Chinese expansion into Niue will be followed by military bases

By   /   November 5, 2018  /   26 Comments

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Culturally the woke left ban any debate about Chinese influence in NZ because it’s racist and xenophobic, and even when Chinese business interests are caught red handed trying to buy two MPs inside the National Party, the MeToo political media decided to focus instead on anonymous allegations of harassment of women by Jami-Lee Ross rather than a direct attempt by Chinese interests to buy political influence. 

China has gained a massive expansion into the pacific with their ‘dumpling diplomacy’ in Niue.

The belt-and-road initiative is a means of ensuring off shore economic interests connected to China’s supply lines are cemented into place economically and politically.

Every where belt-and-road infrastructure projects are announced, Beidou ground stations/ports/airfields soon follow. 

This is an expansion of Chinese Military installations deep into the Pacific and with the Cook Islands lined up as next in the Pacific Domino strategy, China’s relentless pursuit to defend their supply lines has jumped up a notch.

NZ  is currently struggling with this friction with Huawei trying to infiltrate Spark NZ.

Culturally the woke left ban any debate about Chinese influence in NZ because it’s racist and xenophobic, and even when Chinese business interests are caught red handed trying to buy two MPs inside the National Party, the MeToo political media decided to focus instead on anonymous allegations of harassment of women by Jami-Lee Ross rather than a direct attempt by Chinese interests to buy political influence.

China would be smart to exploit the ease by which we are distracted.

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  1. Sam Sam says:

    We have open wounds in health, education and housing that need to be mended before we can go off on the world stage with our heads held high.

    China has 1.4 billion people and has gone through an amazing transformation because of the number of people.

    Yknow who else has 1.4 billion people? Pan Africa. They aren’t United like other unions but the potential is there for dialogue and multilateralism.

    Setting in other developed and emerging markets and watching back what’s happening in the south pacific (it’s a general comment) there’s not a lot that been happening for along long time. Cognisant that South Pacific nations need upgrading but at the same time it’s been made difficult to develop because of regulatory costs and costs in general and then along comes China with its check book that’s 3 times larger than The World Bank and we are meant to do…,? That sound is the sound of crickets.

    So we need to be really selective. China isn’t going away. Our relationship should be defined by a grandfather relationship. China’s written history goes back 5000 years, Aotearoa-New Zealand’s written/oral history goes back about 700 years so China has a rich history on offer that can be traded but where not going to walk to school or ride by cycles like back in the days and we should maintain our own house so not leaning on China for assistance, total self sufficiency and any borrowing that is done should be from China so productivity can be increased and traded goods increases with the profits going to pay down any debts owed to China.

    As for all of the other stuff I mean Chinese woman are just as red blooded as kiwi woman so let’s not beat around the bush.

  2. RED BUZZARD says:

    This is a very interesting interview by Wallace Chapman interviewing Anne-Marie Brady on China:

    ‘Anne-Marie Brady: ‘New Zealand has a lot of aspects of interest to China’ ‘

    “n a paper called Magic Weapons: Chinese Political Influence under Xi Jinping, published in 2017, Professor Anne-Marie Brady, from the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Canterbury, explains the origins of Chinese political influence.

    Chinese influence in NZ politics was one of the key issues that surfaced in the Jami-Lee Ross National Party debacle recently and Brady says China’s foreign influence activities are part of a global strategy.”

    (New Zealanders, being so far away, are very naive about China and this interview was an important one for RNZ….in fact Chapman is one of the few real journalists on RNZ not afraid to tackle the big issues confronting New Zealand imo)

    • Sam Sam says:

      If you look at the ports of Tuaranga upgrade The National party rolled out a few years ago they bought secound hand cranes. China installs 21st century kit, there’s no contest. New Zealand has a really, really long way to go before we can even catch these trade winds.

      New Zealand needs to be able to birth larger ships, tune them around quicker and get trade back up and going the quickest when things tip over.

  3. Marc says:

    So what is then happening with Winston’s great initiative to provide more support to our Pacific neighbours, was this not supposed to be avoided?

