The 3 things National would have us believe about the State Stasi spying scandal


National would have us believe they had no idea about the State Stasi spying of NZ citizens.

That leads to 3 conclusions.

1 – National are lying to our faces

2 – The State Departments conducted spying without sign off from their Ministers

3 – They are grotesquely incompetent

Any one of those 3 explanations are an obscenity. They used corporate spies to circumvent legal oversight and erase any paper trail.

This is a Stasi state, one that spies on its citizens without any checks or balances. I have been arguing for years that beneficiaries have been the target of unacceptable surveillance, this was extended when the Police gained the Search and Surveillance Powers and when the GCSB and SIS gained mass surveillance powers, the powers of the Deep State were set in stone.

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It is utterly unacceptable that this has occurred, there must be a purge of the public service and if the Government doesn’t do it they must ask themselves this question, if you can’t control these Ministries, who actually runs NZ?

Are you, as our elected representatives, the decision makers or are you merely a facade of democracy so the masses are kept apathetic while ungovernable powers act against our collective wishes?

Who is really running the agenda here?


  1. Of course National Party is lying through their collective teeth

    …this is why a Commission of Inquiry is needed to get to the truth

  2. he people of CHCH ( Ii am now one of them ) have suffered greatly in a disaster that is still being felt.
    What they needed was support at the most critical time of their lives instead they were pawns in a viscous surveillance program initiated by their democratically elected government and MPS.
    I hope these revelations about the actions undertaken by the last government serve as a warning about what can happen when people are fooled into supporting the actions of a man who is portrayed and sold that he can walk on water and his colleagues who are more than content with excusing their behavior against their own countrymen and women just to stay in power.
    I hope CHCH people let Brownlee know how despicable he really is at every opportunity.
    For Bridges to say he knew nothing of this appalling war against his fellow New Zealanders is beyond contempt and the true crimes and actions undertaken by Key and English will now be made public.
    This is just the start.

  3. Nothing new in the rotten state of NZ Inc aka Aotearoa.

    Sadly most are so brainwashed and sheer stupid, you can tell them anything, they believe any fairytale and propaganda.

    Father Christmas is coming soon, he will bring presents to all Kiwi Kids, with reindeers and his sleigh, I have NO doubt about it, it is true.

    Tel them about spying, that is something only the Russians do, some will tell you.

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