The Jami-Lee Ross audio tapes are damning


Jami-Lee Ross wasn’t lying was he – those tapes are pretty damaging and news today that Lusk is advising him is as much evidence as we’re going to get that this is dirty politics and an attempted coup to remove Bridges – the question is who is the puppet master?

Judith Collins is dangerous & I wouldn’t be surprised if she was behind all of this – outside our social media echo chambers National are stratospheric in polling – in 2020 TOP could cripple Greens under 5% & Judith’s sadism could beat Jacinda’s kindness.

Shit just got real.

The official word from on high has come down…

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– Electoral law guru Graeme Edgeler has cast his runes and peered into the entrails – the death watch is set! Simon Bridges will be executed before the next eclipse and Judith will rule the blackened dead earth.

These right wingers would eat their own young for power.


  1. After listing to some of the recordings I suspect that only some one like Jim Bolger could mend this wound in The National Party.

  2. Who is the puppet master? Come on, Bomber…. Oravida and the ethno-nationalist Chinese dictatorship…



    That is what this recording says to me.

    The clandestine syphoning off of donor money for “advertisements and the like” (whatever the hell that is) is a sideshow.

    The racial profiling for candidates is hideous but is to be expected from the win at all costs National DNA.

    What is truly UGLY, is what some suspected all along, that big money and it always seems to have a list price of $100,000, potentially buys you a place in the National Party MP list.

    How would this donor and his backers have known this otherwise?
    And why would anyone want to throw around 100K just to share the office with the sleaze that is National Party people?

    This is pure corruption, as in the way many shitty 3rd world countries operate, buying influence with a cheque, the ability to change laws to suit the donor and therefore buying power. To hell with New Zealand, let the few get personally rich and win!

    Weirdly I don’t even think Ross sees that as a problem!

      • What is really really sad is core National voters will not give a single solitary shit about their party selling list seats to shady businessmen and the consequences thereof or racial profiling or the rats turning on each other, other than rats turning on rats, because National represent their same basic needs of self-enrichment at any cost!

      • The Bridges stand-up media speech was pathetic,

        I was out feeding the Lambs, when the car radio bleated out his voice, and as i heard him saying “I am a careful guy and as a Lawyer I watch my actions carefully”.

        I totally broke out into a loud laugh shocking the lambs, so the panel on Radio live after said if his poll numbers fall he is toast.

    • … [ What is truly UGLY, is what some suspected all along, that big money and it always seems to have a list price of $100,000, potentially buys you a place in the National Party MP list ] …


      Yes. That is what struck me, – because that big money not only buys you a place in a large political party of a foreign nation , but it also enables your govts wishes to entrench ‘soft power’ into the target nations very seat of power.

      Thus such dealings are encouraged and even officially sanctioned.

      It is more than just a coincidence that these Chinese seem to be eager to splash around their cash to gain favour and entry into our political system in BOTH major party’s.

      The Art of War by Sun Tzu covers these very same sort of tactics.

      And by doing so as you have mentioned enables over time , … for our laws to be softened , changed and amended to suit the purposes of a foreign power… we are the weak link in the chain regards to China and the 5 eyes nations. Are we really that naive to think the Chinese haven’t realised that ?

      How many card carrying Chinese communist students monitor Chinese students studying here , for example… It would be very easy to put pressure on those students and ‘ remind ‘ them that they have family’s in mainland China…

      So we see National already have a Chinese individual who trained other Chinese for espionage, – not only that , – but that same character is now a NZ National MP !!!

      And in return ?… personally lucrative financial opportunity’s in trade for those willing to turn a blind eye… it is interesting that the Chinese were favoured over the Indians… so was that just tokenism or was it because the business deals were not as forthcoming as with the Chinese?

      And perhaps if the latter is the case that is because India is not embarking on a program of soft power like the Chinese are in flexing their muscles against America….


