still isn’t enough to fund itself? How much of that GDP is just middle-men as opposed to wealth generation? You do realise that if I pay you $50 for something and you turn around and spend that exact same money to pay me $50 for something else we just created $100 of GDP (i.e. neither of us created any net wealth whatsoever)? That is what Auckland’s “economy” is: Peter paying Paul to pay Peter, which is why it’s going broke. I suspected mental gymnastics, and I got it.

    • I’m no big fan of Auckland, the best view of it is still in the rear view mirror, but it is the bedrock of godzone no matter how much the mainlanders hate it. I’m from the Naki so a trip to the big smoke is not too bad if ya know where to go, more goin on than anywhere else. I mean wellys too windy, chchc is too wobbly these days, dunners is too cold for us northerners so were stuck with it, just like you!

    • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer … it kneecaps the “Auckland Future” right wing nutjobs that TrainWreck Boag runs.

  10. McCarten AND Boag together???

    How does that work without copious amounts of blood ending up on the floor!! If that part is true, no good will come of it.

    While having a Left and Right candidates working together us a noble thing (Christine Fletcher is one of the saner Righties), how does that work in terms of policy?? Don’t forget, the Left believes in taxpayer funded social housing, whereas the Right belives it should be done by private charities.

    Thar’s just one example. I’ll be interested to see how this Left-Right tension can be resolved.

  11. JT is NO better than Phil. Any candidate lining up with Christine Fletcher must be a bit blue at heart, certainly cannot be a lefty.

    Suggesting the abolition of the regional fuel tax and making petrol cheaper again will be another nail in the coffin for those wanting to slow down climate change.

    But as most Aucklanders are self serving people with own agendas, with short memories and no vision for the future, there are sadly enough idiots who may vote for JT and Christine.

    I see what is evolving politically in this country, and the last remnants of hope are vanishing quickly by the day.

    NZ INC is a screwed up country with largely screwed up people.

  12. John Tamihere, vain, undisciplined and incoherent, a minor Trump who will appeal to the wilfully uninformed and be a disaster for NZ never mind Auckland.

  13. Something fishy’s wiffy here…?

    You write @ MB.
    ” Because Auckland is about 30% of the population but creates just under 50% of the GDP. That’s why. ”

    How, exactly, is Auckland ‘producing’ just under 50% of the GDP? And why does Auckland have 30% of the population when our primary industry is agrarian thus, by virtue of what it is, is spread out all over the place.
    Where do your figures come from?
    Look. I really like Auckland. I do. I love the Otara Markets and Sandringham etc. Devonport! A beautiful spot. Great little cinema there. And that cafe with the nasturtiums growing? Fabulous.
    My concern though, is with some of those who own the big boats within the inner harbour. The ones parked ( Moored, what ever. ) up below the Big Four Bankster Buildings? The big money makers. The movers and shakers. The sociopaths and the narcissists. The old deep state vampires. Those creatures within the crypts of the Mc Mansion palisades that encircle the city?
    Since NZ/AO is primarily an agrarian economy? Then? How come the Big Auckland Money which is really just financial logical fallacies, right??? Saying Auckland earns just shy of %50 of GDP is like me sending you an invoice for $998,369,863,498,629,836,498,926.00. When you might protest, I could ask ” Then, prove that you don’t owe me that money?”
    If Auckland earns just shy of 50% of our GDP, you must prove that? Or not. Right?
    And 30% of the population? Is that why the rural regions are dying of depression and suicide for the lack of some stimulating company, a giggle and a little culture?
    Back on topic… Boag, fletcher, tamihere? I mean? Really?
    And did they get that dopy mantra “ It’s time to shake it up” from the same paper back guide to cliches that adern got her “ Lets do This” from?
    ( Mc Carten? Run! Run for your life! Buy some garlic. $49.99 at New World Balclutha! Then piss out some Holy Water and fucking run! )

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