    And Niue was according to my info also kind of looked after by Jacinda’s dad, who held a senior job as High Commissioner there. Now he appears to have moved on to look after Tokelau.

    These small island states are desperate for money, because too many of their residents and their offspring have seen too many movies and other programs about the ‘shiny lights’ of the big smoke in western countries, like NZ Inc, Australia and America, they want a bit of the same for themselves.

    Some have lived there, or visited those places, some stay there for good. So they do also want nice cars, roads, television, air conditioning, home appliances, the modern day i-phones, computers, and also modern day health care and education, and other services.

    Never mind sustainability, never mind the islands’ economies are too small, have too limited resources, to ever pay for all this, so they think, we get more tourists, cruise ships stop over, whether Chinese, Japanese, US Americans, Kiwis, Aussies or whatsoever else kind of people, they will bring us dollares, and other currencies, we will serve them cool drink under the palm trees, and all will be nice and sweet.

    In doing so they sell themselves, go into debt, become even more corrupted and dependent, and stuff up the environment at the same time, while the sea level will rise also over the coming decades and centuries, swallowing up many coastal lands.

    But who cares, let us live it up now, stuff the kids of our kids, they can surely end up and will be well received by New Zealand and Australia as climate refugees, so the party can continue there later on.

  4. Win says:

    OMG! Reds under the bed scenario! Why are you so afraid of the Chinese. As afraid of the Chinese as the CIA. As NZ is a member of 5 eyes, I would be more concerned about the other lot. Ardern has had to lie to us because of them. One wonders what else she would do at their behest.

    • saveNZ says:

      @ Win, Could it be that the Chinese government is not a democracy and kill and torture people in reeducation camps… China is one of the most polluted nations in the world, Chinese have no freedom of speech, Chinese people just disappear, China has huge corruption, China has huge food scams 10% of cooking oil is reclaimed from the sewers and babies are repeatedly killed by counterfeit or poisonious milk powder,,8599,1841535,00.html

      So yep, China might be a superpower, and their government might be flushed with money (which under neoliberism is the most important thing), but you wouldn’t want to be a citizen and have very few rights, under their rule by the looks of things or have their style of government coming to the Pacific through soft power to spread those conditions and view points to other nations…

    • RED BUZZARD says:

      No not “Reds under the bed scenario” !…you are so behind the times and ignorant!

      ( this is not the era of silly little middle class NZ Maoists running around with Mao’s Little Red Book fancying themselves as radicals

      ….have you been to China or Tibet?…ask the Tibetans what they think?…this is more than communist ideology…it is population invasion and theft of natural resources…New Zealand’s future and that of the Pacific Islands is at stake

      ‘STOP water bottlers from taking 24 million litres per day, of pure aquifer water.’

      “Cloud Ocean Water is a water-bottling business preparing to operate within the former Kaputone Wool Scour located in Belfast, Christchurch.

      Using a 20-year-old permit originally granted to the land’s former owner, Kaputone, the Chinese-owned enterprise could remove up to 4.32 million litres per day, or 1.5 billion litres per annum, for bottling.

      Under the historic permit, it is able to obtain these massive quantities of water, for next to no cost.

      Rapaki Natural Resources has also obtained water permits, on an adjacent site – also for bottling purposes.

      In total, these companies are set to uptake 24 million litres of pure water, per day – every day.

      Aquifer water is a precious resource.

      Bottliing aquifer water is also a gross waste of such a vital resource – water is already limited within the Canterbury area.

      As a nation, we need to care for, and conserve our water supplies as much as we can, not give it away. And with our oceans becoming more choked in plastic, aquifers are one of our remaining, reliable water sources.

      This petition is to urge ECan, to revoke these historic permits from the current land-occupiers.

      Upholding these permits would not be acting in the best interest of the land, assets, or our people.

      An historic permit, such as the one transferred to Cloud Ocean Water (the equivalent use to that of 10,000-12,000 people per day), should be non-transferable.

