Get well soon Cameron – the NZ blogosphere isn’t the same without you


The news of Cameron’s stroke which has been circulating since October has finally been made public…

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater laid low by serious stroke
Right-wing blogger Cameron Slater, aka Whale Oil, suffered two strokes in October which have left him partially paralysed on his right side, unable to concentrate and with speech and vision impairments, according to a report today on his blog site, Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

…I’m no fan of Cameron, he’s as close to a nemesis as I have (Wellington Twitteratti aside). We disagree on almost everything and I think Dirty Politics exposed something very toxic in NZ politics and media.

All of that said, and all of that to one side, Cameron is a human being, a husband, a father and a friend to his team at Whaleoil, he’s  been struck down by a terrible illness and I wish him a speedy recovery.

There’s no honour in kicking someone when they are down.

I’m sure we will see you on the battlefield again Slater. Best of luck to you, your team and your family in overcoming the challenges ahead.


  1. He is very fortunate to be alive and a full recovery is not guaranteed.
    One of my personal friends got taken out in October.

    Politics placed aside I hope his outcome is better.
    We are all mortal.

  2. Nice comments Martyn, which I support 100%.

    Regardless of personal opinion of someone, they don’t deserve to be struck down by something as debilitating as a stroke. Take care Cameron and family.

  3. Another post proving that Martyn is a decent human. Thanks for posting this. It’s really refreshing – and sadly rare – to see this kind of message these days

  4. Cameron Slater and Whale Oil don’t deserve your compassion Bomber.
    But i commend you for a least acknowledging his current illness and the effect that it has on his family and unlike Slater or his colleges would not engage in kicking a man or a woman when they are down.

    You can forgive but never forget what these people really are.

  5. Well said. Scary to hear something like that happen to someone at a relatively young age. According to his site, the doctors attribute it in part to stress which I suppose is a reminder to everyone to take care of themselves.

  6. I was wondering why his blog had gone a bit downhill!

    Hope we see a full recovery – you may not like what he says always but we need dissenting voices from both sides of the fence because it’s the only thing that keeps ‘them’ honest

  7. Sorry, Martyn, this is just humbug. You have spent years rightly condemning him for the toxic effects of his column and when he is ill you want to welcome him back. These two positions are irreconcilable. You dont have to relish his illness but you didn’t need to say anything.
    Slater has done substantial damage to the NZ community. as far as I can see. He undermines democracy. There is no place for such people in the media. I find your position bewildering, Martyn.

    • Comrade.

      I despise what Slater did to NZ politics, I despise what he represents and I despise the damage his toxicity causes and the second he is well enough to get back in the ring, I will go back to smashing him and everything he represents. But the man suffered two strokes that will stain him for the rest of his life – I don’t kick anyone once they are down, you can see my record on that throughout my blogging history – there is no honour in that.

      Kindness to ones enemies when they are defeated or knocked down is the true measure of what your values really are.

      • Your sympathy for the human is right, Martyn. But he has no right to be a recognised, accepted opponent in our political debate. That requires acceptance of democracy, the sovereignty of the people, the form and the content. You read Hager’s book — the Rightist media activists so disgusting, treating it like a game from their privilege. Only Hager scaring off the MSM from them. And still Hooten there, after giving Hager’s address to someone suggesting assassination. High regards to his Presbyterian school in the south of Auckland. And Stuart ‘little’ Nash for still being a friend of his.

  8. Weird. I’ve never seen any sign of Cameron and crew showing any compassion for the misfortune of others outside of their own social and economic sphere, so while I wouldn’t like to see you kick him while hes down, I see no reason for any of us to wish his speedy return to the nasty art of right wing blogs..peoples lives are made miserable and cut short because of nasty right wing politics, we don’t need them to have interesting discourse.

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