Why calling for Iain Lees-Galloway to resign over Karel Sroubek is sophistry


How the fuck can any NZer take this bullshit seriously?

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway under pressure over Karel Sroubek decision
Under pressure Immigration Minister Iain-Lees Galloway admits he did not read the whole immigration file before making his controversial decision to grant residency to Karel Sroubek.

And the decision took him “within about an hour or so”.

But he denied he was being sloppy and said he followed the proper process.

“I read various aspects of the full file. I didn’t rely solely on the summary. This is the usual process for these decisions.

So what, most Ministers don’t read all the reports, he based his decision on the information in front of him as is his discretion, this only became a hot potato because Duncan Garner threw a wobbly to gain some desperately needed media ratings for the AM Show.

Since when the hell did a mediocre breakfast host manage to spook a Government?

National suddenly have X-Ray vision & the ethics of Christ when it comes to some 2 bit Czech MDMA dealer but seemingly had no clue whatsoever as they pissed $120m away on needless meth contamination & threw 900 beneficiaries onto streets?

Mark Mitchell has cancelled his ‘fact finding trip’ because National know the facts! If you read between the lines, it’s not Sroubek being threatened with death returning to his country that got him pardoned, it was him turning evidence for the cops that is the far more likely reason.

National are playing this up because what has been released to the easily enraged average NZer is that some druggie has been allowed in the country and the Minister was asleep on the job.

Where the hell National get off having this level of unwarranted sanctimony when they blew $120million on the meth hysteria is utterly beyond me! They actually helped create homelessness and a housing crisis at the height of a homelessness and housing crisis!

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I don’t care if  Karel Sroubek imported a ton of bloody Xtacy while dancing to Fat Boy Slim in fluro denim wear, in the grand scheme of things a Minister making a decision on incomplete advice is the lowest sin there is, especially when you consider National eviscerated 900 beneficiaries on ‘dud advice’ for a meth hysteria that never existed.

The media have spent more time on this story than the meth hysteria because they were instrumental in promoting that meth hysteria for National as they privatised State Housing, it’s a sick joke how this Sroubek nothing story has been allowed so much oxygen by the mainstream media.

The hypocrisy of Michael Woodhouse criticising Iain for a Xtacy dealer staying in the country when he allowed sex offenders to stay is just too much…

New resident convicted of sex offending twice, won’t be deported
A man who emigrated to New Zealand has been convicted twice for sex offending since his arrival in 2012 – including while on bail – but will not be deported if his record stays clean for the next five years.

The decision by immigration officials has been criticised, particularly as the man did not complete any rehabilitation programmes or offence-related courses in prison.

The Herald can reveal that Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari arrived in New Zealand from Afghanistan in October 2012 on a resident visa.

In February 2013 Akbari indecently assaulted a woman and was convicted.

…right, so Xtacy dealer must be deported immediately, sex offender can stay. Good to see National have their priorities sorted.


    • Morning Report is a Nact poodle….sooooo boring …..on and on about Iain Lees – Galloway as if it is the most important thing happening in New Zealand

      …what about water sales to China , when Christchurch residents are being asked to cut back

      ….what about National Party taking money in exchange for Chinese MPs?

      ….and why was Morning Report so silent over the throwing out of people in State Houses on spurious ‘P tests’ ?

  1. Martin hits the spot here–the Czech turned snitch and did a deal–but the Minister cannot say so publicly, without jeopardising the cops ability to recruit future snitches

    the Govt. really needs to get its political management together, they need someone hardbitten and not kind, to start advising them on these sorts of matters

    • that sounds right tiger mountain cause why all of sudden would the Czech want him back when he has been here for years already there is something fishy going on

    • No he didn’t.
      If he really did he would want to be anywhere but NZ when he gets out as the gang would kill him.

  2. Spot on Martyn! This kind of gotcha nonsense, as a stand-in for real debate, is broadly detrimental to good government.

  3. National are desperate after the JLR saga that keeps on giving so they need to divert attention away from their mess.
    They didn’t sack their own Minister for their incompetencies and lies despite all there cock ups they made for example breaching peoples privacy, breaching security at our airport, taking a detour to oravida headquarters, giving the Arabs 11.5 million with no trade deal and as mentioned above all the f..k ups and there were many.

    • Exactly Michelle and now Wood-house is calling ILG arrogant. Well fuck me, stones in Glass Houses Mr Wood-house, stones in Glass Houses!

  4. Just another day in Aotearoa NZ Inc, only by digging up so called ‘dirt’ do the Nats get traction, Judith Collins has always been good at this, so she and others did up to the 2008 election.

    The concern is the media putting a high focus on such matters, and neglecting to report on more important policy matters, which require analysis and research.

    The latter though is too time consuming, hence the easy ‘news’ rule, like weather events, crime, some court cases, ‘scandals’, the Royals, celebs, sports and more of the same.

  5. You know the opposition is taking its last breaths when the leader does nothing but criticize EVERYTHING that the current government does.
    A good opposition leader keeps the government on its toes. A bad one just takes pot shots at anything it can in the hope that one bullet hits the target. Trouble is, he’s a crap marksman.

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