      … [ How would this donor and his backers have known this otherwise?
      And why would anyone want to throw around 100K just to share the office with the sleaze that is National Party people? ] …


      It would appear there is a ceiling required for entry into the National party, – and in return , – promises by those doing the ‘ donating’ that certain propositions will be rewarded… and yes, this is exactly how things operate in third world banana republics,… as are tax havens which we saw developed under John Key not so long ago.

      So now we see just what sort of skulduggery has been going on in the National party all through the Key years, – and I dare say, – back to the days of Jenny Shipley and Don Brash ie the China Construction Bank …

      The in-house dealings and the back room handshaking…

      It may interest some to recall that a few years back on the North Shore of Auckland a Chinese political party was set up ( a Chinese political party in NZ !!! – the audacity of it all !!! ) ,.. and when it was found that its financing was traced back to an address in Beijing it was hurriedly closed down.

      Now New Zealanders can see for themselves what has been going on all these years right under their noses with large farming bloc land sales to Chinese investors , the exporting of our dairy technology and intellectual property ( and at one stage under Clarke – China’s military heads were even invited by the NZDF to watch our military training !!! ) the buying up of private residential property’s and the like ,… make no mistake, this is no accident but is by design. And it had escalated tenfold under National.

      As it is in many country’s in Africa, – so it is here in New Zealand.

      Chinese soft power expansionism is alive and well in New Zealand.

    • The American government seems to be for sale at the moment to it seems you can murder one of their citizens for 100 million and get a get out of jail card with an alibi provided courtesy of their president.

  4. Just more confirmation to me, that NZ Inc is an inherently corrupt country, and the National Party is the best example, how foreign money corrupts people, incl. business persons and especially politicians.

    Finally it hits the very hypocrites and bigots and know it all better off Nat supporters. What an awakening, will they accept the truth, or dig their heads deeper into the sand?

    Time to clean up this rotten society and system, time for real action, expose them all these bastards.

    Jami Lee Ross is himself deep in the poo, to be honest, he is just a disgruntled careerist, who did not get his way, so now he lashes out at his former leader and colleagues.

  5. Pretty damaging all right:

    The angry response:

    This is it, Bridges talking derogatorily of his party’s MPs and discussing with Jami Lee Ross possible deals with donors about Chinese MPs they want in the party and in Parliament, that will not go down well within the party, within his caucus and within the wider public.

    Bridges is now a serious liability for the Nats, I am sure, Collins and Adams are sharpening their knives now.

    Bridges should resign, before the damage gets even worse, he may not have been caught out yet breaking the law, but he is damned close to it. He sounds like a very arrogant pri**, who is out of touch with ordinary working people and voters, but so does Jami Lee Ross.

  6. I’ve come to this ‘place’ years ago and none of this surprises me and so I have nothing further to add.
    Except “Burn motherfuckers burn”.

    The Blood Hound Gang.
    How appropriate. Just replace ‘roof’ with ‘bridge’.

    Ba hahaha ahaha ahah aahahhahhaha aha ahahaha !

  7. It is definitely NOT a smoking gun, just two self entitled, arrogant, self important politicians talking privately about a great win of a donation and rubbishing a couple of their overstaying MPs, one described as useless.

    Jami Lee Ross has to present more than this to get what he wants, bring Bridges down, and more.

  8. With Simon Lusk involved, I’d be putting money on Mark Mitchell being behind this, perhaps in cahoots with Judith.
    He’s always lurking on the perimeter in the Bridges press conferences.

    • Yes Duncan, in Parliament on Wednesday Mark Mitchell seemed to speak oddly or nervously, barely opening his mouth.

      Lusk’s mentoring of Mitchell, and how to present Mitchell’s employment history, is addressed in “Dirty Politics”.

      Within the last 24 hours, Josie Pagani has mentioned Mitchell as a possible replacement for Bridges, stating Mitchell’s work record in one carefully breathtakingly simplified sentence.

  9. What I got from the audio recording was Simon Bridges is prepared to accept big money as donations from people of ethnic origins, to slide in their own people as list MPs at the expense of existing list MPs!

