Government right to scrap plans to base Singaporean F-15s at Ohakea


There are several reasons to be pleased the government has scrapped plans to base a squadron of Singaporean F-15 jets at Ohakea.

We are an independent country and shouldn’t be providing a base for another country’s armed forces.

Singapore may well have used its F-15s in a way that compromised New Zealand’s efforts to steer clear of potential conflicts in the Asia/Pacific.

Also, Singapore is not a model of democracy – it is effectively a one-party state.

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The cancellation of the Singapore deal is also a setback for the Air Force hawks who thought basing fighter jets here might soften Kiwi public opinion for the reinstatement of an RNZAF fighter squadron. The disbandment of our Skyhawk squadron back in 2001 was an important step towards a more relevant configuration of our defence force, and one less subordinated to the Western alliance. I was proud to be Green Defence spokesperson back then, successfully working with Helen Clark to scrap New Zealand’s air combat force.

The cancellation of the Singapore deal also means the residents of Manawatu will be spared the noise of fighter jets repeatedly screaming overhead.

New Zealand will also save on the “significant investment in infrastructure” required for the hosting of an F-15 squadron, which Defence Minister Ron Mark cited as a big reason for turning down a deal.

All in all the cancellation is a good decision.


  1. Careful not to boast loudly. This stupidity ensures that the Greens will never make it into power. The Greens, did they go over 10% while Keith was defence spokesperson.

      • Nope. Singpore Government gave us a sweetheart deal and we blew it, again. We’ve got no mates. Our fave eyes partners call us 4 eyes because the kiwi consensus is Trump Bad, but nothing about Xi Jinping. At least in the media. And we’ve got no navy. That’s not how a country is run.

        It’s like watching kids that are a little bit grown (over 18 just not good enough yet), attempting to discipline children, that are, a little. And the adults just shaking their heads thinking they’ll be gone soon.

  2. Sam If the Greens were so obsessed as to put
    populism over logic they would not deserve to
    “come to power”

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