So the Māori Santa in Nelson replaced the redneck Confederate Flag Santa???

By   /   December 3, 2018  /   8 Comments

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This has got to have been the most ludicrous Santa Parade season we’ve ever seen.

If it’s not Blackface, Confederate flags or gender identity Santa parade problems, it’s people losing their shit over Māori Santa?

This has got to have been the most ludicrous Santa Parade season we’ve ever seen.

The hilarity of the back story of the Nelson Santa Parade is that Rob Herewini, who did a wonderful job as the Māori Santa, only did so after the original Santa, Glen James, pulled out because a week earlier he’d faced backlash for his Redneck Float complete with Confederate Flag and beer cans at the Richmond Santa parade.

So a Māori Santa stepped in for Redneck Confederate Flag waving Santa and no one sees the irony?

This is all making the Pride parade look really well organised.

All this angst over a Coca-Cola mascot.

The level of vitriol that has replaced public debate means we have lost all nuance. I honestly despair at any ability to progress any issue in the age of social media outrage olympics.

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  1. Heather says:

    Perhaps the spirit of Christmas can take many forms. It seems people have got too hooked on the Coca-Cola marketed model.

  2. Marc says:

    Santa is dead, Santa has been trespassed and driven out of the country now, get a life, celebrate something else at the end of year, Christmas is a corrupted fake ‘holiday’, only really kept alive for commercial purposes, catering for consumerist nutters.

  3. Exhale says:

    Fantastic! Go the Dads! Real Kiwi versions for former Santa tradition. I love it. Kids love the atmosphere, adults, the hilarity of laughing at ourselves. Next: bbq Santa, Jandals Santa? White Santa what?

  4. Exkiwiforces says:

    Only if some knew the real story behind the term “Redneck” not this hijacked right wing/ Neo Con/ Lib, Southern State Hicksville crap that has creep in over the decades.

  5. Denny Paoa says:

    Those bloody Moreees! Coming into our city and trying to change our way of life and culture! Who do they think they are! They should all be put in a boat and shipped off to Australia or some other heathen out post!

  6. RED BUZZARD says:

    He looks kinda cute…a wee bit like Tangaroa arriving

  7. Scott says:

    Hey that’s an actual Father Christmas!
    That Maori thing is not even a Santa.

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