The new National Party Leaker – why it’s over for Simon Bridges

By   /   December 6, 2018  /   10 Comments

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Simon Bridges Leadership is now on life support, the damage he caused himself and the Party by amputating JLR will have come to nothing if it failed to do that which it had sought – to silence the bloody leaker!

The worst possible thing has happened to the damaged leadership of Simon Bridges.

A new leaker has emerged…

Leaker claiming to be National MP sends another text

The anonymous texter, who leaked details of National’s internal polling last week, has hit back at the party’s leader who said the leak did not come from within his caucus.

After last week’s National Party caucus meeting RNZ received a text message outlining details of internal polling, claiming there was a lot of disappointment among caucus members.

Simon Bridges yesterday said the leak did not come from within his caucus, and would not discuss the polling numbers which were not as flattering as a recent public poll.

“I’m not going to talk about internal polls, what we know is we’ve got a poll there that’s public, that’s 46 percent, that shows we’ve got momentum, you can understand there’ll be speculation and rumours.”

He was asked about the internal polling, putting his party 4 points lower at 41 percent.

“I don’t talk about internal polls, it’s a Labour Party trick.”

After RNZ ran the story with Mr Bridges’ comments, it received another text from the same anonymous person saying Mr Bridges was foolish for thinking the polling leak did not come from a National MP.

The texter offered details of what happened in yesterday’s caucus meeting as proof they were an MP.

RNZ has been unable to verify the texter’s identity.

…the most fascinating part of this is that JLR has always claimed he wasn’t the leaker. Here we have the leaking continuing, which means JLR could have been telling the truth all along.

No wonder he has gone so septic.

Simon Bridges Leadership is now on life support, the damage he caused himself and the Party by amputating JLR will have come to nothing if it failed to do that which it had sought – to silence the bloody leaker!

National Party MP BBQs over the summer holidays will be intense.


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  1. XRAY says:

    Who would want to lead that loathsome bunch of self serving entitled pricks?

    Maggie Barry pretty much sums up a National MP and that’s a positive.

    The unusual election result meant the losing party, National, did not clear out anywhere near the dead wood it should have. Troughers like Barry, Brownlee, Tolley, Smith, Bennett, Collins and others with out of control egos should have split the programme before last Christmas. They didn’t, all believing that they are entitled to remain to resume their rightful places asap! And that causes problems.

    Bridges is toast, the clock ticking momentarily upset by the rather rouge TV1 poll, hence the leaks, using multiple burner phones according to Barry Soper, such is the water torture hit job Bridges faces. The heel dragging walk out yesterday by his clearly indifferent caucus was truly embarrassing.

    But National are going to struggle and if ILG and or others don’t fuck up any further, their problem remains. Too many tired, horrible personalities lingering without the money, influence and bare faced natural duplicity Key brought to the job to keep them in line.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!

    • OnceWasTim says:

      “Maggie Barry pretty much sums up a National MP and that’s a positive.”

      Well yes, to the extent of self service and self entitlement in attitude.
      But then can you imagine what Baggie Marry thinks of Paula Bennett when she’s so judgemental over someone dressed like something out of the Great Gadsby.
      You could just about line them up in two queues
      The culched Barry and Tolley and Finlayson and Wodehouse [single o] et al
      in one, and the Bennetts and Bridges and Mitchells et al in the other.

      Fuck knows what you’s do with a Collins though. Maybe there should be a third queue

      • Chris says:

        I hope Judith rolls Simon. The amount of entertainment Collins as leader of the nats is guaranteed to be endless.

  2. Castro says:

    What a revelation Bomber… how about something more forward-looking on Ju-Darth and the Chinese dictatorship coming to power in 2020?

    • countryboy says:

      Yes. I would agree @ Castro. That dreary old blond with a face like a concrete block will sell us out faster than the Chinese can say ” Hey! You! Pass the tiger balls tea!? Faster! Faster! I’m going flaccid! I’m going flaccid! “

  3. Michelle says:

    hopefully it is over for national not just soimon

    • Chris says:

      Trouble is it’ll never be truly over. The nats will come back at some point, whether it’s another John Key or Labour loses its mojo again. I hope it’s over for the nats, too, but the best we can hope for is out of commission for a long time.

  4. Mjolnir says:

    So the number one suspect is still Judith Collins, and her henchman, Cameron Slater.

    The txting is Slater’s modus operandi. Let’s not forget how he used txting with Key —

    If Bridges wants to preserve his leadership, he needs to remove Collins from any front bench of his caucus and demote her to the bottom ranking. But he won’t because he is in utter fear of Collins’ wrath and the viciousness of Cameron Slater.

    Remembrr what Slater and Collins said to each other; “always give back double” —

    • Liberty4NZ says:

      It sounds like a job for RAWSHARK.

    • TRAIN TO NOWHERE says:

      It just shows how two-faced Collins really is when she’s seen to be hanging out with Slater.
      How that guy isn’t in jail defies belief.
      He’s on record as stating in an television interview that he never breaks the law.
      In 2009 he was charged with nine counts of breaching name-suppression orders and one count of identifying a victim in a sex case on his blog.
      Convicted on 8 counts, ordered to pay $750 for each count of name suppression and court costs of $130, adding up to $6130.
      He was back in court in 2016 for breaching an undertaking not to publish information about an Auckland man. Made to pay $1500 for being in contempt of court and also to pay 60% of the complainant’s court costs which amounted to $11,000.
      That makes him a convicted criminal, yet he is allowed to continue operating his ‘blog’.
      I want to know why he is allowed back on the internet (the place where he committed his crimes) and why he’s still allowed access to a computer.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,