3 – Under the News Radar 2018 – So about all the Russia Hysteria


The third big news story that was missed in 2018 was finding out that despite the claims of Russian interference in American politics, the truth was that this was mostly nonsense…

New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics

Far from being a sophisticated propaganda campaign, it was small, amateurish, and mostly unrelated to the 2016 election.


  1. I was attacked and abused on the Standard for stating this about Russia.
    Joe90, Stuart Munro, Andre and Te Reo Putake are cheerleaders for war against Russia on that centrist chattering club.

    • Yes Russia is not the boggy here.

      NATO and some EU countries are now the agents of trouble here.

      These dark forces want to break up Russia for their own “expansion plans as they did in 1941”

      Old habits never die easily here.

    • Ed: “I was attacked and abused on the Standard for stating this about Russia.”

      As was I. One of those you name called me a “Putin fanboy”! Much to the amusement of fellow members of this household.

      Russia isn’t our – or the US’s – enemy. Neither is China. Nor Iran.

      I would be greatly relieved if our current government would show that it has cajones, and take an independent stance on diplomatic relations and trade with all of these countries. Enough with the pusillanimous caving in to US and UK (and EU, for that matter) demands!

  2. So are the westerners jealous of their sophistication if it’s true or amazed that they just don’t do what the west does by just telling lies and making shit up, like they do?

  3. The whole Russiagate conspiracy theory has also been used to discredit Assange, and astonishingly, so many people who consider themselves intelligent leftists have bought it, lock stock and flaming barrel

    • Francesca:”…astonishingly, so many people who consider themselves intelligent leftists have bought it, lock stock and flaming barrel”

      Amazing, isn’t it? It astonishes me that so-called lefties haven’t leapt wholesale to the defence of Assange. Not too much intelligence going spare in that sector, it seems to me.

  4. So true Francesca, who the f are the Left now? Seems to me everybody but the workers who it seems they don’t care for.

    • Nick J: “who the f are the Left now?”

      You might well ask. I consider myself an old-school leftie, but I find few points of agreement now between my views and those expressed, say, on The Standard. Or on this site, much of the time.

      It seems to me that modern lefties are of the Woke variety (I had to ask a young relative what that even meant!). How has Martyn described RW pundits? Triggered snowflakes requiring emotional support peacocks: that’s it! In my view that characterisation applies as neatly to many young lefties nowadays.

  5. 100% Correct Martyn

    The failure of the Democrats to face the cause of their failure will likely result in a subsequent loss in 2020, depending on the candidates.

    Despite their marketing, the Democrats are as much sponsored by the ‘big end of town’ as the Republicans. Many of the leading Democrats come from ‘old money’. For example, Nancy Pelosi was put into office on the back of her billionaire husband’s wealth. John Kerry is married into the Heinz family. Overall it is Big Business that sponsors their election campaigns.

    And it’s Big Business that doesn’t want Trump constraining the supply of cheap illegal immigrants (that drag down the wages of American workers) by building a wall.

    As we’ve seen the last two years we don’t have 2 parties in Washington, there is one party of vested interests , backed by mainstream media, Hollywood and the various spy agencies versus Trump and a few loyal supporters. I think Trump has the Army behind him though, which is *quite* an asset.

    It remains to be seen how long Trump can stay in power. Based on US history I am surprised that he has been assassinated yet. (you know – “lone madman” who is subsequently shot…)

    2019/2020 is going to get crazy. Clearly there is bugger-all coming out of the Mueller investigation other than 3rd party technical illegality and FBI ‘perjury traps’. There will be no impeachment because he’s done nothing particularly impeachable. Meanwhile the investigation of the Clintons quietly proceeds but is naturally ignored by media.

    Mainstream media is going to get even shriller. It is a dying industry that finds it’s lost control of the narrative. Today a Youtube blogger has more influence than the head of CNN. It must be galling :-). Only Fox is maintaining its rating and the rest are going down the toilet fast. CNN today is behind the Cartoon Channel and Nickelodeon as regards ratings. Their latest trick is to shutdown people in Twitter and Facebook and use PayPal and to de-fund alternative views. This will be the battleground for the coming year.

    Overall – I’m pleased I live here!

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