    This is bribery and corruption on a grand scale, interfering with our Parliamentary process, going down a dangerous road towards a situation where money can buy political candidates, whose interest is definitely not for the benefit of NZ or NZers.

    This is a serious issue which must be addressed. NZ should not be for sale at any cost.

  10. P.S. I used to watch Ross and Adern interviewed on Idiot-vision and I’d think ross was a slimy little fuck better suited to selling used Toyota Corolla’s so don’t be fooled.
    That’s it I guess. Two spiders brawling, the outcome of which, doesn’t make the winner any less a spider.
    ( No disrespect to actual spiders )

  11. Has to be a dirty politics take down, looks more and more like it.
    JLR being advised by Lusk, he of the Slater/Collins cabal.
    Is it coincidence one of the donors in question also worked with the same dirty politics clique? Might make an interesting (useful) witness re Bridges electoral donation processings.

    So it’s about getting Collins in, possibly (sensibly) without her knowing directly. Plausible deniability and all that.
    Is JLR being played by Lusk or has he been lined up a soft landing by his Durty Politics mates?

  12. FOR SALE: New Zealand and it’s natural resources.

    Please apply to the Chinational Party.

    Privacy guaranteed (er….unless one of us blabs……)

  13. It reminds me a body of people watching from the “Bridges Deck” as the Captain desperately tries to fend off the disillusioned sailor from pulling him off the ship. Place your bets on who will kick the fateful Capt over the side….

  14. Did anybody see Patrick Gower on The Project tonight? I often don’t agree with Paddy but I haven’t often seen him so certain and insistent. He was very clear; Bridges is gone.

    • Yes and I bet Mark Richardson now wishes he had kept his mouth shut about publicly declaring his support for National and wanting to be one of their candidates. Not good timing Mark!

    • So, who does “paddy” work for? He’s proved himself to be utterly buyable in the past.. I wonder who’s stuffing his back pocket, and showing him a brighter future now?

    • Richardson is a muppet at best, a toadying tory wannabe at least… The truth is that he’s just really lucky that he could bat a bit, because he has no other talents, or intellect to forge any career other than tory pundit..
      No surprises at all that he would choose to declare his political allegiance in the manner he has..
      The real question now, is whether TVNZ shows the type of credible neutrality required to sack him… Not holding my breath waiting on that one..

  15. It is always interesting to watch how the right wing press manage these attacks on a group of their ” own people ”
    When the shit was thrown at Cunliffe they were murderous in their treatment of someone who had done nothing wrong and were prepared to destroy Cunliffe regardless of the facts around the accusations being levelled at him and since then it has changed the way i view the fourth estate in this country and their appalling behaviour over that whole affair.
    There is according to the way they are covering this ” no smoking gun ”
    but that is not the point.
    Simon Bridges has proven by his behaviour that has been kept concealed from the public that he is not fit to hold any office in this country.
    Once again it has shown the public the calibre of the people who make up this political party and their tactics in pursuing power at any cost.

    • Spot on.
      As one example, Tracy Watkins has been turning herself inside out on Stuff trying to run damage control for her beloved Nats.
      Fairfax (or Fear-of-Facts as I like to call them) are pulling out all the stops on this one.
      They donate to National’s crony capitalist cause in a different but just as important way as this particular Chinese businessman has.

    • Even RNZ is being lame in their reporting focusing on the implied racial slur and the personal insults, I haven’t seen them even mention the issue of money buying a place on the party list, even though that is what led to the discussion about which MPs should leave. And the discussion about the legality of it all seems to have been put aside too. So much for Red Radio

  16. Isn’t this the place where I’m Right comes on and writes “nothing to see here, move on!….?
    Noticeable silence from our resident National Party apologist.

  17. ‘Chinese deep state intervention has been here since when China was discussing economic advantages with John Key at the annual secretive ‘ Bilderberg Group’ meetings, so Key was active on the world stage way before we ever knew sadly.

    National = deceptive politics.

  18. Yeah Nah

    There’s not a lot of substance in the tapes.

