Investigation into sabotage of Academics car must finally start demanding answers about Chinese influence in NZ?


As Chinese only gated apartment blocks spring up…

Chinese speaking buyers offered first dibs on ‘top secret’ luxury apartment planned for Auckland

A “top secret” 24-storey luxury apartment tower planned for Auckland’s North Harbour has been snapped up by exclusive buyers months before the public gets a look in.

The 72.5 metre apartment planned for Kaipiho Lane, Albany will feature more than 280 apartments, 11 lifts, a helicopter landing pad, residents’ cinema, swimming pool, clubhouse, ballroom, 24 hour concierge and robotic valet parking.

A website marketing the development in Chinese,, said the apartments “caused a subscription frenzy” when they were promoted on Chinese social media app WeChat.

…and Chinese attempts at buying 2 Chinese MPs on National’s Party list gets eclipsed by anonymous claims of heteronormative abuse patriarchy by JLR, maybe we should, you know, get back to that whole China influencing our politics thing in light of new allegations that the Academic who is outing this assault on our democracy may have had her car sabotaged…

Suspected sabotage of car belonging to burgled professor and China researcher Anne-Marie Brady

A police investigation into a campaign of harassment against prominent China researcher Anne-Marie Brady has widened to include apparent efforts to sabotage her car.

University of Canterbury professor Brady, who gained international profile over the past 18 months for her work exposing China’s influence campaigns – including in New Zealand – was subjected to a series of mysterious break-ins at her home and campus office in February.

These burglaries, apparently targeting electronic media including phones, computers and USB drives, sparked high-level interest with the Prime Minister expressing concern, and the Police began a nine-month – and still ongoing – investigation involving Interpol.

The vehicular sabotage represents an escalation for the case, coming on the heels of recent vitriolic editorials in local Chinese-language media describing the professor and New Zealand-Chinese democracy activists as “anti-Chinese sons of bitches”.

…China, who already has a spy inside the NZ National Party Caucus and who has extensive personal business contacts with many senior National Party MPs looks to not only be behind intimidation burglaries into Professor Brady’s home but now an apparent sabotage of her car?

NZ is so far behind the 8 Ball on this issue that Jacinda was originally informed by the media that Professor Brady had her house burgled, not the GCSB or the SIS, which begs the question, what the fuck are those agencies doing if the PM is finding out about Chinese influence in NZ when she’s first reading about it in the NZ Herald?

Shouldn’t we be deeply concerned that Beijing mouthpieces here in NZ are referring to Brady as “anti-Chinese sons of bitches”. I have always pointed out that when China wished to start destabilising domestic issues here, it would be through their Chinese-language media .

It’s started.


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  1. Yeah Chinas foreign policy looks like its been developed by some angry autistic rich kid at school who doesnt quite get how normal people react and socialise but can splash some cash around to make up for it some of the time when he isnt just being a knob to people near him.

    I mean the Americans havent had to schmooze anyone in Asia into their alliance these past few years, China has done all the work for them.

    I suppose though that the foreign relations stuff is only of secondary importance to the CCP. Their main focus being inwards.

    • It’s true that the Chinese Communist Party’s primary interests are internally focused, but it has strong reasons for projecting its influence in foreign countries too. There has been a major push by the Party to assert its control over foreign Chinese language media because one of its greatest fears is the development of an overseas opposition movement to the CCP developing in amongst the Chinese diaspora around the world.

      • Yeah, well. Some stupid military decisions successive New Zealand governments have made.

        -privatising the Gisbourne rail yard
        -privatising non-combat roles
        -cutting the number of frigates from 4 to 2
        -axing the F16 deal
        -pretending armies are non-combat
        -ignoring all indications that Germany and Japan had plans to attack
        -training for non-combat roles then sending troops into combat situations

        Was there nobody who bothered to mention that being “non threating” also translates to “easy prey.”

  2. Try building a residential development for white English speaking purchasers and see how far it gets. There must be be laws against this sort of discrimination.

    About time the prof got a decent security system installed

  3. China expels all press except their own from their meeting with pacific leaders who support “ one China”, in PNG. In violation of international press freedom.
    Can’t link from this phone but the story is on

    Story is non existent on Stuff and Nzherald..

  4. The Daily Blog might make a more considered contribution to the debate about Chinese influence if it stopped publishing an image that clearly equates communism with the one-party authoritarian capitalist Chinese state.

  5. China, whose human rights records are among the worst globally.

    They are here, and not just as benign ‘students’.

    Because for every one of them , comes an indoctrinated young person ,…who,.. has no particular yearning for NZ history or culture… who si only too happy to take what they can get from NZ , return to their celestial homeland and start a family of their own.

    Fair enough so far.

    However, among those ‘ students’ are also communist party ‘ minders’.

    They are the friendly card carrying guys who remind them they have family at home. They are also the guys who tell them that the Faloon Gong movement is wrong and there are ‘consequences’ if any student thinks otherwise.. particularly for their family’s back home…

    Oh yes China… whose soft power extends to pilfering well /spring water that is NOT renewable in the quantity’s they are pirating for a song off of us… and giving ‘donations’ to the incumbent govt to BUY thier way into influence…

    And having the odd spy or two in the ChiNational party…

    Extraordinary that the ChiNational far right wing party of NZ does deals with the Chinese Communist party,… is there something wrong with that picture ???