      And permits for bottling purposes, especially in plastic, is a gross misuse of such a resource.

      New permits should only be granted as a strict case-by-case basis, with peer reviews in place to protect these resources, and should be publicly notifiable – with room for open, public debate.

      Such permits should not be simply handed-down, with no questions asked. Especially when there is a “change of use”.

      It is understood, Cloud Ocean Water was preparing the Belfast site for the removal, and bottling of Canterbury water, on December 10.”

    • Keepcalmcarryon says:

      Naive and foolish Win.
      Look at the Spratly Islands.
      Expansionism by stealth.
      For all their many flaws we have never needed the US more, they at least haven’t been massacring their own people or sending them to re education camps, harvesting their organs or sending political prisoners around the world as an anatomy exhibition.
      The US is less likely than ever to help us we need to be very careful who is knocking on our or our neighbours doors.
      National has already chosen a side and is owned by Chinese money the rest of the country needs to wake the fuck up quick smart.

  5. XRAY says:

    A couple of points

    China spending money in the South Pacific, just like Africa, is a no-brainer to expand their substantial influence. And along will come the quid pro quo, the obligatory visit from a relatively passive Chinese naval ship to match the newly renovated port facilities. And who in Niue or the Cook Islands could possibly turn them down?

    And then a slightly bigger ship and then another and then the embassies and then an MP, and then another, just like National, maybe a $100k there too per seat?

    This is not paranoia, its real and it’s very logical whilst the US navel gazes in its political civil war and forgets it has a west coast. Why even little Johnny Key was an unabashed promoter for Huawei not all that long ago for their broadband policy. The Nats are tight, very tight with the Peoples Republic, eh Judith?

    Secondly, who the fuck does Simon Munter think he is. This dickhead Managing Director from Telecom who by presidential edict ushered in the half-wit name of “Spark”, is telling the NZ government to put or shut up. What a wanker.

    Clearly, Simon doesn’t like Cindy and her brand of politics but this fool has got way too out of his depth. Time for some good ol’ regulation to put Simon back in his box, I’m thinking!

    Lastly, is every cell phone not made in China? Or is it just the networks that are the issue?

  6. Exkiwiforces says:

    This is all about China’s one belt one road policy for sure, just have a look at what happened in Sri Lanka when they couldn’t repay the loan or keep up the loan repayments of the Chinese built port. The Chinese walked in seize the port, sacked all the LEC’s/ LEW’s and replace them with Chinese workers/ contractors. Then there is the Maldives as well when the courts overruled the Chinese freindly Government who to do something illegal.

    The one belt one road policy is allowing the Chinese to build infrastructure that has a dual purpose in nations with really cheap loans, using Chinese labourers and then hike the repayment loans that the host can’t repay the loans. The Chinese then take it over and suddenly the Chinese Fishing Fleet turns up, Chinese contractors/ workers lock out the host nations workers, as result employed locals go on riot destroying Chinese businesses etc and suddenly the PLA/ Coast Guard assets turn up or try and turn up before the local government calls for Aus/ NZ assistance. Remember the riots in the Solly’s, Tonga and ET in 06?

    There is no such a benign environment in the SP or SEA Regions, remember those famous words from a certain PM when they want make further cuts to the NZDF? A few chickens are starting to come home now and few lefties have to start eating a few dead rats.

    Those P8’s and upgraded Frigates are starting to look like a wise investment now, it’s just a shame the OPV’s have weight issues about 100- 200tons overweight and the Canterbury LSS is not fit for purpose aka patrolling duties on the high sea due its length and beam (width) as its converted Irish Sea Car Ferry. Which Coalition partner put pressure (against the Navy, Airforce and the National Assessment Threat Office or whatever it’s called) on the Labour Government in the early 2000’s to downgrade the Navies and Airforces Capabilities at the time? But has kept very quiet about this since then and now especially after the “Coles Review into the Canterbury and the two OPV’s”.

