How come this case of state spying hasn’t received the same level of attention and focus as the bullshit Sroubek case?


So it turns out Iain Lees-Galloway was misled by Immigration after all…

Missing information on Sroubek would have ‘likely’ led to deportation – Minister
Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says he would have “likely” decided to deport Karel Sroubek at the first opportunity if he had known from the outset that Sroubek had returned to the Czech Republic in 2009.

That detail about Sroubek’s travel history was emailed from an NZ Customs intelligence analyst to Immigration NZ six years ago – but was subsequently overlooked and not included in the file given to Lees-Galloway to inform his decision about deporting Sroubek

…which means all the screaming at the Minister by right wing media and National for not doing his job is actually bullshit, yet look at how Tova is spinning this now…

…ummmm, WTF?

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The issue in light of this revelation is that the criticism Newshub and National have thrown at the Minister was false and instead of admitting that, the new attack line is transparency???

But put the fact the story is and always has been bullshit aside, there is a bigger, far more fundamental question, how come the case of state spying hasn’t received the same level of attention and focus as the bullshit Sroubek case?

We see this all the time in NZ. Serious and significant abuses of political power by the State, be it mass surveillance lies, war crimes or dirty politics, gets overshadowed by simplistic trivial bullshit.

How come a micro aggression of a prisoner shouting at his wife after she reneges on an agreement is a BIGGER news story than entire swathes of the Government illegally spying on citizens?

National and the right wing media tried to sell this as incompetence to a reactionary public who hate criminals, but the continued popularity of the story goes beyond redneck kneejerks, the story is clearly trending for the news papers.

Is it because Millennials who feed the click-bait only understand micro aggressions and can’t subjectively connect to far larger issues that they don’t immediately identify with?

Is that what we have been left with as ‘news’. Sroubek shouted at his wife on a phone call, and that’s a bigger story than the State illegally spying on huge numbers of people because Millennials can identify with a subjective micro-aggression but can’t with an issue they aren’t immediately reflective of?

I die a little bit inside every day I read the mainstream media in this country, no wonder NZers are so wilfully ignorant of the issues that actually matter.


  1. RNZ news is a stream of US propaganda, most of it completely at odds with wider international commentary. Typical US bullshit for Kiwis to swallow. Syria, China, “North” Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Yemen, war, US adventurism and memes fornicated by the fragile but destructive Empire to prevent peace.

    The real human world is not commented on and certainly public discussion is more likely about sport, or soaps or anything but what is important. This situation is not an accident by is a well managed campaign by those who do not want public attention to issues that may interrupt their program of wealth and resource collection.

    RNZ’s CEO is ex Fairfax while the chair of the board is ex Bolger’s office.
    They do not work for public good.

    A quote from a child with more common sense and courage than any Western or Kiwi politician.

    “Today we use 100 million barrels of oil every day. There are no politics to change that. There are no rules to keep that oil in the ground.
    So we can’t save the world by playing by the rules. Because the rules have to be changed.
    Everything needs to change. And it has to start today.
    So everyone out there, it is now time for civil disobedience, it is time to rebel.”

    Yes surveillance will pick you up but you and the world have nothing to loose. Don’t be scared as the numbers will build to join you regardless of surveillance.

  2. The mainstream media is a make believe world of celebrity wannabes and faux news reporting who pander to mainly National Party supporters.

  3. Well at least you have seemingly moved on from blaming the boomers for everything wrong with society. I 100% agree: the only generation that “get’s it” is ours Bomber. OURS! ;-). Yes, I’m being super facetious.

  4. We all know that our ‘state’ owned TV us absolutely useless as is TV3 with real issues that matter. Shame really because this is one John Campbell could be putting his mind to.

    This issue should be getting endless media time. What department hired Thomson & Clark to spy on Mana and the Greens I really would like to know this but haven’t found it in the report or the appendix etc.

    Ever single person and / or entity should be entitled to know they have been spied on, over what period of time and for what department surely.

  5. But Sroubek’s a handsome fellow with tattoos and tried to import E into Nu Zillind. What’s the problem with that?
    He sounds exactly like someone we should focus on and indeed, invite to dinner.
    Would you rather listen to kath ryan wobble on, her wattles bobbling her vowels like a phlegm coated golf ball stuck up the vacuum cleaner pipe? Is it her complete lack of wit? Or her ignorance of virtually all the news elements of everything she tries to strangle to death with her stupidity that makes her impossible to listen to? If she was the only reporter talking about gobsmacking alien landings being watched by the entire population of the planet with a TV and who arrived complete with their answers to ‘life’ and everything while wheel borrowing E off their flying saucer along with a herd of gold brick shitting unicorns, joint brandishing dancing fairies and an electric Ferrari for everyone I’d still switch the moron off.
    NZ/AO media has become beige-if-ied and now we are beige. We’ve been rendered beige by neo criminals because, once beige, we become malleable and susceptible to suggestion like “ Keep working ever harder you serfs, I have a new Audi to buy. Think of me for a change, never mind your baby who’s diseased and hungry. Not my problem.”
    Do you remember? Before the neo criminals of the 1980’s became ensconced within the vacant land that was once our minds? Remember? We had The Listener? We had news papers with big round hairy balls? We had state run Tee Vee with real and eccentric reporters an’ that? Remember?
    Now? Now! We have bleached arsehole and waxed perineum plasti-people seeping out brain fart self righteousness from the behind the safety of their millennial whiskers of unkissability. Girls? What’s it like to kiss a fellow with a possum glued to his chin? Hair is for heads, sacks, cracks , fronts and backs. That’s it. Oh! And other regions, but I’m too polite and christian for such observations and conversations.
    Spying on us!??? Why? That’d be like spying on Rolleston, town of the future. The only thing interesting for spies spying on us would be when they gave up and spied on each other to relieve the boredom. I bet they invent shit to keep them from dozing off. I bet they plant things on each other then spy on that.
    There’s nothing to spy on. We have nothing of interest left. Our politicians have done all the interesting stuff to us already. They’ve rendered us inhuman. They’ve stuffed prisons with us. They’ve stolen our wealth, our pride our global reputation and our class and style. They’re created a world-last underclass of impoverished in a country with enviable wealth and we keep voting for the punk arse sons of bum-worms then we pay them to be cruel to us on an on-going level. Nothing, shouts Presbyterian louder than that.
    The reason the msm focuses on Sroubek is because he’s the most interesting thing that’s happened in Nu Zillind in months and to be honest? He’s not that interesting, so there ya go.

  6. Neoliberalism requires a State Apparatus to keep it’s people in check.

    JK further extended the Powers of the State into a Stazi Type Operation spying on it’s citizens especially those who did not agree with the Natzi Regime.

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