    And we have elite apartment ‘ Chinese ‘ only buy ups…

    Hello?… is anybody out there?

    Oh yes ,… and of course the ChiNational party made big noises about ‘Chinese sounding names’ not so long ago…as well you might expect given the multi million dollar deals going on for them and theirs…

    We wont mention Judith Collins…

    Or Kauri swamp logs,.. or water rights…

    And we wont mention that a far right wing political Chinese party on the North Shore was found to have funding from Beijing a few years back…will we…

    Nor will we mention the housing bubble in Auckland and the rest of NZ’s housing bubble that mysteriously grew and grew after China dolled out cash for its ex pats to buy up lands in foreign nations,…along with all the purchasing of farms, the private residences,… the industrial areas…

    I think you are starting to get the picture…

    I tell you what.

    You can take your communism, and your soft power, .. and wedge it firmly up your arse. You can take your exploitation of NZ workers via
    exorbitant rents and creating housing shortages and jam that up there as well. Along with that, you can take your anti democratic, world class human rights abuse records and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    And if you think for one plain as jack minute we cant see right through what your govt is trying to attempt here , you’ve got another think coming. You may have gotten away with it with the weak willed , easily bought and sold ChiNational party, but you don’t get away with it with the majority who don’t live in Auckland.

    And if you are this kind of crapper?

    You can take your bullshit celestial mainland communist anti democratic crap and get a one way ticket back to your human rights abusing, over populated, under resourced , racist mainland workers utopia and keep your grubby little yens to yourselves.

    And why?

    Because we don’t like sly snakes slithering in thinking they are better than they really are.

    But please don’t be offended,.. the same goes for any bunch of grabastic foreigners who get the idea in their heads that they are a cut above the people who actually were BORN HERE and whose generations go back a very , very long time ago.

    “anti-Chinese sons of bitches” , my arse.

    If you don’t like it here and disagree with our nations concepts of sovereignty?

    Well you can kiss my arse and go back to where you came from.

    We wont miss you.

    PS: I have a 22 year old son, I had another who died of complications with cancer because of foreign doctors negligence and B.S . The older son died of an easily diagnosed, entirely preventable infection .

    And you shitters need to learn that I’ll be damned if I’m going to let my remaining son become some sort of peasant / vassal / serf to any foreign bastard who doesn’t even live in this country just to serve your self centered financial gains or your govt’s political skulduggery.

    Fuck off.

    • As soon as China fucks off the NZ economy is completely rooted. Poverty and unemployment will sky-rocket. As Trotter said the other day, if it wasn’t for China, New Zealand would have been totally stuffed by the GFC

      By the way in terms of ‘foreign’ inteference Ann Marie Brady is funded by the Taiwanese government and American think tanks.
      Would hardly be surprised if this is a complete and utter jackup – this Brady is an obvious attention hog.

      Because for every one of them , comes an indoctrinated young person ,…who,.. has no particular yearning for NZ history or culture… who si only too happy to take what they can get from NZ , return to their celestial homeland and start a family of their own.

      Actually they pay a huge amount for an international education. And if they go back to their ‘celestial’ homeland to start a family, what is wrong with that?

      White people are simply finding it hard to accept the rise of a great power that is non-white that is not a puppet of Western imperialism. They even work up a head of steam over Chinese making deals with sovereign Pacific Island countries – the paternalistic patronising arrogance towards brown people is incredible here. Surely brown people can forge their own friendships with other countries without being lectured by white people?

      In any case, wild rants are not going to change anything. The economic, cultural, and even military power is swinging away from the West and towards the East. Not a lot NZ can do about it

      Before NZ as a signed up member of the anglo saxon imperialist gang that looted the entire world, got all the goodies from mother england. Those days are long gone now. All this wailing and gnashing of teeth and crying into your beer is not going to change that.

      Its sad what happened to your son, but I don’t think China has much to do with it.

      • 100% Wei. I Don’t think it is wise to rush to accuse China The USA is the country that has invaded and ransacked and interfered in many sovereign nations since WW11. Notably the Australian government of Gough Whitlam. Maybe even Norm Kirk. No proof of that but on the balance of probabilities? Why don’t people look at facts and not emotive xenophobic articles on which to base their opinions. Oh I know building seven fell at free fall rate because it was not a controlled demolition, the twin towers were the first steel framed structures to entirely collapse from fire without having the fuel capable of melting steel and a couple of saudi trainee cessna pilots performed manouvres in a passenger jet that a combat pilot would not have been able to do.
        I look forward to the day China and Russia take their place as equal partners with the USA in a multipolar world. Therein lies our future if the neocon maniacs, pulling the strings in Washington, do not destroy us all first.

  6. It’s all part of the deal. If we ignore the murderous Chinese dictatorship’s hegemonic aims for our country and the wider Pacific, they’ll keep buying our milk powder.

    The greedy Nats rushed to line their pockets when the opportunity presented itself, putting all of the country’s economic eggs in one basket. Now we’re royally fucked if we try to change anything.

  7. Hopefully the SIS and the GCSB are monitoring and interviewing the National Party MP who used to work for the Chinese National Spy Agency Network ?

    • Thanks for this Red Buzzard. Overall an excellent interview. Urge all to listen to the whole interview. Overall the professor is positive about China, and understands the hegemomic mindset of the US

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