    There was a Janes Defence report back in June, saying that the larger Chinese Coast Guard Ships ie the Frigate sized ships are being upgraded with a 3” (76mm) auto gun along new weapon and mission support systems IRT support the Chinese Fishing Fleet after Southern Latin America country sunk a few while illegally fishing inside its EEZ and support Chinese Government Policy objectives aka the one belt one road when a problem nation doesn’t obey Chinese orders aka the Maldives Law Courts ruled against the Government or was it the President anyway I can’t remember now.

    • Marc says:

      Yes, remember also, why Hitler and the Nazis built the magnificent Autobahn motorway network in Germany in the 1930s.

      Full praise by many, so the people thought, wow, we can drive our People’s Cars (VWs) on them for fun.

      They forgot, there was also a military purpose for building that nice infrastructure. It was part of preparing to go to war.

      While I would not accuse China of wanting to go to war with all countries and occupy them, they will nevertheless and definitely use the infrastructures they help build in all these countries joining its plans for ulterior motives as well (strategic ones that is).

      • Exkiwiforces says:

        Yes Mac, just look at the way the Chinese are buying “Strategic Assets” in Australia and NZ including fresh water and arable land.

        Also the Chinese are buying off Pollies and high ranking Public officials in developing/ 3rd countries so they can adopt China friendly policies with little or no oversight at the expense of the local economy.

        There was a case recently in East Timor where a number of Chinese Fishing vessels were caught illegally fishing inside ET waters by the small, but effective ET Navy with help from an NGO specialises in Fisheries Management and the Australian/ NZ/ East Timor-Leste Veterans (which I’m a member). The boats were into Dili harbour and within days someone high up in either the Timor-Leste Government or Fisheries Dept let the Chinese go and from information gathered by us it’s appears that Chinese either bullied the Timor-Leste Government or payed someone to release the Chinese vessels. Which left everyone in involved in a very foul mood at what happened.

        Then you have the what’s been going on in NZ with “No Mates Party” and JLR.

        • Sam Sam says:

          Look Ex. There’s no such thing as crowded countries ending well. They just don’t end well and we don’t win by running away and hiding behind fortress New Zealand. If you see opportunities when coaching students and athletes in expressing there opportunities then it’s not coincidental that your expanding the level of influence New Zealand has.

          When we are sitting behind tens and tens of billions of dollars it’s so easy to abandon a strategy in favour of getting a bit greedy and stacking on lots of risky moves and every ones done that at least once in there life. It’s probably a bit painful to go China has a few lazy billionz on offer this week and I only made two thousand dollars this week or what have you. But when we’ve got these types of shenanigans going on I think it’s better to have money in your account than owing billions when people start bailing out or missing out in wages and revenue.

          It’s not necessarily about being the biggest baddest wolf, some times you’ve just got to find the weakest one in the pack and not looking at it like they’re this untouchable God King. It’s really just having some extra performance tucked away for when ever economic performance falls for what ever reason and reestablishing commerce again.

          • Exkiwiforces says:

            Yes Sam, you are right about of over crowded countries not ending well. The way China is going atm is very similar to Herr Hitlers Third Reich or Japan I’m the 30’s and look where that got us?

            I’m reading a book on the “Travellers in the Third Reich, The rise of Fascism through the eyes of people” by Julia Boyd. You could swap out Germany and replace it with China. We have the Right Wing with the big end Town want to business and supporting China, the same happen with Germany, China slowly grabbing territory atm- Germany did the same thing, A single party state and the all trappings that come with it- Germany in the 1930’s, the persecution of the Uighurs, Tibetans and other minority race in China- Germany with the Jews and other minority’s.

            The list is almost endless, I’ve said it here, at The Standard, over at Trotters Blog and at work prior to my Medical Discharge “We are slowly sleep walking towards war” and no one is doing a thing about as a lot nations are going to get burnt by it including little old NZ.

            Keith Locke’s and the Greens airy fairy ideas on Defence neither is the “No Mates Party or Labour ideas on Defence are going to help little old NZ.