    However, what I don’t like in that tape:

    1. The local electorate keeping a slush fund of cash donations – these should have gone straight to the treasurer as they always did previously. I suspect JLR was using this money as leverage in a bid for power within the party. Poor discipline either way.

    2. What sounds like racial tokenism within the National Party. I expect better from National as this is more the style of the Labour Party. I’m all in favour of MPs from ethnic minorities but it needs to be on the basis of merit, not tokenism, or (God Forbid!) donations.

  19. Two things:

    This was a sting. Ross, on saying he didn’t want Bridges as a leader, was quite happy to accept Amy Adams, Judith Collins or Mark Mitchell, as his leader. These names all appear in the Nicky Hager Dirty Politics book. They all led off in the Wednesday debate yesterday.

    New Zealanders deserve this NZ low point outcome because they refused to see the pondscum that was the Key/English/Joyce and Lusk/Slater/Ede corruption of our political system and our media. Judging by the polling for national, they still don’t. I am appalled and disappointed by that.
    But, then, I’ve always believed national voters would vote for a performing monkey if it wore blue – oh wait, they did.

    Perhaps someone can tell me if Nicky Hager has agreed to be interviewed or has even been asked to be interviewed by the mass media outlets, both tv, hard print, radio.

    I trust him implicitly to clarify for all New Zealanders just what we are witnessing.

    • It’s nonsense that New Zealand deserves this, the media is wholly responsible for people not taking Dirty Politics seriously enough. The people are encouraged to think along certain lines and hell of a lot of money goes to making sure it happens.

      • Aaron, of course New Zealanders that don’t follow the politics that rules their lives and don’t read what Nicky Hager wrote, both in Hollow Men and in Dirty Politics, deserve the approbrium I have heaped upon them. We’re supposed to be in a rock star economy; remember. John Key told us that. So surely every NZer has a great lifestyle and living wages and has time to follow the crap we call political discourse in NZ. Oh wait: He must have lied.

        Not teaching Civics in schools helped that ignorance to continue.
        Labour needs to correct that and soon.

  20. As much as i would love to hear from Nicky i think he is better off staying out of it considering our glorious fourth estate will vilify him as a left wing conspiracy theorist and only engender the sympathy card for Bridges and the rest of these deplorable people.

      • I hear you Mosa. Unfortunately, we have so few brave warriors in NZ that use words so eloquently.

        I should have added ‘and factually’.

        Cretins like key can lie through their teeth and get away with it.


    AHH grassoppers ,during the dirty politics saga John Key sidelined Judith Collins as they sank in the polls but he never expelled her from the Party ….Smart move .

    Why ? I expect she had dirt on Keys and he was smart enough to avoid mutual destruction by bringing her back quietly after the election .Judith “Well John you can get rid of me , but if I go you will be coming with me “.John Key , ” Judith my dear, I’m sure we can work this out….” Political insurance.

    Fast forward to now .Perhaps if Bridges was as smart as Keys and found an “intermediate position ” for Ross instead of failing to deliver on job promises this would not have happened .

    Ross it appears is still very pissed off and Ross is out for UTU .

    “Hey Simon, if you take me out , your coming with me” . This is big .

    Despite RNZ coverage this morning which has multiple National spin doctors bailing the Waka , this is not an MP ” gone mad “,because he has planned this for some time and is well prepared .

    Irrespective of the legality of the donation I suspect it will be the polls which determine Bridges fate not the courts .

    When the polls drop in a few weeks the rest of the National MP rats will start jumping off Bridges sinking Waka .

    New Questions.

    1. Did the Chinese Govt assist the Donor to buy two new MP’s so the Chinese could help control a new National Govt ?

    2. How come so many Chinese water bottling plants get the water for nothing ? How much does that cost to keep it like this ?

    3. Vote for the NZ Chinational Party ,its the best democracy money can buy.

    Tarnish .Tarnish .Tarnish

    Getting rid of Bridges may be all Game of Thrones and good fun for the masses but is it smart ? Not really.