          • Sam Sam says:

            Is a good book. Himmler’s hunting thing is a bit of a laugh. Personally I’v always reserved a bit of respect for the Wehrmacht but not the SS or brown shirts. It used to keep me up at night wondering why they didn’t go awol. The accounts in the book set out a scene of torture and mutilation for any deserters strung up on frivolous charges.

            The mystique of German superiority existed among the populations. For those that need a reminder it was along the eastern front the idea of German superiority was broken after the defeat at Moscow. I doubt ”muh overwhelm the enemy with superior Krupp Steel” is anything but propaganda or a meme.

            The importance of beating your enemy quickly is a fact of any handbooks stretching back to Sun Tsu’s quality over quantity or quantity having a certain quality of its own. Never the less the US will never be able to take and hold China its too big, it has too many people and most importantly its too far, and a blockade is not a totally existential threat. Hitting the big dams is just as bad as a nuke and that may mean nuking back. China will leave of lot of money on the table if it desired to retaliate. Nukes are just suicide.

            The closer we are to China, the harder it is for Beijing to be against us. So it pays to appear neutral and let the US do the heavy lifting. Example South Korea: When the disarmament talks were going on if gave our own Minster for Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs a chance to meet there opposites in China, America and so on. So they got to meet face to face, and they’ll all have another chance to meet up at APEC.

            Even a half wit like Tim Grosser could achieve economic results for us but if there are silver linings there won’t be any land bases, rather fleet exercises and training exercises. But if the U.S. Goes off and does something dumb like invade South Korea or Famine ravages China I would expect China would make moves to capture resources like every other resource poor nations before, The UK, Rome, Ancient Greece ect.

            Getting to grips on China’s appetites, making sure they know where we are and what our issues are is pretty important so New Zealand isn’t providing trade past exhaustion.

            Every one has pretty solid reasons for not escalating shit. That should give us some clean air to get the $20 billion NZDF recapitalisation completed.

  7. Ngungukai says:

    Some very good fishing grounds in the Pacific Islands particularly for pelagic species. The Chinese require food for their people and require good Ports and Infrastructure to service vessels and to get that product back to China in good condition.

  8. Sam Sam says:

    With a GDP of $220 billion and 10 million people New Zealand rulz $200 billion of that and 5 million people in the South Pacific so when foreigners enter our realm they better be asking permission first. Can’t have people coming into our area just taking what ever, when ever they like.

  9. countryboy says:

    “NZ is currently struggling with this friction with Huawei trying to infiltrate Spark NZ.”
    Is there anything left of Spark, formerly Telecom, to infiltrate after our very own traitors sold our tax paid for asset to two yank telcos for a song?
    NZ/AO’s problem isn’t the Chinese, or any other wannabe usurper coming by, it’s our own people. Go back to Old Labour. They did it. ‘ Unfinished Business’ douglas, ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ prebble, mike ‘ Duh? Wha? I Dunno’ moore etc. They started this ball rolling. The Chinese are like the rest. Cheap little grifters looking for crumbs. The real crooks, the real enemy is our own people. And that’s always been the case. For more than 120 years.

  10. WILD KATIPO says:

    …[ China would be smart to exploit the ease by which we are distracted]…

    Oh yes, and don’t you believe for one minute that they haven’t already worked that one out….


    Strategy 20 “混水摸鱼” – Fish in disturbed waters.

    ” Before engaging your enemy’s forces create confusion to weaken his perception and judgment. Do something unusual, strange, and unexpected as this will arouse the enemy’s suspicion and disrupt his thinking. A distracted enemy is thus more vulnerable.”

    “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


    They are way ahead of our bumbling, naive, grasping and greedy far right wing politicians.

    Streets ahead of them.

  11. Z says:

    I’m really concerned about Chinese human rights abuses being transfered to the Pacific, specifically organ harvesting of “enemies of the State”.

    Victims are taken, given an anesthetic to prevent them struggling (not for their comfort), and their organs taken out while all the victim can do is watch their body parts being stolen. *Please* watch this video and spread the word

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,