    I’m with Frank MC , having Bridges stay on as a non threatening womble till the 2020 election is far preferable to Collins , Mitchell and Adams .

    Im picking Amy Adams with deputy Mark Mitchell but for the sake of a successful Labour relection I would rather see Soimon Bridges stay any day. That’s much smarter .I hope he sneaks through for labour’s sake .

    In the mean time I just can’t get enough of the real National Reality TV ” Game of Clones ” where slimy trolls in suits with too much hair product battle each other to the death , then eat there victims ,and wash it down with a nice bottle of NZ Chinese premium bottled water !

    Who could write a script this good ! Pure Magic .

  22. Its Lusk. He’s feeling threatened by the Chinese money that he cant compete with.
    He got 17 of his candidates into parliament over the Nat’s last term and now he knows all roads lead to Chinese putea which takes away his business and influence in and ideology of his type of politics/politicians, dumb on both count.
    So I say! Let the Blood Flow! A bloody good “Purge” on the left and the Right sides of House is needed and a long time-a-coming.


  23. Once Judith Collins replaces Simon Bridges as leader (by the end of this month), National will be well on the way to getting back into power and providing the strong and stable government that they are known for.

    All of this drama is an unwanted distraction from the fact that NZ is being led by a rabble of confused Maoris, environmentalists and lesbians.

    With the economy presently tanking, National needs to pull itself together quick to rescue everyday New Zealanders from the chaos that the Labour-led Government is imposing on us. It’s going to be hard to run a profitable business in this country while anti-business Greenies run the show.

    • Agreed. While awful, this whole Jami-Lee Ross affair is just a distraction from bigger issues going on in NZ; namely, we have a part-time PM who is more focused on bring a mum; and we have a senile racist as Deputy PM.

      Bridges will have to go, I agree. However, I believe that Mark Mitchell will be the next leader, rather than Judith. His military background shows he has the required leadership experience to be PM. He is also a Christian.

      This is a bleak time in NZ politics. Lunatics are running the asylum while the natural leaders of NZ (conservative politicians) are fighting amongst themselves.

    • One of Nationals biggest fears, deep down, must have been that if the world ever got see for real what a bunch of kniving, manipulating, self serving shitheads they all are, it could be more damaging than 10 Chernobyl meltdowns simultaneously.

      I have never seen a more honest and yet repulsive look at the entrails of the Nats ever. This IS the National Party.

      Strong stable government, naively optimistic and yet hilarious. More like as strong and stable as a bunch of junkies and their dealer, hanging on for their next hit!

    • Michael, I resent what you said about “Maoris”. There are Maori in all political parties. For goodness sake, Bridges is part-Maori.

      And I think you will find that we are not confused. We may have our differences, but most of us share very similar aspirations about empowering our people. So please don’t utter such gutter statements.

    • Michael – your brief tangled ramble describes the sort of person you are. Misled, racist and willing to believe and become brainwashed by the mantra that everything will get better under National. National has a culture of bullying from the top down – just look at what has come out over the last few days.

      You rubbish the Labour led Government yet if you read the business pages and the commentary from intelligent commentators, the economy is strong. The protests from various professional groups for increased wages is only because the previous National Governments, especially under Key, kept a lid on pay increases so that they could boast a strong economy and in so doing penalised good hard working New Zealanders and their families.

      This nonsense about a loss of business confidence is a business led ploy based on fear mongering e.g. they do not want to lose the 90-day trial period which has been roundly abused by businesses to employ people on short-term contracts and on very low wages then get rid of them on trumped up claims of non-performance. But the economy still remains strong so the EMA and the Business Round Table keep the lie alive in the hope that National will get back in and return them to making questionable profits at the expense of and by exploiting their employees.

      Finally, your derision of Maori in this country is appalling and disgraceful. The only rabble, as you refer to Maori as, are you and people of your ilk. And what is wrong with being an environmentalist or a lesbian? I would much prefer Maori, environmentalists and lesbians run this country than bullies and sexual harassers which is what your comments reflect you to be an advocate for.

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